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No-Spoiler Review of Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse

I enjoy escape room board games. Is this game as good as it looks? I decided to find out.


Block and Draw Dominoes Rules, Strategy, and Tactics for Beginners

This article will introduce you to the simplest versions of Dominoes. It includes a look at winning strategy and tactics to improve your play.


Top 10 Dexterity Board Games

Explore the ten best movement and balance-based board games to play at game night!


Never Lose at Tic-Tac-Toe: Winning Strategy and Tactics for Perfect Play

Do you want to master tic-tac-toe? This article will teach you how to beat your friends and never lose with perfect play.


Chinese Checkers Strategy and Tactics: Tips and Tricks to Win Every Time

Do you want to improve your Chinese Checkers game play? This article looks at some reliable strategies and tactics that will make you hard to beat.


Top 10 Legacy Board Games

Explore the ten best legacy games that evolve as your sessions progress!


How Board Games Militarized Young Suffragettes

How do you inspire girls to become suffragettes? With board games, of course! Honoring 100 years since the 19th Amendment in the USA, I travel across the pond to bring this little-known game back to life.


Checkers Strategy and Tactics: How to Win Every Time

Do you want to beat your friends at checkers? This article covers basic checkers strategy and tactics to take your checkers game to the next level.


How to Bet in American Mah Jongg

This article is for the new Mah Jongg player who is not betting. It will explain why you should bet and the procedure for betting when you play American Mah Jongg.


Games Like Risk

Risk is a popular strategy board game of war and diplomacy that can be played by up to six players. One game of Risk can last from several hours up to several days, which is why the European version features secret missions to shorten the game.


How to Get Better at Chess

As you undoubtedly already know, chess is a two-player board game played on an 8 x 8 square board. The rules are simple, but depending on the opponent, the game can be extremely challenging. If you're wondering how to get better, this is the article to read.


The 9 Best Horror Board Games

With all the new high-tech devices such as laptops and smartphones, board games remain an all-time favorite for many. And when a group of people is hooked up on exciting, spooky games, it all becomes better! They can be enjoyed with the whole family, or just older siblings and friends.


How to Fix Near and Far With a House Rule

Learn how to even the playing field in board game Near and Far with this simple house rule!


How to Beat Disney's Villainous Board Game

Learn how to win as all six core villains in Disney's hit board game Villainous!


21 Darts Games: Rules and How to Play

This article contains information about darts, including the board, dart types, and barrel grips, as well as the rules for 21 variants of the game.


Game of the Generals

Game of the Generals is an original Filipino board game. This article will explain the process and rules of playing it.


"Blood on the Clock Tower" Game Review

Learn the pros and cons of social deduction game Blood on the Clock Tower!


Top 10 Awesome Chess Facts

Learn ten fun facts about chess you likely didn't know about!


A History of Jigsaw Puzzles

What started out as a teaching aid now entertains millions and has even resisted the digital onslaught.


7 Board Games That Cause Fights With Friends

You know the games, the ones that you shouldn't play with close friends (since they'll no longer be your close friends)?


Strategies for the Spymaster in Codenames

Explore some ideas for improving your cluegiving in Codenames based on the author's personal experiences, past mistakes, and disastrous encounters with the assassin.


Top 10 Deck-Builder Board Games

Count down the ten best games that let you expand a deck as you play!


10 Tips to Improve Your Scrabble Strategy

The top ten Scrabble tips for both novice and veteran players.


How to Win "Above and Below" (the Board Game)

Learn ten tips to help you achieve victory in the critically acclaimed board game "Above and Below"!


How to Play Fury of Dracula: Rules and Strategy Tips

Learn how to play the one-vs-many deduction board game Fury of Dracula!


Top 10 Social Deduction Board Games

Count down and review the ten best social deduction games where players must determine one another's identities!


Chess Strategy: Understanding How to Play With a Backward Pawn

This article discusses accepting what seems like a violation of a principle in order to attain good middle game play.


Tiny Epic Quest Board Game: Review and How to Play

Read my review of Tiny Epic Quest. This game is adorable and fun! You can even play it by yourself! I will explain how to play and what makes this game great!


