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Big Bad Black Cards for Magic: The Gathering EDH Format

The writer masters the dark arts of Magic:The Gathering when not at work selling construction and heavy equipment.


In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best black cards with high converted mana costs that can make a big impact on an EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) or Commander Game.


1. Army of the Damned

First in our list is the sorcery spell Army of the Damned. Swarming your opponents with 13 2/2 zombie tokens would be very fun for sure. Attack one with this army and a maximum of 26 damage awaits. This eight to cast (5BBB) black sorcery spell is a great end spell for a Zombie EDH Deck. Do not forget to cast it again with its flashback cost (7BBB) for another troop of zombies in line.


2. Rise of the Dark Realms

This card is Black's ultimate reanimator sorcery spell. Raising all creatures from all graveyard and having them all under your control late in the game will give your opponents something to worry about. Attack for that lethal damage or turn the tides to your advantage with those enter-the-battlefield abilities.


3. Myojin of Night's Reach

This legendary spirit creature will for sure bring your opponents nothing but nightmares. For eight mana (5BBB) and just removing the divinity counter from it, you will be able to discard all the cards in their hands. That's just nasty.


4. Decree of Pain

For eight mana (6BB), a late game mass removal with draw benefit is another way of how Black Deck Players keep the game to their advantage. This sorcery spell can also be used to stop early tiny creatures by using its cycling cost. Nice.


5. Death Cloud

This cloud of death will cover and harm everything—life, cards in hand, creatures, and lands. It's Black's way of putting balance to the game or simply putting a near-end to it.


6. Worst Fears

For eight mana (7B), controlling your opponent at the crucial moment of the late game will give him the worst fear of losing.


7. Behold the Beyond

The last card in our list is the sorcery spell Behold the Beyond. By discarding your hand and for seven mana (5BB), you will be able to search your library for three cards to finally finish off your opponents. The flavor text says it all.

That's the end of our list of some of the black cards with high converted mana costs but proven to be useful and powerful specifically in EDH or Commander format. Try using them on your decks as well and just a reminder: once you go black, there is no coming back.