Top 10 FF10 Characters in the Final Fantasy Opus Trading Card Game

Updated on October 13, 2019
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What Is Final Fantasy Opus?

Opus simply refers to the latest and greatest Final Fantasy trading card game. Like any collectible card set, you buy booster packs, scour for the rare cards, and arrange your custom deck to be pitted against an opponent's.

Aging gamer like myself fondly remember the days where Final Fantasy could no wrong. Gamers of both Japan and America adored Final Fantasy 10, the first entry in the series to debut on the PlayStation 2, featuring better graphics and new voice acting. But does mixing video game heroes with a trading card format succeed? And which characters reign supreme?

Find out as we countdown the ten best Final Fantasy 10 trading cards! Check below for a brief overview of how to play or instead skip straight to the countdown. And here's a sneak peek of what made the list.

  • Rikku
  • Valefor
  • Yuna
  • Paine
  • Shuyin
  • Khimari
  • Tidus
  • Seymour
  • Paine
  • Tidus

Opus Rules Overview

Explaining the whole rulebook to the Final Fantasy tcg would take an entire article, but here's a brief summary to give you a basic idea of the game.

Opus reminds me of a cross between Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon's trading card game. Instead of Magic's land cards, you play "backup" characters to accumulate resources of different elements that access corresponding cards. These cards are either forwards or monsters, the main units who attack and block enemies, or summons, instant-play one-off effects. Each forward card has a "power" stat that acts as both their offense and health, and they "break" (are discarded) when suffering more damage in a single turn than their power.

Similar to Pokemon's Prize Cards, whenever a player receives damage, they discard the top card of their deck into their "damage zone", and players lose after taking seven hits. A variety of status conditions and special effects also appear, many of which we'll cover below.


10. Rikku

Crystal Point Cost: 2
Card Type/Element: Backup/Wind
Card Number: 5/33

Like many Wind cards, Rikku doesn't cost many crystal points, requiring only two. And like other backups, she enters the field dulled (tapped, as Magic players would say), but can later dull to provide a Wind crystal point.

Rikku also wields two abilities. Her first lets you spend a Wind crystal point and dull her to put the top card of your opponent's deck into their break zone. Her special ability, Mug, requires you to discard a Rikku card and pay the same costs as before, but now your opponent loses two cards from their deck and you draw one. These strategies work well in mill builds seeking to force a loss on your opponent by completely cycling through their deck. Plus, as we'll later see, Rikku enjoys many supporting cards in the category X (or 10, as I call it) set.


9. Valefor

Crystal Point Cost: 2
Card Type/Element: Summon/Wind
Card Number: 18/33

Here's another cheap Wind card, but Valefor serves as a summon, meaning he functions at instant speed and can be played in response to effects. Valefor simply deals 3000 damage to all forwards your opponent controls, a great way to finish off weakened blockers or attackers. Additionally, if you control a Yuna card, you activate (untap) all backups you control, letting you dull them for even more crystal points!

Finally, Valefor's ability counts as an EX Burst, meaning if Valefor happens to be the top card of your deck when you suffer damage from a direct attack (at this time, you place your top card into your break zone), you can trigger his ability for free!


8. Yuna

Crystal Point Cost: 5
Card Type/Element: Backup/Water
Card Number: 14/33

Speaking of Yuna, this rendition of the famous summoner acts as a high-cost backup. While she needs five crystal points, Yuna lets you choose an opposing forward and return it to your adversary's hand, forcing them to repay its costs if they want it fielded and make it wait a turn once out (unless it has haste) to attack again. This ability also counts as an EX Burst, helpfully triggering if Yuna is the top card when you take a hit.

She also gives you the option of removing from play a character that would be broken from the field, disabling your opponent from later recycling lost units. Finally, having Yuna out boosts the abilities of many other FF10 cards, but she excels even with just her own merits.


7. Paine

Crystal Point Cost: 3
Card Type/Element: Forward/Wind
Card Number: 27/33

FF 10-2 players will recognize Paine, although she's one of the weakest forwards in the game, wielding only 3000 power for three crystal points. However, when she enters the field, you can search your deck for either a Yuna or Rikku unit and add it to your hand. Since both Yuna and Rikku have multiple cards, this searches out a variety of support members, especially handy with Rikku considering she shares Paine's Wind element.

