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MTG: Top 5 Gideon Jura Cards

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering for some time, and today I want to share my tricks.

Gideon Jura (Rise of the Eldrazi)

Gideon Jura (Rise of the Eldrazi)

Who Is Gideon Jura?

Gideon Jura made his first appearance in the "Rise of the Eldrazi" expansion, and the character has evolved a lot since then. Initially, he was a simple Planeswalker who defended Zendikar from the Eldrazi threat (quite randomly), but then he began to play a greater role on the plane of Ravnica alongside the Boros and finally within the Guardians.

Within the lore of Magic: The Gathering, Gideon Jura is similar to Marvel's Captain America. This Planeswalker has often been a source of righteousness and stands as a shield to both the weak and his fellow Guardians, up to making the ultimate sacrifice. On many occasions, his cards have been repainted by fans with the characteristics of Captain America or even those of Wolverine to represent the resolve of the character.

Additionally, he tries to fill the void left by Elspleth's death on Theros' plane and Ajani's mourning, thereby filling the role of the ultimate White Planeswalker.

Jura's Top Five Incarnations

In this article, we're going to look at the best incarnations of Gideon Jura over the years. The evaluation does not only represent the playability in competitive formats but also the representation of the character through the cards.

5. First Appearance: Rise of the Eldrazi

Let's start with his first appearance in the Rise of the Eldrazi set (shown above).

At first glance, with the mana cost of 5, it might seem too expensive to play, but let's remember that Rise of the Eldrazi was the first "Battlecruiser" set in MTG history. That is, where we have a Limited meta truly based on the late game with high-cost cards (8+).

In this environment, Gideon Jura can truly shine and break through enemy lines with his 6/6 body. Or, if we are in a dominant position, we can force the opponent to attack and destroy his key cards before they become too difficult to handle.


  • The first ability symbolizes his predisposition to stand as a leader and defend his comrades, putting himself in the front line.
  • The second ability symbolizes his enormous prowess and determination in destroying enemy threats, even if they outweigh him in size or weight. The first and second skills are strongly linked thematically to enhance the character as a strategist. He can force the opponent to attack and then set a trap for him.
  • The third ability symbolizes his exceptional physical characteristics and the damage prevention clause represents the hieromantic magic that allows him to resist most enemy attacks.

Specifically, this version of Gideon Jura is the one that is mostly portrayed as a hybrid between Wolverine and Captain America.

Gideon of the Trials

Gideon of the Trials

4. The Trials

Fast forward in the plot: We now see Gideon struggling with the Trials of the plane of Amonkhet. Right now, the Guardians are looking for useful information to be able to defeat Nicol Bolas, but they don't know that the ancient dragon has a trap in store for them.


  • The first ability represents his ability to defend us from the worst enemy threat and give us the time necessary to be able to prepare a counterattack.
  • The second ability reminds us that he is a man of action and does not usually sit around waiting quietly and kindly in the back, if he is in the game it is to make a difference.
  • The third ability represents this Planeswalker's resolve and steadfastness. As long as he is by our side he will not allow the wicked to carry out their plans.

This version was hyped during spoiler season due to its third ability, which was apparently too good. It was thought that it would destroy the standard format. It became an important part of the standard, but the version that destroyed the standard format was another (more on that later.)

Hero of Akros Side

Hero of Akros Side

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Battle-Forged Side

Battle-Forged Side

3. Hero of Akros/Battle-Forged

In this double-sided card, we learn a lot about the character's background. In fact, we discover that his real name is Kytheon Iora, and he is a native of the plane of Theros. His name will be changed once he reaches Bant in order to be more easily pronounced.

Speaking of the character's lore, we see that his transformation occurs if we attack with three or more creatures—a reference to the Boros with which he will ally himself later.


The front of the card represents young Kytheon on the plane of Theros and is a great "White Winnie" card. White Winnie is the name by which white-based fast aggro decks are called. We can also see that he does not yet have 100% mastery of the hieromantic arts and therefore in order to use them we must pay them with a mana cost.

The back of the card instead represents a more mature version once it reaches Bant. Bant is currently on the plane of Alara.

  • The first ability is a minor version of the first ability printed on its first card. It is therefore a tribute to the first card.
  • The second ability represents his ability to work as a team with his companions and the ability to protect them from danger with his now much improved hieromantic arts.
  • The third ability, the ability to actively participate in the fight, is a link with the identity of the character and is represented in all its incarnations.
Gideon Blackblade

Gideon Blackblade

2. The Blackblade

In this card, we see our hero use the legendary Blackblade to replace the destroyed Sural on Amonkhet. The Sural is a whip-like blade and was Gideon's primary weapon for a long time. The Blackblade will therefore be the weapon that he will use in the final battle against Nicol Bolas on the plane of Ravnica, accompanied by the Guardians and his loyal Boros. To destroy Bolas, other characters and Planeswalkers will also join the battle.


In this version, the activated ability to become a creature will become a static ability. This represents both the ultimate refinement of the skill and the need to use it over and over again to survive the ever greater dangers.

  • The first ability is a tribute to the second ability of its Battle-Forged version. Symbolizes the utmost effort to aid comrades in battle.
  • The second ability is a tribute to the second ability of his first card but pushed to the extreme.

As we know, this is the latest version of Gideon Jura as he will sacrifice himself to save Liliana Vess's life. Is the character lost forever? Or is it possible that he manages to break free from the realm of Erebos?

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

1. Ally of Zendikar

The plane of Zendikar was extremely important to Gideon Jura, and this card represents the closing of a cycle. Finally, with their efforts, the Planeswalkers have succeeded in repelling the Eldrazi and will create oaths as Guardians. This marks a turning point in the storylines and opens up a narrative arc that ends with the defeat of Nicol Bolas.


  • The first ability merges it with the character's mechanical identity, making it a creature.
  • The second ability depicts him searching for allies to fight the Eldrazi and end their destruction of Zendikar.
  • The third ability depicts him in training troops for impending warfare.

The power level of this card is so high that it became the bane of the Standard format of the time. At that time, the mana bases were too efficient, and this allowed the birth of "Goodstuff" decks with the best cards of the format. Nothing could effectively oppose them.

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