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Top 6 Shining Pokémon: Neo Destiny Expansion

In between "Pokémon" journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

The Neo Destiny Set

Like many kids, I didn't even know how to play the TCG, I just enjoyed collecting and trading the cards. As an adult, I can better appreciate the strategic aspects of the game, and I still love to scour through cards and find the best of the best.

Recently, I stumbled upon the Neo Destiny expansion, which features both "Light" and "Dark" Pokémon, emphasizing how the creatures mirror the moralities of their Trainers. Feel free to examine the best of the Light or deadliest of the Dark, but today we're examining the unique "Shining" cards of Neo Destiny!

Evolution Stages

  • Basic Pokémon can be played from your hand as you like.
  • Stage 1 Pokémon are evolutions that must be played on a corresponding Basic Pokémon.
  • Stage 2 Pokémon are further evolutions to be played on corresponding Stage 1 Pokémon.
Shining Noctowl

Shining Noctowl

6. Shining Noctowl

Shining Pokémon are known for requiring multiple kinds of energy to fuel their attacks, making them somewhat difficult to use effectively. Still, Noctowl swoops in with a decent 60 HP.

Flashing Eyes (3 energy) Requires a Psychic, an Electric, and any other energy, and deals a moderate 30 damage. Then you flip 3 coins, and apply the following effect:

  • No Heads: No extra effect.
  • One Heads: Defending Pokémon falls asleep.
  • Two Heads: Defending Pokémon becomes Confused.
  • Three Heads: Defending Pokémon becomes Paralyzed.

Noctowl's resistance to Fighting and low Retreat cost cement it as one of the more playable Shining Pokémon.

Shining Celebi

Shining Celebi

5. Shining Celebi

A Basic Pokémon, Shining Celebi joins the fray without having to evolve (although to use all its attacks, it needs three different types of energy).

  • Healing Water (1 energy) Removes damage counters from one of your Benched Pokémon equal to the number Water Energy on Celebi; I just wish it could use this on itself.
  • Miracle Leaf (2 energy) Needs a Grass and Psychic energy. Nicks a wimpy 10 damage, then flip coins equal to the number of energy cards on the Defending Pokémon. Landing a single Heads lets you put them to sleep, Paralyze them, or Poison them—your choice!

Though he needs several types of energy, Celebi's ability to choose status conditions and freedom from evolution earn him points.

Shining Tyranitar

Shining Tyranitar

4. Shining Tyranitar

Shining Tyranitar has low HP for a Stage 2 at only 80, but suffers no weakness and brandishes a resistance to Psychic. His attacks are powerful, but again, you need three types of energy to use all of them.

  • Mountain Crush (3 energy) Cranks out 30 and lets you flip a coin until you get Tails. Each Heads discards a card from the top of your opponent's deck. With some good luck, this move can perform immense deck destruction to help secure a win.
  • Destructive Fire (4 energy) Blasts 50, but you must flip a coin for each Fire energy on Tyranitar. Every Heads makes you discard a Fire energy, but also lets you discard an energy from your opponent.
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Tyranitar's attacks show power, but most players face difficulty gathering the amounts of Dark, Fighting, and Fire energy to use them.

Shining Kabutops

Shining Kabutops

3. Shining Kabutops

Shining Kabutops also has 80, more impressive on a Stage 1. Though he's weak to Grass and has no resistance, let's examine his menacing attacks.

  • Lightning Cut (3 energy) Works wonders if you land a Heads. When you do, it bashes for 40, and also hits opposing Benched Pokémon for 10. Tails weakens the attack to 30, doesn't damage the Bench, and inflicts 10 to Kabutops.
  • Water Slash (4 energy) Slices for an impressive 50 damage. It'll also deal an extra 10 for each Water energy on Kabutops that isn't being used for the attack, and it ignores enemy Resistance, guaranteeing some gargantuan damage.

Kabutops dominates adversaries with his offense . . . when you're able to accumulate the needed Fighting, Electric, and Water Energy

Shining Raichu

Shining Raichu

2. Shining Raichu

Shining Raichu has average HP, at 70, and only one (expensive) attack, but you only need two types of energy for the impressive blow.

  • Thundersquall (4 energy) Hammers out 40 damage, then lets you deal 10 damage for each Water energy on Raichu, which should be at least two, considering you need that for the attack. At minimum, you're dealing 60 total, with potential to land more!

A great technique and low Retreat Cost ensure Raichu remains one of the best Shining Pokémon.

Shining Mewtwo

Shining Mewtwo

1. Shining Mewtwo

A Basic Pokémon with a considerable 70 HP, Shining Mewtwo has two potent moves:

  • Reflect Shield (2 energy) Flips a coin if your opponent deals damage to Mewtwo next turn. Get a Heads, and you not only prevent the damage, but also hit them for 20 on their own turn!
  • Psyburst (3 energy) Unfortunately forces you to discard a Fire energy but blasts for 40, plus an additional 10 for each energy on the Defending Pokémon!

Shining Mewtwo needs Electric and Fire energy in addition to Psychic, but only in small doses. Give him a shot to experience his stellar offense and defense, but remember his weakness to Psychic.

Shining Pokémon Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. There exists a Shining Zapdos in this set.
    • True
    • False
  2. The original Shining Pokémon cards, featured in a different set, were:
    • Lugia and Ho-Oh
    • Pikachu and Meowth
    • Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan
    • Magikarp and Gyarados
  3. Shining Charizard's one attack require Fire and what other type of energy?
    • Fighting
    • Electric
    • Water
    • Dark
  4. Which is an actual card in this set?
    • Shining Steelix
    • Shining Snorlax
    • Shining Scizor
    • Shining Smeargle
  5. Rather than Neo Destiny, the Japanese edition of this set was called..
    • Twin Futures
    • Branching Paths
    • Darkness, and to Light
    • Consequences of the Heart

Answer Key

  1. False
  2. Magikarp and Gyarados
  3. Electric
  4. Shining Steelix
  5. Darkness, and to Light

Interpreting Your Score

If you got between 0 and 1 correct answer: Whoops.

If you got between 2 and 3 correct answers: Not too shabby.

If you got 4 correct answers: Well done!

If you got 5 correct answers: Perfect, you know your TCG!

Your Vote

Hopefully today's list highlighted some awesome Pokémon and let old fans revisit classic cards.

Admittedly, Shining Pokémon are challenging to use because of their erratic energy costs, but I like their concept and art—I just think the payoff needs to be higher. Regardless, I'm crossing my fingers for future sets of them.

For now, feel free to vote for your favorite, and I'll see you at our next expansion countdown!

© 2017 Jeremy Gill

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