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Dr Annie Rassios

From good Texan stock, Annie Ewing Rassios has been geologizing in Greece for over 35 years. Some of her adventures are documented in academic papers (over 40) and six Geo-Lite books including Rocks in the Wild and  A Geologist’s Guide to the Greveniotiki Pindos. A deeper insight into the world through a geologist’s eyes and writer’s soul, a bond with the earth of country Greece and the people who make up this world, is recounted in her novel GODQUAKE (Moose Hills Books). Granted, much of the latter is based on decades of collected gossip from her Greek mother-in-law and the villagers, shepherds, sheepdogs, and bears that she has met during her work for the geologic survey of Greece. In fact, so many local tall tales and tragedies have accrued, that a 2nd novel, The Orliakada (stories of the earth, of lovers, of treachery leading into WWII high in the mountains of Greece), is inevitable. Dr Annie Rassios is best described as -- a Terremotivated Writer!