How to Play Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards (Castle Tentakill)

Read my review of Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill, a 2- to 4-player card game that's very funny and entertaining.


Mystic Vale Board Game: Review and How to Play

Read my review of the game Mystic Vale. I explain what this game is about, how to play, and what makes it GREAT!


10 Board Games You Have to Play

These are 10 board games I have played in the last year that I have found to be very fun and entertaining. I think everyone should play them at least once!


1960s Board Games and Their Current Values: Investments in History

The value of board games continues to make collecting a good investment both financially and historically. What's hiding in your attic? Do not throw your old games away. They may be more valuable than you think!


The Craze That Started It All: The Game of Dr. Busby

Discover the card game that started America's gaming craze in the late 1800s . . . and the woman who invented it.


A Game, a Queen, and a Bit of Luck: Senet

Board games are one of the oldest forms of gaming—and one of the oldest games found to date comes from Ancient Egypt. It is called Senet, the game of “passing.”


Monopolizing Monopoly: Elizabeth Magie and the Landlord’s Game

Learn the true story of Monopoly, the game that inspired this timeless classic, and the woman who started it all.


Reiner Knizia’s Lord of the Rings Board Game Review

Reiner Knizia's classic Lord of the Rings board game is a cooperative game that is steeped in Tolkien tradition, well-balanced, and fun for friends and family ages 12+.


Review of the Classic Family Board Game Boggle

Boggle is a classic family game that's fun for people aged 8–80+. This review and analysis of the game shows you why it’s a wonderful way to bring your family together for a few minutes in the middle of the chaos of modern life. Family time is precious, and Boggle is a great way to play and connect.


How to Play Insidious Chess: A Chess Variant

Learn how to play a new chess variant based on some old concepts. It is free, fun, and can be customized for all ages.


8 Incredible Reasons Why Chess Will Improve Your Life

It's true, chess makes you smart and intelligent; however, there's more to it than that. Want to know how else chess can improve your life? Read on to find out.


Top 5 Boring "Classic" Board and Card Games

Countdown five successful yet dull board games!


Stone Age Review: Does It Pass the Colorblind Test?

In Stone Age, players collect wood, break stone, wash their gold from the river, trade freely, expand their village and so on to achieve new levels of civilization. Colorblindness may affect play.


The Castles of Burgundy Review: Is It Colorblind-Friendly?

One of our favorite games is The Castles of Burgundy. Set in medieval France, each player builds their own princedom using buildings, farms, mines, and more. Let's see how colorblindness affects play.


Merkator Review: Will It Pass the Colorblind Test?

Merkator is about the rise of Hamburg after the Thirty Years' War. Players act as merchants collecting goods to fulfill contracts. Colorblindness may come into play with this bright, colorful game.


Scythe Review: Is It Colorblind-Friendly?

Scythe is a worker placement/economic engine board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. We'll explore how colorblindness affects gameplay.


Scoville Review—Does It Pass the Colorblind Test?

Scoville is a strategy board game in which colorful peppers are planted, harvested, and sold. All of the colors may make game play challenging for individuals with colorblindness.


How to Play Dominoes: The Challenge of Dots to Dots

Dominoes is a game that is fun to learn. I was at an Ugly Sweater party and was invited to play. In this article, I share how to play, how to win, and a little advice on strategy.


Best Free Chess Engines Every Chess Player Should Download

The best free chess engines for game analysis, playing against, engine vs. engine bouts, and anything else you might think of. Warning! These chess engines are super powerful!


Free UCI-Compatible Chess Programs for the Stockfish Engine

Here's a collection of free UCI-compatible chess programs for running UCI engines such as Stockfish, Komodo, and more. These programs are great for analyzing games, managing pgn files, and more!


How to Dominate the Scrabble Board: Tips to Win Every Game

Scrabble is a very simple and fun game, yet it's more complex than just chucking up words. It involves plenty of strategy.


The Best Settlers of Catan Expansions: A Guide for Strategy Board Games

Settlers of Catan is one of the best strategy board games of all time. What sets it apart, though, is the range of excellent expansions. This guide will review the features of each.