Top 10 Fused Cards in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on May 20, 2018
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Fused Split Spells in Magic

Fuse cards, also called split spells, are unique two-sided cards that allow you to play one or both sides of the spell. Each side has a separate mana cost, meaning you may only be able to afford one half of the spell, but if you have the necessary mana, you can play both at once for a powerful fused package that packs a potent punch. Most halves belong to different colors, lending advantages to multicolored decks.

Fused spells work well thanks to their versatility, and since they count as a single card, they give you access to different strategies with a single draw. But with dozens of impressive options to choose from, which fuse cards are worth casting These are the ten best split spells in Magic: The Gathering!

Profit // Loss
Profit // Loss

10. Profit // Loss

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 5 (2 and 3)

White-colored Profit costs three mana while black spell Loss demands two, seizing a total of five if you cast both. Profit simply increases the power and toughness of all your creatures by +1/+1 for the turn while Loss reduces the stats of opponent's creatures by -1/-1 for the turn.

The mana costs are a bit pricey considering the effects are minute and temporary, but they affect all creatures each player controls, which can really add up on full fields. And since both halves are instants, you can catch foes off-guard with a lightning-speed reaction in any phase or turn.

Give // Take
Give // Take

9. Give // Take

CMC: 6 (3 and 3)

This green/blue blend (possibly my favorite color mix) places three +1/+1 counters on a target creature with Give. If you also cast Take, you remove as many +1/+1 counters from a creature you control as possible, then draw that many cards.

Again, the mana prices here are a bit higher than desired, but the two halves work well together, and since many green creature types (especially hydras) combo with +1/+1 counters, Give's strengthening effect functions extra well in the right build. Sadly, these two are sorceries, not instants, so be sure to play on them on a main phase while you can.

Protect // Serve
Protect // Serve

8. Protect // Serve

CMC: 5 (3 and 2)

These cards are about as simple as you can get, but sometimes simple effects work best. White Protect grants a target creature a meaty +2/+4 for the turn, upping its power and dramatically increasing its toughness, while blue Serve reduces a target creature's power by six (-6/-0) for the turn.

A formidable boost for one of your monsters and a severe weakening of an opponent's is more than reasonable for five mana, especially since the cards operate at instant speed rules, letting your unit prevail in a battle your opponent expected to win.

Flesh // Blood
Flesh // Blood

7. Flesh // Blood

CMC: 7 (5 and 2)

Playing both halves of Flesh and Blood requires a total of three colors (black and green for Flesh, green and red for Blood), but you'll often opt to just cast Blood. For only two mana, you get to have a target creature you control deal damage to target creature or player equal to its power. If you're using legendary gargantuan beasts like Worldspine Wurm or the eldrazi series, this can land double-digit damage, and the ability to hit either your opponent or one of their champions adds versatility.

Flesh doesn't impress as much, but having additional; options available always helps. For five mana, this sorcery exiles a creature from any graveyard, then you place X +1/+1 counters on a target creature, where X is the power of the exiled card. Not typically as useful as Blood, but it removes a foe from the graveyard, preventing your opponent from reviving them, while strengthening one of your heroes.

Breaking // Entering
Breaking // Entering

6. Breaking // Entering

CMC: 8 (2 and 6)

Here's another fused spell where you'll need three total colors for both halves. Blue and black Breaking simply has a target player send the top eight cards of their library (deck) to the graveyard. When affecting you, this can be used to stock your discard pile with a heap of cards ready to be reborn and attains the "threshold" requirement of certain spells by having seven cards discarded. When applied to your opponent, this quickly cycles through their deck and works superbly in mill builds intending to force a loss by having them run out of cards.

Black and red Entering is rather expensive at six mana, but it puts a creature from any graveyard onto the field under your control while giving it haste, letting it attack or tap the turn it arrives. While expensive, the effect works nicely since the card serves you permanently (not just for the turn), can act immediately, and Breaking's effect should ensure you have many tempting options to summon from the graveyard.

