Top 10 Traps for Any Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

Updated on March 14, 2020
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Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager.

Trap Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh

One of Yu-Gi-Oh's best features are its tide-turning traps, a unique type of card that must first be set onto the field, and you have to wait until at least the next turn before activating them. However, traps compensate for this delay with a variety of powerful effects, many of which focus on detrimenting your opponent with fierce debuffs or removals.

Today we'll rank 10 of the best traps compatible with any build. I tried to focus on more obscure units, hopefully introducing even regular players to a few new ambushes. Without further ado, these are 10 awesome traps for any Yu-Gi-Oh deck!

Void Trap Hole
Void Trap Hole

10. Void Trap Hole

Type: Normal Trap

Void Trap Hole can be activated when your opponent summons either a single or multiple monsters, but unfortunately, it'll only affect one. You choose a new unit with 2000 or more ATK, negating its effects as well as destroying it.

The negation is useful for nullifying entrance abilities like that of Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, and the destruction will then eliminate the unit. Even if you're not supporting the Trap Hole series with their Traptrix monster brethren, Void offers a useful snag that completely shuts down and removes an incoming threat.

Black Horn of Heaven
Black Horn of Heaven

9. Black Horn of Heaven

Type: Counter Trap

Similar to Void Trap Hole, Black Horn of Heaven negates and destroys a monster that was just special summoned to the field. You can only use it when a single monster is cast, but it works regardless of that unit's ATK stat.

Without getting too deep into the game's mechanics, note that Black Horn is a counter trap, and as such, it operates at "speed spell 3," meaning it's the fastest type of response that can only be chained onto by other counter traps, limiting your opponent's options for negation. Counter traps are also supported by many fairy-type monsters, offering plenty of supports to search and recover Black Horn.


8. Metalmorph

Type: Continuous Trap

Metalmorph works similarly to an equip spell, but since it's a trap, you can activate it on any phase of either turn. When triggered, it attaches to one of your monsters, and that creature gains 300 ATK and DEF. This can turn a battle that your opponent expected to win to your favor, eliminating their unit with their own strike. However, when your equipped monster attacks, it gains even more strength equal to half the ATK of its target (for damage calculation only), providing even more power to overwhelm foes.

That extra ATK works well for any beatstick, but is particularly useful on cards like Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, who inflicts double the usual battle damage to your opponent, or Blue-Eyes Chaos Max Dragon, who inflicts piercing damage to defense position foes (and thus can't be hidden from).

Robbin' Goblin
Robbin' Goblin

7. Robbin' Goblin

Type: Continuous Trap

A criminally underestimated trap, Robbin' Goblin also serves as one of the game's best forced discards for your opponent. Each time your monsters inflict battle damage to your opponent (whether through battling a monster or a direct attack), Robbin' Goblin forces them to discard a random card.

While it's true that many cards have secondary effects that may activate in the graveyard, it's still much less dangerous to have them there than in your opponent's hand, and since there's no pesky "once per turn" errata here, you can use Robbin' to remove multiple cards from your foe's hand in a single turn. The fact that the discard is randomized, disallowing your opponent to select what they lose, adds icing to cake and cements Goblin as one of the game's best original traps.

Blast Held by a Tribute
Blast Held by a Tribute

6. Blast Held by a Tribute

Type: Normal Trap

Some archetypes, like Monarch or Qliphort, heavily rely on tribute summoning, and others not so much, but rarely do you face a deck that uses absolutely no sacrifice-needing monsters. Blast Held by a Tribute can be activated when an opposing tribute summoned monster declares an attack. At that point, you destroy as many face-up opposing attack position monsters as possible as well as inflict 1000 effect damage to your opponent.

Essentially, this is Mirror Force but with that handy extra 1000 burn damage, although its activation window is limited to a specific type of enemy. Still, Tribute offers a powerful effect that can make for one of the game's best comebacks.

