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MTG: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Draft Tips and Tricks

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering for some time, and today I want to share my tricks.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

About the Neon Dynasty Expansion

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is the 91st Magic expansion, and, as the name implies, it is set on Kamigawa. Yes, we came back to Kamigawa after a 20-year hiatus! This time, Kamigawa will be really different from our previous visit. That's because the events of this expansion occur 1,000 years after the previous Kamigawa set.

So let's move from a feudal Japanese influence to a much more science-fiction setting. At times, it's even Cyberpunk. The traditional aspect, however, will not be completely abandoned. This generates an intertwining of new and old, tradition and innovation.

Old and New Mechanics

As we will see below, some mechanics will return from the Kamigawa lore while others will be completely new. Among the returning mechanics, we can find Channel, Ninjutsu and the Saga cards. Besides the main mechanics, there are sub-themes such as Exalted, Legendary and Vehicles.


Channel is an activated ability that let you discard the card and activate an effect. The costs and the available effects are printed on the card. Channel is an interesting mechanic because can help us smooth our plays. Those cards can be useful both early and late game. It can also help us fill the slots in our mana curve, increasing the deck consistency.

Some archetypes revolve around Channel, like the UG Tempo. Others can use Channel as a secondary weapon or support.


Ninjutsu is a thematic mechanic for Ninja and is mainly present in black and blue. Secondly, it is also present in green. Ninjutsu allows the swap of one of our unblocked attacking creatures with another creature in our hand. This can be done to get specific benefits as we can choose the Ninja to put on the battlefield.

We can put creatures into the field for a cost that is less than the casting cost or other effects. It is also possible to pick up and re-launch our Ninja in later turns by chaining the effects.


Sagas plunge in the rich history of Kamigawa with beautiful images that present Kamigawa's past. The stories tell of great champions and generals, legends and lore. Unlike the previous Sagas, the Kamigawa Sagas consist of two parts. The front depicts the succession of events, while the back represents an enchantment creature.

Gameplay-wise, Sagas can provide some useful effects early and then double as creatures a couple of turns later. Sagas come in all colors and can easily fit into any deck.

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The technology in Kamigawa has made great strides, and this new mechanic represents its potential. Reconfigure is a new ability for artifacts that allows us to use them both as creatures and as equipment. From a gameplay point of view, they allow you to easily reach the minimum number of creatures needed for our deck—and, if necessary, they double as equipment to enhance our best creatures.

One of the problems with equipment is not having enough creatures to make it necessary. With no creatures to equip, equipment is essentially useless. A smart move with configured cards is to use them to equip our best creatures to attack and remove them later to defend ourselves on the opponent's turn.

Reconfigure is mainly present in red, blue and black.


A creature is considered "Modified" when it is Enchanted, Equipped, or has Counters on it. Each counter counts as a modification, not just + 1 / + 1 counters. So Menace or other counters will work as well.

In Kamigawa, the technology is so advanced that it allows the use of grafts to enhance one's abilities or to obtain completely new potentials. The Modified mechanic takes this into account and provides further benefits. The greater the number of our modified creatures, the better our potential will be.

Modified is mainly present in red and green.


Should You Draft One-Color, Two-Color or Tricolor Decks?

As you can see in the images above, in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty we will have access to a good fixing at a common rarity. This will allow us to play two- or three-color decks with relative ease, if necessary.

In addition to these lands, there are some Uncommon lands that support specific game archetypes. Adding them to your deck (if in line with the archetype) could be a significant advantage. For example, a deck with the white-blue-black combination that focuses on vehicles might be possible. Similarly, you can build a deck with the green-blue-black combination that focuses on cards with Channel in the early game and card retrieval for the late game.

ColorArchetype / Main Theme


Vehicles & Pilots




Artifact Recover/Sacrifice


Modified creatures


Enchantments matters


Enchantments & Artifacts


Recovery of traditions


Channel Tempo


Architects & Inventors


Samurai / Warriors Exalted

Other Tips and Tricks

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty features a very fast limited environment, so you need to keep this in mind when drafting the cards. Above all, it must be considered that it will be more difficult than normal to stabilize the board as there are no good creatures with defensive qualities in different colours. "The best defence is the attack" goes the saying, so we have to build the decks so that we can prepare a race with the opponent.

Another tip is to draft hate for Artifacts and Enchantments more than usual. This is because, to function, some archetypes need these types of cards. Imagine the WU Vehicles deck or the WB deck based on controlling both Enchantments and Artifacts. Draft these hate cards slightly higher than normal.

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