Board Games


Games Like Risk

Risk is a popular strategy board game of war and diplomacy that can be played by up to six players. One game of Risk can last from several hours up to several days, which is why the European version features secret missions to shorten the game.


How to Get Better at Chess

As you undoubtedly already know, chess is a two-player board game played on an 8 x 8 square board. The rules are simple, but depending on the opponent, the game can be extremely challenging. If you're wondering how to get better, this is the article to read.


The 9 Best Horror Board Games

With all the new high-tech devices such as laptops and smartphones, board games remain an all-time favorite for many. And when a group of people is hooked up on exciting, spooky games, it all becomes better! They can be enjoyed with the whole family, or just older siblings and friends.


Review of the Classic Family Board Game Boggle

Boggle is a classic family game that's fun for people aged 8–80+. This review and analysis of the game shows you why it’s a wonderful way to bring your family together for a few minutes in the middle of the chaos of modern life. Family time is precious, and Boggle is a great way to play and connect.