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10 Yu-Gi-Oh Player Types You Just Don't Want to Meet

Sam Little is an experienced Yu-Gi-Oh tournament enthusiast.

10 Yu-Gi-Oh Player Types You Just Don't Want to Meet

10 Yu-Gi-Oh Player Types You Just Don't Want to Meet

We all fall victim to that nervous feeling as we prepare ourselves for any Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. We get both an equal dose of nervousness and excitement as we try and formulate a plan to counter which decks we may encounter. Will it be a meta beat down or a rogue assault? Will we see that new cyber dragon XYZ monster that is just way too over-powered or will someone show up and throw out a vanilla deck we can walk all over? (Oh I wish!)

While the types of decks we will play are a vital step to get that much-deserved win, we often neglect to consider what types of player we may run into. You may assume I mean good and bad, but it goes much deeper than that. I am sure you know all about Yu-Gi-Oh player types, right? Well, I guess it is very important that you came by. I will inform you on 10 very prominent and very hard to play Yu-Gi-Oh player types that will no doubt be invading a local near you any time now.

Every duelist who has made a fair share of tournament appearances will tell you that at least one of these types of players has been seated right across from them, Yu-Gi-Oh deck sleeved and ready to burn. Sadly these 10 stereotypes are a lot more common than we would care to admit. I hope and trust you don't find yourself falling into one of these categories:

  • The Smelly
  • The Hoarder
  • The "If This Format Was Better" Guy or Girl
  • The Mr./Mrs. Budget
  • The Know-It-All
  • The Excited Guy or Girl
  • The Anti-Meta Warrior
  • The Rage Guy or Girl
  • The "Too Mean to Play" Yu-Gi-Oh
  • The "Too Nice to Play" Yu-Gi-Oh

Smelly Yugioh Players

10. The Smelly

Have you ever walked into your local comic shop or gaming store and instantly been floored by the overwhelming stench of body odor? I am talking about the kind of aroma that would make a skunk run for cover and nearly puts you on the floor. Unfortunately, some die-hard gamers have taken to the craft so full force that personal hygiene no longer seems to be a task they have time nor concern for. I am not saying all gamers are like this, in fact, the majority of us are quite impressed with the almighty power of soap. Still, a few of us are either hygiene ignorant or they have figured out that body odor may be the best means of getting the opponent to scoop.

There are however those few among our ranks that reek to the point where they make your eyes water. I am talking crying like you are in a room full of onions watching Old Yeller get shot like 18 times all the while Bambi's mom is dying in the corner kind of crying. You know like watching Gigli.

Nothing sucks quite as much as being paired up for a duel to find out the cat you are dueling is a smelly! They will raise their usually obese arms above their unkept head full of matted hair and ask "do you end your turn" with a smug look while the clouds of odorous doom that lurked under their arm are now floating through the air poised to assault your senses like a cheap copy of "A Night n Paris". I often wonder if I threw Mister Smelly off a building could he fly with those bat flaps he calls arms.

Usually identified by there ragged and torn t-shirt sporting a witty quote in the mindset of "Got Yugioh" or "This is your mother's shirt" and the telltale stained up jogging pants that have seen as much wear as a star football player's back seat, these players can really take the wind out of your gaming sail. I suggest if you encounter a smelly be ready and always have mints. Not for eating but to overcome the stench.

Piles of cards . . . a sign of a hoarder.

Piles of cards . . . a sign of a hoarder.

9. The Hoarder

The hoarder is the duelist who amasses a giant collection of cards, yet usually does not seem to play, or if they do they seldom leave their own home to do so. These cats will show up at a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament with binders on top of binders of the game's finest cards. 40 Pots of Duality, 60 Dracos, and a four-page spread of Necroz cards just ripe for the pickings. The catch is usually none of that is for trade.

The saddest part of the hoarder appearing at your Yu-Gi-Oh duel is they will screw up any legitimate trade you may be working on. Sure you had that Big Eye traded for some prime cards but not with Mr. Hoarder. He will step in and offer a cash sum for those cards and undercut you like Tyson pissed that a pigeon escaped his clutches!

The hoarder is a great addition to the game in a sense that it is a collectible card game and they have the collecting part down step. That game part has seemingly eluded them to say the least. I won't lie, I was, in fact, this guy for some time. I amassed a huge collection and was really gaining some skill playing against my family at home. I have since outgrown that stereotype.

8. The "If This Format Was Better" Guy or Girl

This cat surfaces after every ban list and can really wipe the smile off a duelist's face. As long as they are winning they are content and willing to brag about the skill they are packing but let them lose a duel and here it comes. They start in with a rant about how if the current format and most recent ban list did not exist they would have destroyed your deck. This person will throw the if this format was better speech out any time they lose a duel or even when a good play is made against them.

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This type of Yu-Gi-Oh player can not lose a duel unless of course that loss can be faulted toward the current format. When you are forced to face up with this foe be ready to be told how there was a great response to the play you just made in the last format but tis current one just sucks. Better format guy is also always bickering about how the new format only serves to better the game play of current meta decks and it hurts older archetypes such as theirs.

