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Tips and Tricks for Farming Gold and Gems in MTG: Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The Best Methods for Gold and Gem Farming in Magic the Gathering: Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a great way to play Magic from the comfort of your own home. MTG: Arena is a "freemium" game, meaning that you can play the game without spending any money. If you want to speed up your game, you can make in-game purchases to facilitate your progression. Or you can buy cosmetic items that allow you to customize your avatar.

Can I Play MTG: Arena Completely Free?

After some research, I've discovered that it's possible to play MTG: Arena for free and still collect all the available cards from the different expansions. It requires a significant amount of grinding and strategizing, but it is possible.

How Long Does It Take to Collect All the Available Cards From an Expansion?

Players who intend to use MTG: Arena as a way to become a Pro can complete an expansion in approximately 45–50 days from the release date. Once they have finished the current expansion, they can start accumulating gold for the next expansion. To do this, they have to play every single day and maximize the collection of rewards provided by the game. But how?

Home page of MTG: Arena with possible events. Below we will find the daily quests and the daily or weekly rewards.

Home page of MTG: Arena with possible events. Below we will find the daily quests and the daily or weekly rewards.

How Do I Get as Many Gold Coins as Possible?

There are a few different methods for obtaining gold coins in MTG: Arena.

Daily Quests

Going by order, the first way to farm gold is by completing your daily quests. The daily quests can provide 500 or 750 gold coins upon completion, depending on the difficulty. Usually, quests with a value of 750 have a lower spawning rate than those with a value of 500.

So, the first trick to accumulating more gold is to reroll all the quests assigned to us that correspond to 500 gold coins to make them 750. We only have one reroll a day, and for this reason, if we get a new 500 quest, we have to try again the next day.

We can have up to three daily quests active at the same time. Once we reach the maximum, we will have to complete one to have a new one the next day. So, it is important that quests from 500 turn into 750 on reroll and complete them within three days. Complete only the 750 quests, and leave the 500 quests pending unless there are no slots left for a new quest.

Daily Rewards

The second way to accumulate gold coins is through daily rewards. Those are available for up to 15 daily victories. The daily rewards can help us get even more gold coins. They can even give us free bonus cards that can help with the completion of our collections.

In this case, the first daily victory provides 250 coins, while the last coin reward corresponds to only 25 coins. Overall, 15 victories bring a profit of about another 750 gold coins. Thus, the daily total must be as close as possible to 1250–1500 gold coins from these two sources.

For those who are starting grinding for the first time, I recommend trying to consistently reach at least five daily victories and the daily quest. You will not reach the cap, but at least you will be able to have a good compromise between the time spent and the gold gain; then, at your own pace, you can slowly increase the target.

Here is an example of a quick draft event.

Here is an example of a quick draft event.

How Do I Get as Many Gems as Possible? How Do I Complete the Collection?

In MTG: Arena, gold coins can be used to access events, buy cosmetic items, or buy packets, and they are the basis of the game's economy. To exploit them properly, it is necessary to use them only to access tournaments, especially for those of the draft.

In particular, it is necessary to avoid premier drafts due to their high cost (10,000 coins) and prefer quick drafts (with a lower price of 5,000 gold coins). Never pay in gems for events that you can pay for with coins.

Participating in drafts has two major advantages:

  • They help us quickly obtain new cards (especially the common and uncommon ones).
  • They allow us to transform coins into gems (based on our final result).

For doing so, I recommend you track your win rate. The Win Rate is important to understand if you are drafting the expansion correctly and how to improve your skills. If necessary, free software is available that can track the win rate for you.

When you can archive a win rate higher than 60–65%, it is possible to "go infinite." This is the only case in which it is also possible to use the gems to pay the costs of the event, as they will most likely be returned to us at the end of the event. Sometimes with interest.

Together with the gems, we will often be given Prize Boosters. In this case, the advice is not to open them until we accumulate a significant amount of rare cards in the set through the draft. This is due to the algorithm that manages the distribution of rares and mythics in the prize boosters. The Algorithm rewards the player with only rares and mythics of which he does not already have four copies. This is extremely useful for completing the collection.

MTG: Arena is an awesome freemium game!

MTG: Arena is an awesome freemium game!

What Happens Once the Whole Set Is Complete?

Once you complete the list of rare and mythical cards, all packages opened subsequently will bring back gems in place of the higher rarity cards. We will get 20 gems instead of a rare one and 40 gems to replace a mythic one; this will help us farm gems even faster.

Unfortunately, this is not available for lower rarity cards. Thus, we will not get extra gems for Common and Uncommon cards once the collection is complete. But, they will not be "lost" as they will be counted towards the opening of the Vault, where we will be able to get extra wildcards.

At this point, we will have completed the expansion by collecting all the cards that make it up, and we have learned how to farm gold and gems. The last tip is to use part of the gems we get to buy the mastery pass and thus get rewards based on our level of mastery and get more cosmetic items.

At this point, we can play MTG: Arena in the best way possible, play the formats we like the most, and have fun!

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