10 More Awesome Mega Pokemon Cards

Updated on July 30, 2019
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

The Best Mega Pokemon Cards

Today's list builds on our previous six best Mega Pokemon cards, highlighting a new batch of ten potent Megas.

Mega Pokemon EX cards must be played as an Evolution on a corresponding Pokemon EX and doing so immediately ends your turn—you won't be able to attack. Like regular Pokemon EX, your opponent will also get to draw two Prize Cards (rather than the usual one) when your Mega faints. But you won't mind these sacrifices considering the fearsome power and vast HP reservoirs these rare gargantuans possess. To see what I mean, let's countdown ten more superb Mega trading cards!

Mega Blaziken
Mega Blaziken

10. Mega Blaziken

Type: Fire

Moonsault Blaze (4 Energy)
Deals 100 damage, or 200 if this attack was used on your previous turn.

Mega Blaziken arrives with a low Retreat Cost, and once it starts chaining attacks, you'll be dishing out 200 damage every turn! Be sure to prevent Blaziken from suffering a status condition such as paralyzation or sleep, which could ruin your streak.

Mega Steelix
Mega Steelix

9. Mega Steelix

Type: Metal/Fighting

Canyon Axe (5 Energy)
Deals 150 damage plus 10 to all opposing benched Pokemon.

Mega Steelix notably wields two types (affecting more weaknesses and resistances), Metal being an odd renaming of the Steel element from the video games. Steelix wields a hefty 240 HP and resists Psychic, and its, Canyon Axe doles out huge damage while nicking the enemy bench; be sure to utilize Double Colorless Energy to more rapidly access what would otherwise cost five energy.

Mega Altaria
Mega Altaria

5. Mega Altaria

Type: Fairy

Mist Purge (3 Energy)
If Altaria has any Special Energy attached, this attack deals 130 damage and heals all your Pokemon by 30. If not, simply deal 100 damage.

Mega Altaria wields a sizable amount of Hit Points, resists Dark, and costs little to retreat. Mist Purge deals 100 damage but can dish out more with a Special Energy attached; use those handy Double Colorless Energy cards to both meet the condition and utilize the move with fewer overall resources. Altaria will then rapidly KO opponents while healing your team, making it a nightmare to defeat.

Mega Ampharos
Mega Ampharos

7. Mega Ampharos

Type: Electric

Exavolt (4 Energy)
Deals 120 damage. You can have Ampharos deal 30 to itself to increase Exavolt's power to 170 and paralyze the defending Pokemon.

Mega Ampharos needs four energy to attack, but as usual, Double Colorless, baby. Luckily, it also arrives with a resistance to Steel—excuse me, Metal—and a stunning attack. Unlike the coin flip techniques, Exavolt pleasantly lets you choose whether to activate its extra effect. If you need the power boost and paralyze debuff, paying 30 HP is more than reasonable; if not, Ampharos gets to keep its health. Definitely a cool card.

Mega Charizard X
Mega Charizard X

6. Mega Charizard X

Type: Fire

Heat Typhoon (4 Energy)
Deals 100 damage and flips a coin for every Fire Energy on Charizard. Each heads increases the damage by 50.

The TCG contains multiple Mega Charizard options, my favorite being this rendition of Mega Charizard X. Characteristic of the Fire element, most Mega Charizards wield insanely strong attacks at the cost of losing HP or having odd energy requirements. X here can easily deal upwards of 200 with its attack's bonus effect without suffering such downsides, and if pressed into a corner, you can attach other energy types to it (since only one has to be Fire).

For ever-increasing raw power, look no further than this classic and valued dragon.

Mega Glalie
Mega Glalie

5. Mega Glalie

Type: Water

Cyro Mouth (3 Energy)
Deals 100 Damage, or 250 if Glalie has at least 10 damage counters (100 damage) on it.

Glalie can attack particularly quickly when combined with a Double Colorless Energy card. A large HP reservoir superbly complements Cyro Mouth, which jumps to a monstrous 250 damage if Glalie has taken enough pain! This added effect forces your opponent to make an impossible decision: waste attacks by ignoring Glalie, or reduce Glalie's health and skyrocket its power? Either way, you win.

Mega Gyarados
Mega Gyarados

4. Mega Gyarados

Type: Water

Blast Geyser (4 Energy)
Deals 120 damage. You may increase this amount by 20 for each Water Energy on Gyarados by discarding the top two cards of your deck.

The popular "shiny" Red Gyarados emerges to wreak havoc with a whopping 240 HP. Additionally, Blast Geyser accepts any type of energy, but combos well with Water, each of which can give an extra 20 damage. Since you're likely using Gyarados in a Water or half-Water deck, you'll soon reach heights of 180+ damage per turn, accessing a terrific outlet for excess energy cards in hand.

Mega Sharpedo
Mega Sharpedo

3. Mega Sharpedo

Type: Dark

Torpedo Dive (3 Energy)
Deals 120 damage to the defending Pokemon. To all benched opponents, deal 10 times the number of energy needed for that Pokemon's Retreat Cost.

Mega Sharpedo reminds me of an upgraded version of Mega Steelix. A bit less HP and no resistance, but Sharpedo needs less energy for its attack and can retreat for free! Additionally, although Torpedo Dive's 120 hurts less than Canyon Axe's 160 (not that 120 is anything to ignore), it tends to deal more chaos to the bench, as most Pokemon will have at least one for their retreat cost.

In short, Sharpedo arrives fast while spreading loads of pain between defender and bench.

Mega Kangaskhan
Mega Kangaskhan

2. Mega Kangaskhan

Type: Normal

Wham Bam Punch (3 Energy)
Flip a coin until you get tails. Each heads raises this attack's base damage of 100 by 30.

Kangaskhan boasts of amazing HP for a Mega who evolved from a Basic Pokemon, and since its attack accepts all energy types, this monster fits into any deck! Thus, synergy, speed, and HP are undoubtedly Kangaskhan's greatest strengths, but if luck is with you, it can hit for 160 or more damage with Wham Bam Punch. Sound effects optional.

Mega Mawile
Mega Mawile

1. Mega Mawile

Type: Fairy

Twin Grapple (3 Energy)
Deals 130 damage and flips two coins. Each heads discards an energy from the defending Pokemon.

Mega Mawile suffers from reduced HP compared to most of its brethren, and it specifically demands Fairy Energy for its attack. Beyond that, Mawile excels in every department, especially since it hastily evolves from a Basic Pokemon. Check out its fantastic traits:

  • Comparatively low Retreat Cost
  • Resistance to Dark
  • Great technique that damages while removing energy

Use Mawile's fast evolution and formidable Twin Grapple to devastate foes long before they're prepared to counter. Even if an Active Pokemon survives the blow, they'll be losing an average of one energy a turn, often preventing any sort of retaliation! Mega Mawile''s won me several games, and makes a great Christmas or birthday present, costing less than five dollars!

Which card do you favor?

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Primal and GX Pokemon Cards

Hopefully you've enjoyed exploring this collection of mighty behemoths who encompass some of the game's strongest cards! With ever-expanding booster sets of Megas (alongside similar Primal cards), the future looks bright for TCG Poke-fans. But as we eagerly await Pokemon's next expansion of potent cards (be sure to check out the GX units), vote for your favorite entry and I'll see you at our next trading card countdown!

© 2018 Jeremy Gill


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      7 weeks ago

      my best is gar chomp and Giratina

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      22 months ago

      Hey Author!

      First off, thank you! This is a really cool article and I appreciate it


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