7. Mr./Mrs. Budget

Mr. Budget is the guy who never fails to show up with a $20.00 deck and rock the socks off a meta deck like Ric Flair giving a knife edge chop to Oliver Twist. Mr. Budget plays cheap but is one of the most calculating and strategic players you may ever be required to duel in the yugioh universe. I say duelist but usually the budget player plays more along the lines of a war general, formulating battle plans and weighing out all options that may be available to him.

The yugioh budget player is also all about research. Sure that $40.00 card can eliminate a monster on the field but I can do the same with this 30 cent one. It can be trying on the patients but we can learn a lot about the game from this player who openly defies the age old adage that yugioh is a money game.

I kind of fall into this one in many ways being that my main competitive deck is around 25 bucks to build and I do see a great deal of success playing it. I am not saying it is easier to win this way but at least it adds some challenge to the game. Mr. Budget is not beyond showing up with a trade binder not filled with Vanitys or Necroz, not hardly. His binder will contain a well organized assortment of staple cards like trap hole and mirror force and will never hesitate to tell you of how important magic cylinder is to a solid defensive game.

6. The Know -It-All

The know it all player will drive you nuts. This is the type of Yu-Gi-Oh player who merely wants the crowd to know that regardless of what he has all the answers. Imagine you need a ruling at your first game so you call out to the judge and before he can answer a fine fellow at table 7 juts in and gives you his take on the situation. Usually, this take will be long-winded and most of the times completely wrong. Than Mr. Know It All will argue with the judge and swear that is the ruling they got on Devpro.

Know it alls will also feel they do not need you to explain a card effect to them because even though they have never seen your watt giraffe in action they have already figured out that it can not attack directly over a card trooper. When playing this type of player you need to be ready for a lot of arguing. They will not go down without a verbal fight regardless of how easy you can win the duel.

Know it alls are also very prone to question rulings on games they are not even in and will always put a judge in a bad position. If possible avoid these guys. So far I have been blessed to only play a few and they were enough for a lifetime I assure you.

Some players get so excited even the great ego maniac Joey Wheeler looks down on them.

Some players get so excited even the great ego maniac Joey Wheeler looks down on them.

5. The Excited Guy or Girl

Of all the players I have encountered this is by far the one I hate to play but absolutely love seeing someone else have to play. Nothing beats seeing a dude magic cylinder a Blue Eyes White Dragon and scream WHAT!!! at the top of their lungs while pointing in the air like they just pinned John Cena.

This cat will bite their nails and sweat bullets in anticipation of getting that combo out or playing that one devastating card. Yugioh is full of these over the top players and God love them they can make a local much more entertaining. Many times I have found myself in a grueling duel going card for card when from table 3 I hear "Dark Bribe mother f'er, don't bring no vanities up in here!".

This cat is usually as shaky as a small lap dog in heat and can really be rough to play if you play a slower game of Yu-Gi-Oh. They are also very bad for letting you know they have a great card in hand by making these weird little noises like a dog who knows he is getting a treat but just can't wait any longer.

4. The Anti-Meta Warrior

I like to think of this type of player as the terrorist of the yugioh game. They will complain non stop about the current meta and ridicule any player who dares to use such a deck. Their common catchphrases include, "The current meta is to OP", Meta is broken" and of course, "The meta is for players who can't play a deck that does not play itself."

In my gaming circle, we have an ongoing joke about one of the teams that play with us. They were all anti-meta ad the team was started as a full-on opposition to the current meta and after one regional with some really bad losses nearly the entire team switched over to meta decks. They are all great guys, it was just funny how quick the anti-meta thought process fail to the desire to win.

Prime Example

3. The Rage Guy or Girl

This may very well be the most difficult player to deal with. They get physically mad when a card gets booted or they lose a duel. Just imagine dark bribing a trap hole and than catching a left hook from out of left field. Usually, the rager will have more muscle than brains and it is not beyond them to try and use that to actually intimidate a player into a loss. They will approach a duel as any average player would but the moment it looks like they are facing a loss all hell will break loose.

The face turns red and the vain on their forehead start to look like pulsating gas lines ready to break loose with a fire that will burn the very heart of the cards. Mr. Rage will toss his deck into the air and flip a table just to prove his point without blinking an eye. Mr. Rage will also openly tell you what a dick you are for black horning his xyz and is not beyond leaping on the table and banging his chest like a deranged monkey when he pulls off a win.

2. The "Too Mean to Play" Yu-Gi-Oh

This player is a bundle of sunshine on a day that is already to damned hot. They don't talk with players at all and come to the tournament with a stern look of hatred on their face. While other players are trading and discussing the goings-on in the Yu-Gi-Oh community Mr. Mean is sitting alone being anti-social and anti-fun.

The mean player will treat every move you make like it was the worse thing ever and they do not care to insult your deck building skills. They will make rude comments on how you shuffle your deck and if you dare ask to cut their deck after they drop Pot of Duality you are in for the verbal beating of a life time.

Mr. Meanie is the type of player who will call a judge to rule that you top carded a card instead of bottom decking it before you shuffled and therefore should take a loss and be removed from the rest of the day's dueling.

