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Updated on August 23, 2018
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Jessica has worked in the gaming industry for years and is striving to develop/release a game of her and her husband's design in the future.

The Battle Wizard series is excellently written and designed. However, there are a few things that I found confusing when I first played this game. It took my husband and I a couple of tries and a few digs through the rule book to get it figured out. It's a very entertaining and funny game, but I do have to state that it is a lot more fun when you have at least 3 players. This is a mature rated game and I don't recommend it for children. This is purely an adult card game that includes cussing and violence.

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Battle Wizards BoxEverything that's included
Battle Wizards Box
Battle Wizards Box
Everything that's included
Everything that's included

Awesome Aspect!

This game encourages you to speak in a wizardly voice and even suggests adding penalties for not immersing yourself in the role!

Concept Behind The Game:

You're wizards fighting a duel and the goal is to vanquish the other players.

Game Terms and Symbols:

Power Roll: Roll the number of dice that correspond to the amount of same symbols shown on the left hand side of the spells.

Standee: The tower shown in the picture above. Explained in detail further down.

Blood: A currency used to increase the potency or number of targets for a spell.

Turn: Once all wizards have played their spells and are dealt new spell cards.

Round: The end of a series of turns that is indicated by only one wizard left standing.

Game: Usually 5 rounds or until one wizard holds 3 Last Wizard Standing Tokens.

How To Play:

Picking Wizard and Initial Set Up:

You start off by picking the wizard you wish to play and setting your health (indicated by the skull symbol) to 20 on your wizard sheet and the blood you have to zero (just slightly off your wizard sheet). See photo above. The standee is placed in the center of the play area. 3 decks are then shuffled and set into the center of the play area:

  • The Spell Deck
  • The Dead Wizard Deck
  • The Treasure Deck

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All the wizards to choose fromExample of starting pointTreasure Deck, Dead Wizard Deck & Spell Deck
All the wizards to choose from
All the wizards to choose from
Example of starting point
Example of starting point
Treasure Deck, Dead Wizard Deck & Spell Deck
Treasure Deck, Dead Wizard Deck & Spell Deck

Each spell has the beginning, middle or end of a ribbon. These have to line up in order for a spell to be legal.

Dealing & Spell Set Up:

Each player is dealt 8 cards from the Spell Deck to make their first spell. There are 3 different components to a spell:

  • Source: The beginning of the spell indicated by the S located in the bottom right hand side of the card. Beginning of the ribbon
  • Quality: The center of the spell indicated by the Q located in the bottom right hand side of the card. Center of the ribbon.
  • Delivery: The end of the spell indicated by the D located in the bottom right hand side of the card. End of the ribbon.

While you don't have to include all 3 of these components in your spell you may only include one of each unless a card tells you otherwise.

Examples of Legal Spells

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Source, Quality and DeliverySource and DeliverySource and Quality Quality and Delivery
Source, Quality and Delivery
Source, Quality and Delivery
Source and Delivery
Source and Delivery
Source and Quality
Source and Quality
Quality and Delivery
Quality and Delivery

The Standee:

The Standee (shown in photo below) is used in several spells. It can either hurt you or help you to hold the standee. If you have the standee at the end of a turn then you gain 1 blood. Sometimes having the standee can hurt you as a lot of spells indicate extra damage to a wizard that currently has the standee. Examples of different effects for having or giving the standee shown in the second photo below.

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The StandeeExamples from spell cards that use the standee
The Standee
The Standee
Examples from spell cards that use the standee
Examples from spell cards that use the standee


Blood is used to increase the power or targets of your spells. A lot of times spells will list a cost of blood to be paid when activating a certain aspect of a component within that spell. This is a very cool and interesting aspect as you can only gain blood either by using a card that grants you blood or having the standee at the end of a turn.


Creatures are unique to this set. Every Delivery card IS a creature. Creatures can be left in play if their KEEP option has been met. Often times it is a certain roll that allows these creatures to stay in play. You can use Creatures still in play to block all the damage from a single instance no matter how much damage that single instance would have inflicted. Each turn you have to roll to keep your creatures in play. The Creatures that stay in play do NOT count in your spell delivery (so you can still play up to 3 spell cards) but they do still inflict damage. Creatures stay in play until they are removed, sacrificed, killed or you are unable to make the roll to keep them.

If you die before the round ends you still take a Dead Wizard Card during each turn sometimes effecting the battle that is still raging!

If You Die Before The Round Ends:

At the beginning of each turn after you have been vanquished take a Dead Wizard Card from the Dead Wizard Deck. Some of these will say resolve immediately in which case do so, some will begin during the next round.

End of Round:

The end of a round is indicated when only one wizard is left standing. That wizard is then given a Last Wizard Standing Token (shown below).

Last Wizard Standing Tokens
Last Wizard Standing Tokens

End of Game:

When one wizard acquires 3 Last Wizard Standing Tokens (shown above) the game ends and that player is victorious!

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