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Nicole McConnell

Nicole McConnell I am from Iowa, I currently live in Cedar Rapids. I have two beautiful fur babies, one is a rescue pug, Ellie Mae, now 12. The other is a one-and-half year old solid black German Shepherd named Thunder Storm. My life is theirs and they act like it.

I have a A.A. in Communications, a B.A. in Organizational and Strategic Communications with a minor in English and Creative Writing from the University of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and just started the Master’s program in Publishing at George Washinginton University. Because I love writing, reading, editing, creating, designing and pretty much doing anything creatively. I found a hobby when I was nine with writing and a niche of editing when I was 18 and decided to make it a career.

I currently work for the local newspaper as a layout content editor. Then I also work as an executive and nonfiction editor for an online literary journal called borrowed solace.

With yesterday's ink and today's ink blots, the pages can be filled with wonder!