Tiny Epic Quest Board Game: Review and How to Play

Updated on October 3, 2019
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Jessica has worked in the gaming industry for years and is striving to develop/release a game of her and her husband's design in the future.

Tiny Epic Quest Box
Tiny Epic Quest Box

This is one of the games my fiance and I took a chance on and picked up on a whim. It's included in my article 10 Board Games You Have to Play and even holds the number one spot! In this article, I will go into further detail about the game, how to play, and the fun strategies to win! If you haven't played Tiny Epic Quest, now is the time to check it out!

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Concept Behind the Game

You play a hero in the Mushroom Realm. The land has been torn asunder by an opening to the underworld, and now goblins have invaded the land! There are many ways you can help save the Mushroom Realm.


Your goal as a hero is to get as many Victory Points as possible by the night phase of the 5th day. There are many ways to earn Victory Points:

  • Defeating Goblins
  • Acquiring Legendary Items
  • Completing Quests
  • Learning Spells

Initial Concepts:

The game is broken up into 2 phases: day and night.

  • Day Phase: During the day, you will be moving your heroes to and fro across the map, positioning them for the night phase, and visiting Mushroom Grottoes that do a number of helpful things.
  • Night Phase: During the night, you will be battling goblins, learning spells, or advancing in dangerous temples to complete quests or earn legendary items.

You have 5 days and 5 nights to get as many of these things done as possible to earn as many Victory Points as you can! The game ends on at the end of the 5th night phase, and heroes tally up their Victory Points to see who is victorious.

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How to set up the map: step 2.Step 3Step 4Step 5Goblin token close-up.
How to set up the map: step 2.
How to set up the map: step 2.
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4
Step 4
Step 5
Step 5
Goblin token close-up.
Goblin token close-up.

Map Setup

This game has an interesting setup! The map is always different and will never be the same.

  1. Start off by pulling out the 4 castle tiles and set them to the side.
  2. Create a cross with 5 random map tiles.
  3. Add the 4 castle tiles so the map is now a square.
  4. Add 2 random map tiles so that all castles have access to the coast.
  5. Add goblin tokens with the gold arrow faces up towards the arrow on the map tile.

Tiny Epic Quest has different Spell Trackers:

1 Player and 3–4 Player

Common Terms

Mushroom Grottoes: Beware: Keeping a hero on this space during the night phase does nothing for you and will not help you advance in any way. You may have a hero stop at these during the day to do a number of different things depending on the grotto stopped at. Some examples are:

  • Advance a hero in a temple by one space
  • Move another hero up to 3 map tiles away
  • Recover 3 health for each hero outside your castle

Quest Token: This is held by the player who goes first and is rotated at the end of every night to the next player. The player that holds the quest token gets to pick the first mode of transportation and keeps track of the quests. If a single quest is not completed by the end of the night phase the quests move left to right and are rotated until 2 of each type are available (examples and photos for quests in detail below).

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Hero Starting SheetDay TrackerMovement Set UpSpell Tracker with the 1-player side shown.
Hero Starting Sheet
Hero Starting Sheet
Day Tracker
Day Tracker
Movement Set Up
Movement Set Up
Spell Tracker with the 1-player side shown.
Spell Tracker with the 1-player side shown.

Game Setup

  1. Select your hero color. Set your max energy and health markers at their starting points and place your trackers on top (shown above). Place your legendary items at their starting positions on your hero sheet.
  2. Place your 3 hero figures on the castle of your color.
  3. Place the Day Tracker on 1 (shown above).
  4. Deal quests until 1 of each kind is available (in detail below).
  5. Have all movement types laid out for all players to see with the color side facing upwards (shown above).
  6. Place the Spell Tracker in reach of all players and set your spell tokens to the left side of the card (shown above).

Day Phase

During the day, the player with the quest tracker picks a form of transportation and moves one hero from their castle to a new location on the map. The other players then move their heroes in the same fashion. Then, the next player picks a form of transportation and all other players move one of their heroes in that manner to a place on the map.

During this phase, you can use Mushroom Grottoes to advance heroes and gain health and energy back you can also complete movement quests (in detail below). You may move your heroes to different temples to attempt to complete Quests or advance the acquisition of Legendary Items during the night phase, to different obelisks (used to advance your piece on the spell tracker) and to defeat goblins during the night phase.

Night Phase

The night phase is when you'll defeat goblins, acquire new spells, and complete temples. The player holding the quest token rolls the dice first.


Be cautious during the night. If you suffer too much damage then you become exhausted and ALL heroes regardless of where they are return to your castle and your health and energy return to their original state. If you have increased your max energy or health at this point the max stays the same but you go back to having only 3 energy and 6 health.

Every roll of the dice counts towards all players! Damage and energy are divided, starting with the first player, then the second, and so forth.

Scrolls, punches, and torches count towards all players!

Defeating Goblins

During the night phase, if one or more of your heroes is on a goblin portal, then you may hit them. For each goblin defeated, you increase your max health by 1.

Example: Player 1 has rolled three goblin punches but has no goblins on portals. Player 2 has two heroes on goblin portals. Player 2 may divide up the punches between those two goblins.

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Hero CardTwo Legendary Items!
Hero Card
Hero Card
Two Legendary Items!
Two Legendary Items!

Legendary Items

Legendary Items are acquired by completing the temples in the order shown on your hero card. You may not complete two temples in the same night phase and to gain a legendary item. In other words if you defeat both temples during a single night your tracker will only increase by the first temple shown on your hero card.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This meeple has the potion and fairy legendary items.This meeple holds a legendary tome.
This meeple has the potion and fairy legendary items.
This meeple has the potion and fairy legendary items.
This meeple holds a legendary tome.
This meeple holds a legendary tome.


Completing quests can be done during both the night phase and the day phase. Movement quests are completed during the day. Temple quests are usually completed during the night phase. If you manage to complete a temple during the night phase that has a quest then you gain the item that the quest indicates.

Spell Trackers for One and Two to Four Players
Spell Trackers for One and Two to Four Players


Spells are acquired during the night phase. You have to get the spell tracker up to that level of spell you are trying to learn. For each spell you learn increase your max energy by 1.

Example: In order for you to gain the S spell (the first spell shown on the spell tracker), then you have to get the spell tracker to level 1 because you are going up one level.

End of the Night Phase

When all heroes have decided to rest or become exhausted, then it is the end of the night phase. All heroes that have completed temples return to your castle, all heroes at goblin portals also return but if you have not defeated the goblin then it resets and you gain nothing. Spells are learned then as well. If you have defeated goblins or gained spells increase your max health or energy. For every hero that returns to your castle gain one health or one energy. All heroes that are half way through a dungeon stay in their place unable to move until the next night.


For every goblin that was not defeated turn their tracker's to the red side showing they are hostile. Now during the day phase they will cost one energy to get past. If you spend the one energy to get past them OR land on their space (not having to spend an energy) then turn their tracker back to the green side. For all goblins that were defeated during the night phase place a new tracker on them placing it green side up with the gold marker pointing to the arrow showing they have full health.

© 2018 Jessica Jade Robinson


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