Top 10 Fused Cards in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on October 13, 2019
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Fused Split Spells in Magic

Fuse or fused cards, also called split spells, possess two sides that allow you to play one or both halves. Each has a separate mana cost, meaning you might only afford one piece, but if you have the necessary mana, you can play both at once for a devastating fused package. The halves also belong to two and sometimes three different colors, lending their strength only to multifaceted decks.

Fused spells excel thanks to their versatility, and since they count as a single card, you only need to draw them once. But with dozens of impressive options to choose from, which fused cards are worth casting? These are the 10 best split spells in Magic: The Gathering!

Beck // Call
Beck // Call

10. Beck // Call

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 8 (2 and 6)

Beck mixes blue and green to let you draw whenever a creature enters the field that turn, a nice way to reward swarms. This triggers even with opposing creatures, like the tokens granted to an adversary with "Dowsing Dagger."

Meanwhile, Call is expensive, but bestows four 1/1 bird tokens with flying. While they're weak, they make nice throwaway blockers and drastically empower Beck when cast simultaneously.

Flesh // Blood
Flesh // Blood

9. Flesh // Blood

CMC: 7 (5 and 2)

Playing both halves of this spell requires a total of three colors, but you'll often opt to just cast Blood. For only two mana, a creature you control deals its power as damage to any target. If you're using gargantuan beasts like "Worldspine Wurm" or the eldrazi series, this can land double-digit damage, and the ability to hit either your opponent or one of their champions adds versatility.

For five mana, Flesh exiles a creature from any graveyard, then you place X +1/+1 counters on a target creature, where X is the power of the exiled card. Not typically as useful as Blood, but it strengthens your monster while banishing a foe from the graveyard, preventing your opponent from reviving them.

Armed // Dangerous
Armed // Dangerous

8. Armed // Dangerous

CMC: 6 (2 and 4)

Armed only needs red mana and grants a target creature +1/+1 and the rare double strike trait for the turn. Extra power and toughness are always welcome, especially when double strike lets the unit deal damage twice when swinging, meaning the extra +1/+1 effectively functions as +2/+2.

Dangerous requires a fair chunk of green mana and forces all opposing creatures to block a target that turn. This can goad defensive foes into unwanted battle, a nice bonus when you happen to possess extra mana.

Catch // Release
Catch // Release

7. Catch // Release

CMC: 9 (3 and 6)

Catch is the real, well, catch here, stealing control of any permanent (not necessarily a creature) for the turn, granting it haste, and untapping it. Not a bad deal for just three mana.

Release isn't as tempting, needing six mana and forcing every player (including you) to sacrifice an artifact, creature, land, enchantment, and planeswalker. Still, if you lean towards only one or two of these types, you'll only lose a few spells while opponents who possess one of each will forfeit numerous.

Breaking // Entering
Breaking // Entering

6. Breaking // Entering

CMC: 8 (2 and 6)

Another tri-colored entry, Breaking simply mills the top eight cards from a deck into the graveyard. When affecting you, this can be used to stock your discard pile with cards to later revive; when applied to an opponent, it edges them closer to a deck-out loss.

Entering is rather costly at six mana, but it puts a creature from any graveyard onto the field under your control while giving it haste, letting it attack or tap the turn it arrives. While expensive, the card serves you permanently (not just for the turn), can act immediately, and Breaking's effect ensures you'll have many tempting targets to select from.

Ready // Willing
Ready // Willing

5. Ready // Willing

CMC: 6 (3 and 3)

Both halves of this split spell impress; it's often worth saving for both traits. Green and white Ready bestows all your creatures with indestructible for the turn and untaps them, ensuring they can make use of their newfound invulnerability. This also works well for untapping mana-producers like "Priest of Titania" and acquiring unholy amounts of mana at once.

Speaking of unholy, black and white Willing also needs three mana and grants all creatures you control deathtouch (letting them kill opposing units in battle regardless of power) and lifelink (letting damage heal you for a corresponding value). Two great card halves with impressive effects, both of which can be cast at instant speed.

Turn // Burn
Turn // Burn

4. Turn // Burn

CMC: 5 (3 and 2)

Blue and red remains a personal favorite duo, and this fusion doesn't disappoint. Turn morphs a target creature into a 0/1 weird-type monster who loses all abilities for the turn (no pun intended). This reduces your foe's best combatant into a helpless pipsqueak; try to kill them before they transform back.

Burn simply deals two damage to any target creature or player. While this isn't as effective as similar removals like the infamous "Lightning Bolt," it's still a respectable effect that works well for destroying foes weakened by Turn. As icing on the cake, both halves are instants that can be played at any time.

Toil // Trouble
Toil // Trouble

3. Toil // Trouble

CMC: 6 (3 and 3)

This dual-sided sorcery needs only two total colors, making it available to several themes. Toil has any player draw twice and lose two life, offering a more expensive but less mana-restricted "Sign in Blood." Trouble deals damage to a player equal to the number of cards in their hand.

Both are sweet mid-game effects, and Trouble offers a great counter against hand-stocking blue structures. You can use Toil to have an opponent draw and thus lose more life with Trouble, but often you'll want those extra cards for yourself, meaning these two aren't as dependent on each other as most partnered spells.

Far // Away
Far // Away

2. Far // Away

CMC: 5 (2 and 3)

Far offers a nice removal, returning a creature to the hand; you can even pick your own unit to later reactivate an entrance effect. While your opponent can potentially recast the target, Far bypasses defenses like indestructible and forces foes to repay mana costs and wait for summoning sickness to fade.

Away costs a bit more mana and forces a target player to sacrifice a unit. This bypasses both indestructible and protection, and unlike Far, the unit isn't returned to hand, making it difficult to reuse them. Two great removals in one, I'm fond of utilizing this blend in Dimir themes, especially since the spell is surprisingly cheap, costing well under a single dollar!

Wear // Tear
Wear // Tear

1. Wear // Tear

CMC: 3 (2 and 1)

Sometimes simple really is best. Red Wear and White Tear provide uncomplicated but potent effects, and casting both halves only needs three mana. Wear simply shatters an artifact; Tear annihilates an enchantment.

Both halves would be viable on their own, and being able to play them together really cements their competitive status. Enchantments and especially artifacts are encountered in just about every deck; being able to destroy one or two with a single spell at instant speed severely punishes your opponent's supporters.

Which card do you prefer?

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Future of Split Spells

These fierce duos will lend your multicolored decks an unpredictable advantage, offering single effects in the mid-game or combined duos for the late. You can also try flip and transform cards for more blended two-for-one abilities.

Wizards of the Coast knows how to keep players engaged with engaging new card types, but for now, as we eagerly await their next double-sided expansion set, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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      19 months ago

      I just love how great the name combinations are.


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