Rachael Lefler

I started this blog in 2010 out of a desire to bring attention to and delve into the works of fiction that nobody is talking about. I am a television critic, focusing on serious, mature works. I started with more of a focus on anime, but have since branched out to analyzing other fictional media. I like thinking about the psychology of fictional characters.

I like to focus on niche, not popular, works—particularly, sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, and adult-themed titles.

I write about a little bit of everything. I choose my subjects by seeking out works with a strong emotional impact. I love when I discover hidden treasures—lesser-known works that I believe deserve public acclaim. I sort of feel like a tourist who has decided to venture off the beaten path and stumbled upon a near-empty art museum. My hope is that by writing about these under-appreciated pieces, I can do my part to help bring them into the light and start a discussion about the author/artist’s work. My favorite thing to do is analyze themes and symbolism, but when I start investigating a piece that I’m passionate about, my writing can really go ANYWHERE.

In addition to my critical analysis, which I post here, I also write sci-fi and fantasy. I hope to publish my first novel soon, The Wizard's Book, under the pen name Naomi Starlight.

When I’m not writing, I do a bunch of other cool things: I have online certificates in makeup art and graphic design. I've always been an animal lover and wildlife enthusiast. I'm a pet sitter and I enjoy volunteering at animal shelters, and have also volunteered at my local zoo.

I came close to finishing a degree from Illinois State University in Art History. I had to drop out as a fifth-year senior. I had to move to take care of my sisters so my mom could work in Chicago. Although I didn’t officially graduate, you’ll see the results of my studies—my eye for analysis, my attention to detail, and my passion for great works of art—in my essays.

I currently live in Peoria, Illinois.

What is my "badass superpower"? Creativity. Not only do I love coming up with my own original stories, art works, and creative non-fiction, but I enjoy helping other people tap into their creative side. If you want to connect, collaborate, or generally get creative with me, shoot me a message at: gettagrip200@yahoo.com!