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Hello and welcome to Click2CYToday on HubPages! I hope you will "Click TO SEE WHY" I am so passionate about the things I write about. Lego bricks, for instance, are my all-time favorite childhood toy and I am not ashamed to say I still love to build with them as an adult! As a result, you will find I have written a lot of Hubs on Lego as I hope to help others appreciate this great art form as much as I do.

My interests are definitely wide and varied but I only write about topics I am well educated on. I have degrees in both art and English and I have owned and operated several businesses. I love learning, I am always reading and I have had the great opportunity to travel all over the world and have met some wonderful people. As my eyes are continually opened to new and exciting things/people/places on this journey of life I will continue to share them here…

Please feel free to comment on my writing, participate in my polls or simply say “Hi”!