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Nils Visser

Spent childhood and youth abroad in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. Didn't have much to show for it at the end of the road, except for some great experiences, a host of friends, and a spoonful of English. Being fundamentally lazy, tried to make a living with the language skills of the latter, rather than learning new tricks or developing fresh skills. I.e. secondary school teacher of English at various Dutch secondary school. However, my insistence that education should be fun in order to be effective never really worked out.

Currently trying to make a living as a full-time writer in Brighton.



Escape from Neverland (Lord of the Wyrde Woods Book One)

Dance into the Wyrd (Lord of the Wyrde Woods Book Two)

Will's War in Brighton

Forgotten Road

Will's War: Exile from Brighton

Amster Damned


'The Oval Sky Room' in the Writerpunk Press anthology Merely This and Nothing More

'The Rottingdean Rhyme' in the Writerpunk Press anthology What We've Unlearned


Handboog Sport (magazine) (Netherlands)

- Geschiedenis Schrijven te Azincourt / In het Hol van de Leeuw / Holland has Talent

Medieval Warfare (magazine) (Netherlands/UK/USA)

- The Sicilian Crucible and Lucaera Saracenorum / The Dance of the Tatars and other Oddities / Levelling the Odds / Arrow Storm at Azincourt / The Mary Rose Redux / A Tale of Two Leagues / Book review: With a Bended Bow (Erik Roth) / Face of a devil, heart of a hero: Du Guesclin in Spain (feature article) / Arrows, arrows, everywhere (with Murat Ozveri)/ A Church of Wolves (feature article) / Larger than Life / The Flame of Britanny (with Willeke Snijders) / The Siege of Constantinople (with Stephen Bennett) / Book review: Heroes and Anti-Heroes in Medieval Romance ( Neil Cartlidge (ed.) / Book review: Archery in Medieval England (Richard Wadge) / Losing Holland

The Re-enactor (E-zine) (UK)

- Once More into the Breach / Making the Maciejowski Part 1 / Making the Maciejowski Part 2

Stick and String (magazine & E-zine) (USA)

- Shrieks and Screeches: The Whistling Arrow / Bringing a Castle to Life / Podcast: Azincourt / High Road to China / Podcast - A Faire Bowe / The American Longbow

Tir à l'Arc (magazine) (France)

- Grand Arc de Guerre: La France Contre-attaque / À la recherche d’un archer (with Richard Hornsby) / À la recherche d’un archer 2e Partie (with Richard Hornsby) / Arrow Storms in WWI (with Richard Hornsby) / Robin Hood Commandos (with Richard Hornsby)

Traditionell Bogenschiessen (magazine) (Germany)

- Kriegsbogen in den Niederlanden / Azincourt

Primitive Archer (magazine) (USA)

- When Hunters go Awarring

Archery Magazine (magazine) (NL)

- Boogschietende IJzervreter / De Friese Longbow/ De Laatste Oorlogsboog / Zware Bogen in de Lage Landen

Archery Action Magazine (magazine) (Australia)

- The Game's Afoot at Azincourt / Weapon of Warre / Wanted: Turkey Feathers

Bow International (magazine) (UK)

- A Sense of High Adventure, Archery in Amsterdam

To be published soon:

Tir à l'Arc (magazine) (France)

- Robin Hood Commandos / The Unpacified Pacific

Primitive Archer (magazine) (USA)

- Archers at War (with Richard Hornsby)

Bow International (magazine) (UK)

- Here be Dragons

For an academic book on archeological finds in Amsterdam:

- One chapter: Zij aan zij (with Magen Klomp)

& The Klomp Typology

Related activities

Researcher Dutch Warbow Society Research Team

External historical research for the Amsterdam City Council & UVA/Allard Pierson Erfgoed Lab

Scribe of the Bowyer's Guild of the Low Countries.

Translation & Copywriter AA2015 / Fairbow NL.