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Len Cannon

Let me tell you about me. All about me.

Actually, no, that invites stalkers and miscreants. Let me tell you about you. You're reading this, so you must be an attractive, intelligent, go-getter. The cream of the crop. Queen Bee. Why, you ask? Why am I so special?

Because your taste is excellent. You're here, we're together. We've made it baby. We've made it together. You and me, princes of the world.

Now that you feel obligated to read because I've made you feel good about yourself, you should know what you're getting into. I like deep meditation on things of little value and lists with numbers in them.

Don't like that? You're lying, you love it. Stay with me, we'll be in charge of this joint in a month.

Be sure to join me in the coming weeks on my alternate account, Nerds at Home. I'll be writing about food, home improvement, and will be covering some more indepth topics about nerd hobbies over there. You can expect the same amount of semi-regular updates here with video game buyers guides, funny lists, and other cool stuff.

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Len is also available for freelance writing engagements, if you're into that sort of thing. Contact him through the e-mail function to the right.