Balance of Judgment
Balance of Judgment

5. Balance of Judgment

Type: Normal Trap

Balance of Judgment also helps you out of tough spots by potentially offering several draws at once. When your opponent controls more cards than the combined number of cards in your hand and field, you can activate Judgment to draw a number equal to their surplus. Depending on how diminished your hand and field are, this can offer anywhere from one to four or more cards! Even getting just a single draw \isn't a bad trade-off (one for one), but getting two or more offers one of the game's best hand advantage engines that even exceeds the long-banned Pot of Greed.

You can only activate one Balance of Judgment per turn, but you probably wouldn't need multiple copies in a single move anyway.

Lost Wind
Lost Wind

4. Lost Wind

Type: Normal Trap

Lost Wind offers a similar yet weaker effect than Void Trap Hole or Black Horn of Heaven, but it can ultimately be used twice. You target a face-up special summoned monster and both halve its ATK and negate its effects, two huge debuffs that'll really dampen any unit. Then, when your opponent special summons from their extra deck while Lost Wind is in the graveyard, you can set it (it'll now be banished when it leaves the field), letting you use its powers once more!

You can even target your own monsters in the very rare cases when you'd want to, and sometimes leaving an opponent's monster alive can actually be beneficial. Take Odd-Eyes again; its doubled-battle damage only applies to attacks on monsters, meaning it can actually inflict more pain through assaulting a weak creature than with a direct attack. In short, Lost Wind offers one of the best methods for maiming multiple foes.

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Switcheroo Creature Swap
Creature Swap
Creature Swap

3. Switcheroo

Type: Normal Trap

If you liked the monster-shifting powers of the spell Creature Swap, you'll love the mayhem of Switcheroo. When you control the same number of monsters as your foe, activate Switcheroo to switch control of those monsters.

If you had puny minions like Scapegoat sheep tokens and they had aces such as Firewall Dragon or Gishki Zielgigas, you've eliminated opposing threats and simultaneously stocked your field with powerful behemoths. Handy for any deck, great for builds that often swarm with weaker units.

Heavy Storm Duster
Heavy Storm Duster

2. Heavy Storm Duster

Type: Normal Trap

Arguably the best spell/trap destroyer in dueling, this card combines the powers of the forbidden Heavy Storm and Harpie's Feather Duster magic cards into one awesome (and legal) package. Duster simply targets up to two spells/traps and destroys them. The price is that you can't conduct your battle phase the turn you activate it, but you can simply play it on your opponent's turn to negate that downside!

Two cards for one is a huge bonus that doesn't require the discard of the similar Twin Twisters. The helpful wording of "up to two" also lets you destroy only one if desired, and you can ever target your own units when needed.

Evenly Matched
Evenly Matched

1. Evenly Matched

Type: Normal Trap

Most traps that activate during the battle phase destroy foes or negate attacks before their blows can get through, saving your bacon by blocking attacks. Evenly Matched breaks the trend by activating at the end of the battle phase, meaning it's risky since your life points will need to survive through the assault. However, Evenly Matched makes your opponent banish cards from their field so they control the same number as you, harmonizing the playing field and exiling impacted units, preventing any graveyard effects.

As if that weren't enough, you can also activate Evenly Matched from your hand if you don't control any cards, letting you catch foes off-guard and shield it from removals. I won't lie, Evenly Matched is one of the pricier cards, costing a few dozen bucks, but if you're looking to get into competitive dueling, chances are you'll want at least one of these handy. I've used it to great effect myself, and of this writing, the card is surprisingly legal (not even restricted), meaning now's a good time to exploits its awesome powers. Here's the best deal I could find on this ultimate trap.

Which trap do you prefer?

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Future of Trap Cards

A few faces you might have expected, like Drowning Mirror Force and Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, aren't present due to us tackling them in other countdowns, but keep an eye out for upcoming lists where we'll combine all the best traps into one comprehensive countdown.

Hopefully you've been exposed to several new tricks you didn't know about; these units can fit into just about any deck list, making them easy to switch in and out as you construct and tweak your decks. But for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of day-ruining traps, vote for your favorite and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

© 2018 Jeremy Gill


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