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Tony Payne

If you enjoy British humour and enjoy reading articles and reviews on a variety of subjects, then I hope you find something of interest on my account here at Hubpages.

I live on the south coast of England and grew up only 30 miles from where I now live, but in between I have lived in London, New Zealand and also the USA, becoming a US Citizen prior to returning to the UK in 2009.

I love to travel and enjoy photographing the places that I visit. I also enjoy computer games and develop web sites for my own use as well as part of my main employment.

One day I hope to bite the bullet and write my first book. I have spent almost 5 years researching a story, but just need to kick myself into action. I have a vision that the story could make a Hollywood blockbuster movie, which would help to cover us in our retirement years.

If you don't recognise me, you may know me as "Poddys" from Squidoo.