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Earl S. Wynn

My Name is E.S. Wynn.
I am the author of over forty books, the chief editor of Thunderune Publishing, the sole creative force behind its 20+ imprints (including the flash fiction magazines Daily Love, Weirdyear and Yesteryear Fiction, Farther Stars Than These, Flaming Filmreel, Linguistic Erosion,and Smashed Cat Magazine) the author of over a hundred and fifty articles, several hundred short stories (published under nearly as many pen names) and a voice actor with over fifteen albums of literature and guided meditation under my belt. As of 2011, I am 26, engaged, and the proud owner of a B.A. in English. It is my belief that everyone is capable of miracles and that everyone is as unstoppable as they choose to be.

You can find a complete list and synopsis of my hubs here and his official author blog here.

You can find out more about Earl S. Wynn at: