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Mr Tindle

Hello to all,

I have been following some of the writing on HubPages for a while now and have decided to join. I liked the whole idea of the site from the beginning, because it is a great example of how Meritocracy can be achieved through the internet. I just think its great that anyone from any background can write about pretty much anything they choose and be rewarded based on the quality of the content they provide and how hard they are willing to work to promote it. I have always enjoyed researching and writing about a number of topics. I plan to use HubPages to write about my various interests and hopefully provide my future readers with some great information and make some money in the process. My topics of interest include Finance, Economics, Government Policy, Entrepreneurship, History, Technology, and Anything new that captures my attention. I may even expand my horizons and try a short-story if I get a strong enough urge. Anyway, If anyone has any questions or comments for me, feel free to send me a message through Hubpages and I will try to respond promptly.