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To which I responded, "Faith and Belief go hand in hand."

World Traveler.

Not in the sense that "I've been everywhere man", to quote a Johnny Cash song, but in the sense that I've experienced many different types of culture.

Originally born in California, I've lived in TN for awhile now. 

I'm pretty vocal when it comes to my patriotism for the USA. Support the troops guys, they bust their cans for all of us to enjoy the freedoms we have. And those freedoms are being eroded by a downward march into darkness right now. Pray and give a handshake to any servicemen or women you see! 

I've been to several countries and I'm also married to the most beautiful lady who just happens to be originally from Italy.  I guess you could say I have a little experience on the topic of multiculturalism.  

I'm a huge fan of history.  History unfortunately is being re-written so much that you "must" go to original sources to find the "correct history" these days.  United States and Biblical history are ones I find a lot of pleasure in studying.  

I'm kind of a movie buff, I love football, (Green Bay Packers baby!), I'm a fan of basketball but mainly college (Memphis Tigers!), I love writing songs, singing, playing guitar (beginning to see a trend yet?).  I really enjoy cooking and making up new recipes as well as discovering new ones to make.  

I've been told that I have decent writing ability so one of the reasons I'm on Hubpages is to enhance it.  I really hope those folks weren't lying to me.  

I'm missing New Zealand right now.  I lived there for several months and I'm already missing that fresh mountain air!