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Becki Rizzuti

I've been fascinated by The Hunger Games and its themes since before Mockingjay hit bookstores. I have been with the franchise for longer than many people have known about it and read and re-read these books continually. The Hunger Games holds a special place in my heart, and when Squidoo decided that my lenses on the subject were sub-standard, I decided that it was time to make (another) niche Hubpages account to help me to share my feelings about The Hunger Games with the world.

Along with hubs about The Hunger Games, you'll find that I also discuss Divergent and The Maze Runner, sometimes at great length. I enjoyed both of these series in addition to The Hunger Games and may at some point in the future add other young adult dystopian fiction to the list of books I cover here. Do note that all fiction covered on this account/profile will be dystopian in nature (and usually young adult).

My purpose here is not to review books. If you'd like to read my book reviews, you can click on my "website" at the top right, where you will find a Wizzley account on which I provide book reviews. You can also follow me on Facebook to get updates of my book reviews.

I appreciate all comments, but ask that readers please keep their comments thoughtful and attempt whenever possible to engage in educated discussion of the topics and themes of these books. More than young adult novels, these books have taken a place in the hearts of many readers, and even as an adult fan, I am passionate about this subject.

So come and enjoy the books with me, for the first time, or for the eighth.

Movie comparisons may be made from time to time.