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I am a person who has great zest for life, regardless of the overwhelming odds a day may present. I'm a busy mother of three children who ends up spending more time working away from home than raising the children. Thankfully, my oldest daughter is 18 - a young mother herself - who is able to significantly help out around the home. I enjoy writing, photography and reading - among numerous activities - and I embrace the opportunities presented to work in areas which I enjoy. I enjoy traveling and I must admit to having a preference for road trips. I enjoy getting out of a vehicle, taking a few photos, stopping for a picnic or walking along a trail. The key thing for me is that I must be the driver - or be traveling with people who enjoy nature as much as I do - whose main consideration is the journey and not the time we arrive at our destination. I hope you enjoy the glimpse you get into my world. I assure you - there is much to learn and discover. If you would like to create your own lenses on Squidoo, you can easily join by clicking here.