Top 10 Cards for Your Dark Magician of Chaos Deck

Updated on October 11, 2019
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Dark Magician of Chaos
Dark Magician of Chaos

Dark Magician of Chaos in Yu-Gi-Oh

Having long resided on the banned list for his incredible powers, Dark Magician of Chaos has since been unbanned and is ready for tournament play. An upgrade on Yugi Moto's famous Dark Magician, Chaos wields a fierce 2800 ATK and lets you add a spell from your graveyard to your hand when normal or special summoned, a rare and valued magic recovery. Additionally, any monster he destroys in battle is banished rather than heading to the graveyard, preventing your opponent from reviving them or activating burial abilities.

As powerful as Dark Magician of Chaos is, this spellcaster needs two tributes to normal summon, meaning it's easier to field him with other gimmicks that don't require sacrifices and bolster him with various defenses. But with thousands of Magician and spellcaster supports available, which armaments reign supreme? These are 10 great cards you'll need for your Dark Magician of Chaos Yu-Gi-Oh deck list!

Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior
Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior

10. Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior

Type: Monster

Dragodies bears the warrior type, not spellcaster, but warriors and spellcasters often share supports (like "The A. Forces" card). Case in point: when this card in your monster zone is destroyed by your opponent's attack or card effect, during that end phase, you can add any spellcaster or warrior from your deck with 2000 or less ATK, except another copy of Dragodies. This can't pull Chaos, but it can easily search out many other awesome supports from one of two abundant types.

Additionally, Dragodies wields a pendulum scale of 2, making it a great choice for your low pendulum scale if you're aiming to pendulum summon Chaos (more on that strategy later), and lets you discard a card when your monster battles to halve your opponent's creature's ATK and DEF.

Dragodies also bears many synergies for blended decks; its 1500 ATK lets it be searched for by Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, its light attribute assists with other Chaos monsters who require both dark and light-attributed cards for their summon, and it can be both searched and fielded by the popular Empowerment spell. You've got plenty of options for your low-scale pendulum unit, and Dragodies serves as one of the best.

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Lemon Magician GirlMagician's Restage
Lemon Magician Girl
Lemon Magician Girl
Magician's Restage
Magician's Restage

9. Lemon Magician Girl

Type: Monster

The Magician Girl archetype works well with each other, so the more you play, the better they'll be. Lemon Magician Girl lets you once per turn tribute a Magician Girl with a different name to add any spellcaster from your deck to your hand, a great way to both stock your graveyard and add Chaos to hand.

Lemon also helps stall because (once per turn) when she's attacked, you can special summon a spellcaster from your hand with its effects negated, then switch the attack target to it and halve the ATK of your opponent's monster. Most opponents aren't dumb enough to attack when they see this ability, but even so, Lemon proves her worth by indefinitely slowing your foe's offensive.

Additionally, her low level of two works great with cards like Apprentice Magician and Magician's Restage, a continuous spell that can revive low-level spellcasters and search out other Magician spells we'll later see.

Magicians' Defense
Magicians' Defense

8. Magicians' Defense

Type: Trap

Here's a simple one. Magician's Defense halves all damage (including effect) you take as long as you control a spellcaster monster, drastically reducing your foe's battle and burn damage. Additionally, when Defense is sent from the field to the graveyard, you get to special summon any spellcaster from your graveyard, an awesome exit effect that trades one for one. This ability even triggers if you were the one who initiated Defense's destruction (perhaps with an effect like Malevolent Catastrophe).

Just remember that Dark Magician of Chaos exiles himself when he exits the field; Magicians' Defense works great at reviving him when he's been discarded or buried into the graveyard from the deck, but you'll have to revive other wizards if Chaos leaves after being fielded.

Chocolate Magician Girl
Chocolate Magician Girl

7. Chocolate Magician Girl

Type: Monster

Chocolate Magician Girl serves as one of the best spellcasters in the game. She's got a lukewarm 1600 ATK, but you can normal summon her without tributes and may (once per turn) discard a spellcaster monster to draw a card, filling your graveyard while replenishing your hand.

Also, once per turn, when Chocolate is targeted for an attack, you can special summon a spellcaster in your graveyard (except another Chocolate Magician Girl), then change the attack target to it and cut your opponent's monster's ATK in half. Once again, most opponents aren't dumb enough to attack when they see this ability, but if they're careless, you'll revive a powerful spellcaster and permanently slash your foe's ATK. A great card for any spellcaster deck, Chocolate would rank even higher if her attribute were dark instead of water.

Magician's Left Hand
Magician's Left Hand

6. Magician's Left Hand

Type: Spell

You've got multiple avenues for fielding Dark Magician of Chaos, but no matter how you do it, odds are good you'll be employing plenty of spellcasters. Put their monster type to good use with Magician's Left Hand, a continuous spell that negates and destroys the first trap your opponent activates each turn—as long as you control a spellcaster monster.

It's as simple as that. Protect your wizards and witches with Left Hand from nasty counters like Bottomless Trap Hole or Solemn Judgment. Left Hand also beautifully guards against one of the game's current top-tier traps, Evenly Matched, which can banish numerous cards of all types from your field. And to further detriment your adversary's options, combine Left Hand with...

