Paige Davanzo

I recently decided it was finally time for me to accept my most shameful passion. Here’s my confession: I’m *gasp* an adult doll collector! That’s right, as a 21-year-old grown woman I still haven’t been able to shake my childhood obsession with dolls, American Girl Dolls in particular.

I know there aren’t going to to be too many readers interested in this blog. A lot of people find dolls to be creepy (I’ve meet a surprisingly large number of adults who are afraid to go on It’s a Small World because of the dolls), and even more find doll collecting to be immature and a waste of money. That’s why I wanted to start this blog! I hope to connect with other adults who have unabashedly decided to embrace the world of doll collecting.

While this blog is primarily targeted towards other adult doll collectors like myself, I will also include information that can be helpful to the parents of young dolls owners, such as tips on hair care and cleaning. Let’s be honest, if you give your 7-year-old a $100 doll you’re going to want to make sure that thing lasts until your kid is in their 40s. This blog will also contain humorous articles about iconic childhood dolls and scandals in the doll world that I hope will be entertaining for a larger audience, including people who haven’t picked up a doll in 10+ years.

I hope you stick around!