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Janis Leslie Evans

Janis is a mental health professional in private practice in Washington, DC. She holds a Master's degree in counseling psychology from Howard University. Her compassion for people is expressed through her counseling service, volunteer work, outreach ministry with the homeless, and her poetry. Writing has always been an extension of her creative and spiritual expression by which she connects to the innerworld of humanity.

Janis was first published in Buffalo, New York at the age of 11 through the Buffalo Public School System's annual "Our Best" with a poem entitled, "The Alphabet." As a professional, she writes primarily about relationships, spirituality, trauma, and loss. She has always secretly dreamed of becoming a writer and has plans to publish a book in the future.

Janis is also an avid student of tai chi and qi gong. She has been practicing for the past 17 years and has received first place medals in tournaments for her tai chi fan presentations. Her primary school of study is Wundang Neijia which includes intense training and practice in the ancient traditions of Yang Style, Wu Style, Chen Style, Xingi, Bagua, and Liuhebafa Forms.

In addition to her strong Christian faith, tai chi has become the stress reliever and outlet that has given Janis a confident presence and peaceful demeanor. This disposition has enhanced all areas of her personal and professional life, giving Janis a sincerity that allows her to genuinely connect with people through service and through writing.