Magician's Right Hand
Magician's Right Hand

5. Magician's Right Hand

Type: Spell

Right Hand works the same as Left, except this time it'll negate and destroy the first spell your opponent activates each turn as long as you control a spellcaster. Spells are more common than traps, and since some bear the quick-play status, you'll appreciate a barrier against them even on your turn.

Remember, pendulum cards activated as scales also count as spells, lending yet another benefit to Right Hand's negation prowess. And since both Left and Right Hand are spells themselves, even if they're destroyed or discarded, you can later recover them with Chaos's effect.

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Kai-Den Kendo SpiritKuro-Obi Karate Spirit
Kai-Den Kendo Spirit
Kai-Den Kendo Spirit
Kuro-Obi Karate Spirit
Kuro-Obi Karate Spirit

4. Kai-Den Kendo Spirit/Kuro-Obi Karate Spirit

Type: Monster

These cards share a slot because they're incredibly similar and both operate towards the same goal. Dark Magician of Chaos is a formidable warrior, but because he's level 8, he needs two tributes to normal summon, and most pendulum scales don't exceed 8, making him difficult to pendulum summon. Luckily, both Kai-Den and Kuro-Obi wield a scale of 9, a rare trait on cards that don't restrict you to summoning a specific archetype (like the higher scales of the Qli and Yosenju series).

Additionally, when at least one monster is pendulum summoned, Kai-Den and Kuro-Obi will each return to your hand, letting you swap them for other scales, tribute summon them, or simply reactivate them (adding extra spell counters to Jackal King, who we'll soon see).

Finally, as some of the best spirit monsters available, each will bounce back to your hand at the end phase of the turn they're normal summoned or flipped face-up, but they can destroy cards in your opponent's field based on the columns of your pendulum zones, so make sure to pay attention when setting your scales.

Dark Renewal
Dark Renewal

3. Dark Renewal

Type: Trap

Whether used in tangent with pendulum scales or as a substitute for them, Dark Renewal superbly helps field your deck's boss monster while also hindering your opponent. When they normal or special summon monster(s), you can activate Dark Renewal by sending one of the monsters they summoned and one spellcaster you control to their respective graveyards. After that, you can special summon a dark-attributed spellcaster from either your deck or graveyard.

Sure, you have to sacrifice a spellcaster to employ Renewal, but you're eliminating an opposing monster while pulling any dark spellcaster (including Dark Magician of Chaos) from either the deck or graveyard, a superb trait that accesses one of two areas and keeps your hand full. You can even revive the spellcaster you just sacrificed as long as it's dark; just remember that Chaos will banish itself once it leaves the field, so this extra combo won't work with him (but you'll likely want to tribute weaker monsters anyway).

Mythical Beast Jackal King
Mythical Beast Jackal King

2. Mythical Beast Jackal King

Type: Spell

Arguably the best card using the spell counter mechanic, Mythical Beast Jackal King excels as a monster and combos well with Chaos. If you're using a pendulum strategy to summon him, Jackal King's scale 4 can provide your low scale, and King can destroy itself while you have no other pendulum scales to special summon a different Mythical Beast pendulum monster (other than another copy of King) from your extra deck.

That's an okay pendulum ability, but the real treat lies in Jackal King's monster effects. Whenever a spell resolves (including your opponent's), Jackal King gains two spell counters, and you can once per turn remove two spell counters from anywhere on your field to negate and destroy an opposing monster when it activates its effect!

This awesome instant-speed ability makes it ridiculously difficult for your opponent to play their monsters, and since Dark Magician of Chaos recycles a spell when summoned, you should have plenty of magic cards to supply King. Finally, he shares Chaos's spellcaster type and dark attribute, superbly blending with Chaos's supports.

Chaos Scepter Blast
Chaos Scepter Blast

1. Chaos Scepter Blast

Type: Spell

Chaos Scepter Blast's only downside is its specific activation window: you can only trigger it while you control a face-up level 8 or higher spellcaster. Luckily, Dark Magician of Chaos fits this criterion, and when activated, Scepter Blast lets you banish any card on the field face-down, preventing graveyard recoveries and activating on either turn at instant speed. Additionally, when this card in your spell/trap zone is destroyed by an opponent's card effect, you can special summon a Dark Magician of Chaos or Magician of Black Chaos from your deck, ignoring its summoning conditions. Thus, even if you don't currently control Dark Magician of Chaos, Scepter Blast can trick your opponents into inadvertently pulling him from your deck.

Remember, when Dark Magician of Chaos is special summoned, you get to add a spell from your graveyard to your hand. Chaos Scepter either banishes an opposing unit or fields your ace and ensures his ability has a valid and useful target to recycle from your graveyard. I've used Scepter Blast to great effect in my Chaos decks, and best of all, it's a surprisingly cheap spell, costing less than five dollars!

Which card do you prefer?

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Future of Dark Magician of Chaos

With his card-banishing and spell-recovering traits plus an impressive ATK score, Dark Magician of Chaos remains one of dueling's best monsters. Thanks to the bountiful support members available for his spellcaster type and dark attribute, you have plenty of options to add your own unique flavor to your customized deck and catch your opponents off-guard with unexpected yet powerful combinations.

Considering his popularity, we'll undoubtedly see more Chaos supports in the future, but for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of dark spellcasters, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

© 2018 Jeremy Gill


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