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How to Build an Elementsaber Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

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What Are the Elementsaber Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters?

A subtype of the wider Saber series, the Elementsaber monsters revolve around altering their attributes to help summon the related Element Lord monsters, who hit opponents with hefty field-wipes or other detriments when they arrive.

While they bear different attributes, Elementsabers are united by their shared warrior type, qualifying for many potent soldier supports. But with dozens of potent members and backups available, where should you start deck-building? Here's a guide for how to begin constructing your Elementsaber Yu-Gi-Oh deck!

Elementsaber Monsters

  • Elementsaber Lapauila Mana
  • Elementsaber Aina
  • Elementsaber Makani
  • Elementsaber Molehu
  • Elementsaber Lapauila
  • Elementsaber Nalu
  • Elementsaber Malo

You can summon the Elementsaber ace, Mana, by sending two cards from your hand to the graveyard, and he'll offer different boosts depending on the attributes of the sent units. These defenses are crucial to protecting your other generally-frail Sabers.

By sending an Elementsaber from your hand to the graveyard, Aina revives Sabers or Lords from your graveyard, Makani adds one from your deck to your hand, and Molehu shifts opposing monsters to face-down defense position. Lapauila negates opposing spells/traps, Nalu recycles clan members from your graveyard to your hand, and Malo mills them from your deck to your graveyard. Remember, most Elementsabers can change their attributes in the graveyard, useful for the stringent summoning conditions of the Element Lords, but you'll still want a decent attribute mix to help empower Mana.

Element Lords and the effects they copy

Elemental LordCopied Spell/TrapAttribute

Windrose the Elemental Lord

Harpie's Feather Duster


Phosphorage the Elemental Lord



Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord

Delinquent Duo


Grandsoil the Elemental Lord

Monster Reborn


Pyrorex the Elemental Lord

Ring of Destruction


Umbramirage the Elemental Lord



Element Lord Monsters

The Elemental Lord boss monsters all share 2800 ATK and 2200 DEF, and they must be specially summoned by having exactly five monsters of a corresponding attribute in your graveyard. Thankfully, since most vanquished Elementsabers can alter their attributes, this isn't as challenging as it sounds.

Elemental Lords forfeit the battle phase of your next turn when they leave the field, but they also copy infamously powerful spells/traps upon entrance. Windrose nukes all opposing spells/traps, Phosphorage does the same for monsters, and Moulinglacia discards two random cards from your opponent's hand. Grandsoil revives a monster from either graveyard, Pyrorex destroys a creature and inflicts its ATK as effect damage to both players, and Umbramirage searches a monster with 1500 or less ATK from your deck.

Since these traits trigger on entrance, protecting your Lords after arrival isn't essential, although remember that removal means a lost combat step.

Other Main Deck Monsters

  • Elemental Grace Doriado
  • Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
  • The "Attribute Knight" cards
  • Goblindbergh

Elemental Grace Doriado starts with 0 ATK but improves by 500 for each attribute in the graveyards, and you'll need six total to special summon her from your hand. Since you're probably not using the divine attribute of the Egyptian god cards, you'll thus need all six normal attributes; thankfully, your opponent's graveyard counts towards this total. Grace also lets you banish three monsters to negate and destroy an opposing special summon, handily locking down their army.

Meanwhile, classic Black Luster Soldier is summoned simply by banishing a light and dark monster from your graveyard; in addition to high ATK, he can banish opposing monsters or attack twice per turn. The various Attribute Knights (like the above dark Armageddon) simply send monsters of a corresponding element from your deck to your graveyard when summoned, helping search out types you're still missing, and Goblindbergh can special summon other cards from your hand, adeptly giving two warrior materials for an xyz or link summon.

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Extra Deck Monsters

  • Number 39: Utopia
  • Arcana Extra Joker
  • Invoked Monsters

Elementsabers don't heavily utilize on the extra deck, but unlike the Monarchs, they don't forbid it either, so feel free to infuse whichever extra units you like. Utopia protects your weaker creatures from attacks while Arcana negates opposing cards by discarding a unit with the same card type, and both synergize with any warrior supports you're running.

The Invoked monsters bear different elements in their fusion material requirements, and you'll need to include (or use a substitute for) "Aleister the Invoker", but they offer powerful fusion monster abilities (the El Shaddoll fusion monsters also offer attribute shenanigans to experiment with). Since you're likely not fielding many beasts at once, the additional extra deck zones of link monsters aren't often necessary for the Elementsabers, leaving you free to focus on other monster types.


  • Palace of the Elemental Lords
  • Reinforcement of the Army (limited as of writing)
  • The Warrior Returning Alive
  • Trade-In
  • Salvage

The Elementsabers contain a surprisingly low number of spell/trap supports in their archetype, but what they lack in quality, they make up for with quality. Field spell Palace of the Elemental Lords increases the ATK/DEF of your units based on the number of attributes in your graveyard, lets you add cards from your deck to your hand (though you'll forfeit an upcoming battle phase), and sends members from your deck rather than hand to activate Elementsaber effects (very useful).

Reinforcement of the Army is a general support that searches a level four warrior from your deck, The Warrior Returning Alive recycles one from your graveyard, and Trade-In discards a level eight monster to draw two cards, helpful if your hand gets clogged with the Lords. Finally, Salvage adds two water monsters with 1500 or less ATK from your graveyard to your hand, but since your troops may alter their attribute, you can rig the ability to your advantage.


  • Elemental Training
  • Heavy Storm Duster
  • Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan

Continuous trap Elemental Training's first pivotal role is guarding your Palace field, preventing your opponent from targeting or destroying it with effects. You can also once per turn tribute a monster to pull an Elementsaber with a different attribute from your deck, and you can sacrifice Training and discard your hand to add a corresponding number of Element Lords from your graveyard to your hand.

Heavy Storm Duster is simply one of my favorite spell/trap removals that I recommend for any deck (especially since it only costs a dollar), and it's particularly useful here since its potential downside of skipping battle phases is something your archetype will often already be doing. Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan can activate one of four awesome abilities as long as there's a face-up earth, water, wind, and fire attribute creature; thankfully, this also tallies your foe's units and can easily be rigged with cards like "Invoked Elysium" and "Elemental Mistress Doriado".

How to Beat Elementsaber Decks

We've examined the best Elementsaber and Lord members while reviewing potent supports; now we'll quickly tackle several ways to counter them. Exiling cards from graveyards shuts down their Lord summoning, so make good use of cards of the trap "Macro Cosmos". Another trap, "Gozen Match", allows players to only control a single attribute, which can also spell trouble for the varied Saber bunch.

While the Lords certainly aren't slouches in battle, 2800 ATK can be overcome with even stronger aces, and quick beatdown strategies may break through Element decks before they're ready to counter. But for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next batch of element-changing warriors, vote for your favorite attribute and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

© 2018 Jeremy Gill

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