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I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in communications and a specialization in web design, multimedia, and graphic design and now work within such fields. I enjoy reading, writing, football, exercise, martial arts, music, and just having a good time with my friends and family. I'm an overall nice guy who will never insult someone else's opinion; everyone has the right to have one and should never be begrudged for it. 

Though it can be considered a hobby of mine, I love writing and often write screenplays in my spare time. Writing really relaxes me and is something that I find very enjoyable as the possibilities are endless in terms of creativity and imagination. I'm also a huge Batman fan, one of the reasons that inspired me to start writing, and will often publish several articles related to the impact he's had on so many people. 

I also often like to tackle issues that deal with the psychological aspects of society and human emotion as well as movies, characters, especially villains, and the appeals of writing. Many of my articles will be aimed at such subjects, so they will be a little diverse from time to time, but I hope that you will enjoy them nonetheless and perhaps even gleam certain topics or aspects about them that you may have never really thought about before.