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Becky describes herself as an "animal enthusiast," and she has been around animals since the moment she was born. Not only did she spend her childhood on a small farm surrounded by pets, but she later earned a Bachelor's of Science in Zoology and has worked professionally with animals for several years. Currently, Becky works as a biological science technician in endangered species conservation, and has a passion for biology, wildlife conservation, education, and pet care.

By day, she works with animals. By night, she writes about and shares her passion of the animal kingdom.

Her family includes her husband and lots of furry, scaly, slimy, hairy, and spineless "kids." Other hobbies of hers include crafting, hiking, fishing, reading, day dreaming, blogging, journaling, long walks, watching movies, being an extreme geek/nerd, and eating garlic bread and dessert.