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Kim Green

For the past six years I have been reinventing myself as many 50 somethings are doing these days. If you ask me what I do, I will tell you I am really really good at selling stuff. What stuff? Anything. For the past 27 years I've spent my life in media: advertising, marketing, broadcast, and publishing. I have loved that life and was very successful. Then I hit 40 and my husband and I adopted a baby boy and life really changed. He turned three and was thrown out of three preschools, and life changed even more. By the time he was diagnoised with bipolar disorder, opposistional defiant disorder and ADHD, life had definitely changed course. Then the recession of all recessions hit and publshing took a major hit and that part of my life began to crumble. Plus, my husband lost his job and would not get another one for two years. I could say that life isn't fair, but the truth is that life is a series of transitions of good and bad, up and down, happy and sad. So, I had to change. NO, it is not easy. But, it does build character and there is a purpose for it.

I'm using these experiences to help others go through major transitiions. I am working to help people downsize their homes, many who are in their eighties and ninties and have been in their home for 50 years. It is very important to know how to speak calmly and move slowly and listen carefully. I think this is where they came up with the KEEP CALM AND... phrase that's so popular these days. Plus, I will help the client choose what to dispose of in order to organize an estate sale. Then we hold a grand event to sell everything for as much as possible in an online estate auction.

I hope you'll follow me as I share the stories and tips of holding estate sales, discarding unwanted items, simplifing life, caring for others, and STAYING CALM when it all comes apart.