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Magic: The Gathering: The Titan Cycle of M11 and M12

I have been playing Magic: The Gathering since 1994 and have won a few draft tournaments in MTGO and MTG Arena.

Frost Titan


Frost Titan is considered by many as the weakest in the titan cycle.

Tapping something is annoying but in no way a game changing effect.

What could have made Frost Titan more powerful is to give it an ability similar to Boomerang. Boomerang is a two cost instant that returns any permanent to its owners hand.

If Frost Titan could have returned two permanents per turn, it would have been one of the more powerful titans.

The titan is also slightly difficult to get rid of with its limited hexproof ability.

What could have made the titan more powerful is giving it full hexproof and giving it some sort of evasion such as flying or unblockability.

To be fair, Frost Titan is quite a quality creature for blue as blue has a dearth of quality creatures as compared to other colors.

In a control deck featuring cards with synergy such as Tamiyo the Moonsage and Ajani Vengeant, the Frost Titan could be powerful indeed.

This titan is reminiscent of the frost giants of Norse mythology.

Grave Titan


Grave Titan is the perfect finisher for black aggro decks or zombie decks.

It is quite a beefy creature at six power and six toughness.

Grave Titan can take down any creature its size, smaller or bigger as it has deathtouch. If you slap on mass blocking effects like those of Lure, you can wipe your opponent's entire army.

The titan can quickly overwhelm your opponent with a zombie horde as it can generate two per turn..

This zombie horde can be boosted with cards like Bad Moon or Lord of the Undead.

Being a popular tribe, zombies have plenty of lords and support cards.

Black is also known for its graveyard recursion spells and abilities. Once a player successfully gets rid of Grave Titan, it can easily come back for more.

Inferno Titan


Inferno Titan has built in firebreathing which enables you to maximize the use of your red mana.

The titan also has an Arc Lightning effect that has it deal three damage split unto any number of players or creatures.

With a single attack, Inferno titan can easily deal nine damage.

It can easily go through most defenses as you can use your red direct damage spells to burn through your opponent's defenses. You can also use Inferno Titan's ability to also decimate your opponent's creatures.

While Shivan Dragon was the creature of choice for early Magic players as their finisher, Inferno Titan is the finisher for the modern day Magic player.

Sun Titan


Sun Titan is among the best titans in this cycle.

White does not have many quality large creatures so a creature with six power and six toughness and two abilities is a literal godsend.

Freecasting is one of the most powerful effects in all of Magic and this titan can do it at least once per turn. This effect can be abused by flickering effects with spells such as Flicker and Turn to Mist or effects generated by Venser, the Sojourner or Thassa, Deep-Dwelling.

The permanents you can return can be artifacts, enchantments, creatures, lands and planeswalkers.

This will easily win you games as your opponent will eventually run out of removal spells.

Since Sun Titan is not legendary, you can have up to four in play and you can keep returning permanents back into play. Use it on cards like Mind Stone to be able to draw cards or on cards like Elixir of Immortality to gain life.

Primeval Titan


Primeval Titan is considered by many as the most powerful titan of the cycle.

Being a green creature means it can come way earlier since green has a lot of ramp cards whether they be land retrieval cards or mana dorks, green can easily afford six mana.

Think of it this way. Drop a Forest then play a Llanowar Elves for the first turn. On the second turn, play another Forest and drop two more Llanowar Elves. Third turn drop another Forest then summon Primeval Titan.

The beauty of the titan is it cannot be chump blocked as he has trample.

Primeval Titan not only ramps your deck but thins out your library. Primeval gets any land you want there it be basic or non-basic.

Primeval Titan is a tournament staple as it can easily be casted, is beefy and ramps and thins out your library.

Most Powerful Titan

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