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Linda Rawlinson

Having written almost nothing for roughly five years, I have begun again. Hurray!

I'm making a start with My Daily Lockdown Walk blog (, as well as some other bits and pieces that I'm writing with a pen on paper (yep, really).

You might remember, if you've followed me for a long time, that HubPages was where I first found my 'voice'. Well, I carelessly lost it a few years ago. I thought I'd never get it back, that it had fallen into the void and it was my own fault. But I was wrong! It had just retreated into a cardboard box at the very back of my mind, scared by the noise and stress of various things that happened in my life. I got rid of most of that stress, and lo! my voice has emerged from its box. It's still a little shy, but it's getting a little braver every day.

You can hear it in that blog I shamelessly plugged above.

As well as my own selfish needs for being back again, though, I'm also looking forward to reading some of the excellent writing on here written by you!

Good journey,