Turn // Burn
Turn // Burn

5. Turn // Burn

CMC: 5 (3 and 2)

Blue and red remains another personal favorite mashup with several powerful cards. Case in point: blue Turn morphs a target creature into a 0/1 weird-type monster who loses all abilities for the turn (no pun intended). This reduces your foe's best combatant into a helpless pipsqueak, easily letting you bypass them; try to kill them before they transform back.

Red Burn simply deals two damage to any target creature or player. While this isn't as effective or cost-efficient as similar cards like the infamous Lightning Bolt, it's still a respectable effect to have ready and works well for destroying foes weakened by Turn. Finally, both halves are instants and can be played at any time.

Armed // Dangerous
Armed // Dangerous

4. Armed // Dangerous

CMC: 6 (2 and 4)

Here's another fused card where one half, Armed, seduces much more than other. Armed only needs red mana and grants a target creature +1/+1 and the rare double-strike trait for the turn. Extra power and toughness are always welcome, especially when double-strike lets the unit deal damage twice when swinging, meaning the extra +1/+1 will really function as +2/+2.

Dangerous requires a fair chunk of green mana to utilize and forces all creatures your opponent controls to block a target creature you control for the turn. This can goad defensive foes into unwanted battle, and while it's not the most efficient spell, it's a nice bonus to use if you happen to possess extra mana.

Far // Away
Far // Away

3. Far // Away

CMC: 5 (2 and 3)

Here's some info on blue: it excels at removing creatures by returning them to the hand—not destroying them. While this potentially lets your opponent recast removed cards, it bypasses some defenses (like indestructible) and forces foes to repay mana casts as well as deal with summoning sickness yet again. Blue's Far spell does just this, returning a target creature to the hand. This can be be any player's creature; in rare cases, you may want to play it on one of your own units, adding even more versatility.

Black's Away costs a bit more mana at three and forces a target player to sacrifice a unit. This also bypasses indestructible as well as protection, and unlike Far, the unit isn't returned to hand, making it difficult to reuse them. Two great removals pressed into one tantalizing bundle, made even more so with their quick-play instant spell type.

Ready // Willing
Ready // Willing

2. Ready // Willing

CMC: 6 (3 and 3)

Here's an excellent split spell with two worthy halves. Ready needs three total green and white mana and bestows all creatures you control with indestructible for the turn. Additionally, you immediately untap all your creatures, ensuring they can make use of their newfound invulnerability. This also works well for untapping mana-producers like Llanowar Elves and acquiring unholy amounts of mana at once.

Speaking of unholy, black and white Willing also needs three mana and grants all creatures you control deathtouch (letting them kill opposing units in battle regardless of power) and lifelink (letting any damage dealt also heal you for a corresponding amount). Two great card halves with two great effects each, especially since both can be cast at instant speed.

Wear // Tear
Wear // Tear

1. Wear // Tear

CMC: 3 (2 and 1)

As mentioned previously, sometimes simple really is best. Red Wear and White Tear provide uncomplicated but potent effects, and casting both halves only needs three mana. Wear takes two and destroys a target artifact; Tear uses one and destroys a target enchantment.

Both halves would be viable on their own, and being able to play them together really cements their competitive status. Enchantments and artifacts are encountered in just about every deck; being able to destroy one or two with a single spell at a low price removes multiple obstacles in one fell swoop and makes this a no-brainer for my red/white builds. If you're still not convinced, remember that like many fused spells, these are both instants and can activate at any time. I highly recommend them for any Mountains/Plains blend, especially since you can snag them for around a dollar on Amazon.

Which card do you prefer?

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Future of Split Spells

Hopefully these fierce duos will lend your multicolored decks an unpredictable advantage to help you triumph in any match. With fuse, flip, and transform cards available, Magic knows how to keep players engaged with unique two-for-one effects, and we'll undoubtedly see more formidable blends in the future. In particular, we'll later cover the "aftermath" spells, which are basically fuse cards where the second half must activate from the graveyard.

But for now, as we eagerly await Magic's next double-sided booster expansion set, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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        I just love how great the name combinations are.


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