1. The "Too Nice to Play" Yu-Gi-Oh Player

Not as bad as a mean player but just as annoying is the too nice to play stereotype. This person will interrupt you while you are trading to compliment you on that 4 buck binder you got from wal-mart. Whereas the mean player insults your every move the nice one compliments even the most mundane play you make. The will always shake your hand at the first of the round but are just as likely to try and do so after every play.

Nice players are great in moderation but when you are trying to debate throwing down a nurse reficule or a bad reaction and they are discussing the flowers that are growing by the road next to the comic shop it becomes very hard to take them serious and almost impossible to focus on the task at hand which is winning the duel. The nice player will also gladly accept a loss and will then tell other players of your victory, thus making themselves appear all the more humble while making you appear like a huge jerk.

Tournaments mean up close and personal, can you deal with these 10 players all up in your face?

Tournaments mean up close and personal, can you deal with these 10 players all up in your face?


Yusei on December 20, 2019:

I am the Otaku player. I only play dark synchros and go to every locals with my stupid Yusei jacket

Allah U Akba! on October 11, 2019:

How about risk taking players with smart cunning database of best cards in the games, Konami would have to rip the game adieu, like the world is doing to themselves with the global economy.

Emdosis on January 08, 2019:

What's wrong with the budget guy though? Just because he's a good player?

DiegoHecka85 on July 09, 2018:

lol, which other's exist then lol.... you basically sumarized 90

percent of the playerbase, i'm an antimeta warrior i guess cause

that's actually kinda TRUE, Rogue or Antimeta is just another

kind of meta deck with no official name, at the end of the day

all that counts is how you perform your strategy with cards you

know against the weakness of Meta expensive stuff, in other words, you just don't wanna meet a Mr VOPS deck lol -

VanillaOrichalcosPendulumStun -, super budget and not even


Energetic-Nova on January 16, 2018:

Will add, children don't net-deck as much, and I am always surprised by what they put out on the field. Adults generally horrible net deckers who follow trendy cards and especially if those cards are in a starter-deck. Like damn. Children are my favorite players. 100% of the time.

And yes, this is the real anti-meta insult: Quit Net-decking.

And honestly, I got away with not netdecking and being ahead of the curb. I would really move on once everyone was playing my deck. Mostly because it was annoying. Because they never thought it was that good until some guy won a regional with it even though I would get top 3 every week, it didn't matter.

In case you are wondering why anyone would be anti-meta... there you go. If everyone is playing the same flippen deck, it is pretty easy.

The player I hated playing against most was the card flipper. As in, the person who would flick the cards and shuffle their hand a lot. Weird irritating noises.

I think I took a lot of satisfaction in beating jerks. Just card flippers aren't always jerks.

Kel on November 08, 2017:

I can take to be all nine, but smelly?.. Im out..

firespawnie on October 04, 2017:

Ok i am the budget guy all the way since my deck costs 27euros and I totally ridiculed all zoodiac players in a local tournament.

Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on May 02, 2017:

That sadly does happen. Our locals are pretty tame compared to a lot I hear about

E. Benton on May 01, 2017:

Man, I just went to my first local tournament in about 10 years and everyone there was as rude as they could be. I was trying to start casual conversation and ask for advice building a deck because I literally just started again. I can understand people not wanting to explain everything to the newbie, but half the people wouldn't take the time to reply. All I wanted to do was learn the basics and maybe stick around to watch a few matches but the crowd was all but inviting. I may have met a few nice people, but I didn't stick around long enough to find them and ended up at the Pokemon tcg prerelease in the next room and had a blast. I still want to get back into it for the love of the game, but I just can't see myself playing with these creeps. Thankfully, I'll be moving at the end of the summer and hopefully there's a better YGO scene in PA.. :)

Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on May 01, 2017:

Not at all. I think I have 5 at the moment.

Brian Finley on April 29, 2017:

Is it bad that I have 10 decks?

SamSan on April 26, 2017:

I'm number 9 and 5 :(

Devin on January 29, 2017:

I'm number 7 and the excited guy love this artical

Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on April 07, 2016:

I am sadly the budget guy. I don't get to excited which sometimes is worse. Nothing seems to make other players suspicious quite like being down 6K life points and still sporting that just glad to be here face, lol. Thanks for reading and I am so glad you enjoyed this.

Zeron87 on April 03, 2016:

I found your hub very entertaining, man. I tend to be a mix of the Excited Guy and the Nice Guy. When I'm just having fun I take the role of Excited Guy, but I try not to be obnoxious when I'm winning. When I get serious, I'm the Nice Guy; I compliment my opponent's plays while acknowledging my misplays. My bad, I didn't know I made anyone look like a jerk @_@! I personally find the most annoying duelists the Excited Guys that are louder than speakers set to eardrum-shatter when they're winning and the Mean Duelists that trash my plays or my Deck building skills.

Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on April 27, 2015:

I was for awhile. Now I think I am the budget guy, lol.

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on April 24, 2015:

Amusing read, Sam. I admit I may have a bit of the "hoarder" in me!

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