Once again, because this trait counts as an EX Burst, it'll activate if Paine happens to be the top card of your deck when you suffer damage, helping you initiate a comeback when the going gets tough. Ah, and don't worry about the "when Paine enters the field" rules text; EX Burst effects trigger as if the card had joined the fray.


6. Shuyin

Crystal Point Cost: 4
Card Type/Element: Backup/Water
Card Number: 22/33

Shuyin functions as a cheaper Yuna. For one less crystal point, Lenne's boyfriend returns an opposing forward to the hand, although this time the unit has to have three or less as their cost. Like Yuna's ability, this ability can activate as an EX Burst.

Choosing Yuna or Shuyin really depends on your crystal point generation and whether your deck contains Yuna-support cards. If not, you may want to opt for Shuyin—even-valued crystal point costs are easier to attain since Opus lets you discard a card of the same element (Water in this case) to gain two crystal points of that element.


5. Khimari

Crystal Point Cost: 4
Card Type/Element: Forward/Earth
Card Number: 8/33

Like many Earth units, Khimari arrives as a sturdy 8000-power warrior. Beyond his impressive strength, Khimari's Ronso Rage ability lets him copy an opposing forward's special ability (ones that have the "S" symbol) until the end of the turn. He can then cast that ability once without paying its cost!

This is a formidable and versatile tactic that throws your opponent's strategies back at them. As an additional bonus, you can even play the duplicated ability multiple times in a single turn—only the first usage is free, but you're welcome to activate it again if you can pay the corresponding costs.


4. Tidus

Crystal Point Cost: 4
Card Type/Element: Forward/Water
Card Number: 13/33

One of the simplest and most succinct cards available, Tidus also enters as a four-cost 8000-power guardian. His ability increases the power of all water forwards you control until the end of turn by 1000 whenever he attacks, not only boosting himself to a daunting 9000 but also slightly upping your other aquatic warriors.

Since the FF10 set heavily features the Water element, Tidus strengthens many of its key units; luckily, his ability will work on all water forwards regardless of which game they stem from.


3. Seymour

Crystal Point Cost: 4
Card Type/Element: Backup/Lightning
Card Number: 10/33

While I'm still waiting for the FF5-FF10 combo card of Seymour Butz, in the meantime regular ole' Seymour will have to do. While he's pricey compared to most backups, his brutal effect breaks a forward of cost three or less when he enters the field.

With this, you gain a unit that will soon dull for extra crystal points while your opponent loses one of their warriors. Seymour also works well outside his category 10 home in other sets more-heavily populated with Lightning cards.


2. Paine

Crystal Point Cost: 4
Card Type/Element: Forward/Wind
Card Number: 19/33

Pay attention to this Paine's card number when shopping to ensure you don't get her multiple renditions confused. 7000 power for just three crystal points already justifies Paine's inclusion, but she also activates abilities depending on which of her fellow Gullwing members you control. If you have Yuna fielded, you draw a card, and if you have Rikku, you can activate up to three backups you control.

Extra cards can either be fielded or discarded for crystal points, and activated backups can dull for crystal points. When you take these factors into account, casting Paine can actually gain you more crystals than you spent to play her!


1. Tidus

Crystal Point Cost: 6
Card Type/Element: Forward/Water
Card Number: 23/33

Similarly to the secret-rare Cloud card of the FF7 set, Tidus costs six whole crystal points, but his price can be reduced by one for each FF10 forward you control. This often lets you play a 9000-power beatstick for three or four crystal points. Additionally, if you control a Yuna card, Tidus gains the brave trait, letting him attack without dulling (called "vigilance" in Magic), and if your forward Yuna is ever sent from the field to the break zone, you immediately draw two cards.

What's not to love? High power, reduced costs, extra traits, and bonus cards. And since Yuna shares the Water element with Tidus, you can easily construct a deck list incorporating both.

Future of Opus

Final Fantasy has endured its ups and downs. While it isn't the definitive king of role-playing video games like it used to be, the series maintains a strong following and is working hard to regain its former glory. My initial impressions of Opus have been mostly positive, and I definitely recommend checking it out, especially to gamers who want to test the waters of trading card games but are intimidated by the many thousands of cards in, say, Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh. Give it a shot and see what you think!

But for now, as we eagerly await the next expansion set of Opus, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next FF countdown!

Which card do you prefer?

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