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Munchkin Custom Card Ideas: Grim Reaper

Travis is an avid Munchkin fan, so much so that he created his own series of custom cards!

When playing Munchkin with Soul cards, you'll notice they all have slightly negative effects, but none that really make the card worse than it is. In fact, the more Soul cards you have, the more options you have during gameplay, giving you much more control. Sure, there might be one or two cards that rob someone of their Soul cards, but nothing that truly punishes a player for having them.

Until now.

Shout out to my friend Amir S. Hamer for excellent artwork

Shout out to my friend Amir S. Hamer for excellent artwork

What Does the Card Do?

Enter the Grim Reaper. It's a level 20 Undead Monster, meaning that with certain rules, you can add it to other Undead Monsters freely, but it doesn't stop there. The Grim Reaper gets a +5 for every Soul you possess.

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As stated before, everyone starts off the game with 1 Soul card, meaning if the Grim Reaper suddenly appeared, he'd start at 25, higher than anything else currently released by Steve Jackson Games. As any player has a chance to draw more Soul cards either by Treasure cards or discarding three cards to draw a new one, the Grim Reaper's level can grow by leaps and bounds.


Specifically, the Grim Reaper was created in order to combat that one player who has a full set of Soul cards, meaning this monster becomes Level 35. That's no small thing to defeat. It also gave me a reason to create the Soul of the Legion, enabling the Grim Reaper to become a game-breaking creature.

As one might expect, when defeated by the Grim Reaper, you die. Not only that, but for every Soul card you possess, you lose a level as well as all of your Soul Cards. Normally you get to keep them when you die, but not in this case, giving players another removing them from the game.

It also serves a purpose for players like me who really enjoy the high-stake monsters. Anything Level 16 and higher is almost always more thrilling to play than anything lesser. Even if you're not playing with Soul cards, the Grim Reaper is completely accessible and usable no matter what genre of Munchkin you're playing.

© 2017 Travis Wood

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