Bradley James Yellop

London born and bred, exiled in Southend, like an East End Targaryen!

Currently masquerading as an independent writer and filmmaker. Somehow managed to pull part one of an epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy trilogy out of my arsenal! Having also had my short films in Cannes and my feature film screenplays at both Cannes and Berlin, I am on the up and want to share my work with the world.

This Hub is - I loathe cliches - eclectic (is myriad a better description?) On it, I aim to post short stories, poetry, philosophical musings and - worst of all, theories on the origins of the universe/multiverse. I like to think of myself as an amateur cosmologist. I was never able to study it at an academic level and hold dreams of perhaps doing so in the future.

So stick around in future... and see where my mind takes you!