Top 10 Non-Legendary Green Creatures in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on October 15, 2019
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Non-Legendary Green Creatures in Magic

Of the five hues presented in Magic: The Gathering, green focuses most on creatures and mana-ramp, letting you accumulate resources quickly to spend on towering behemoths. But with hundreds of cards to browse, hidden gems are often overshadowed by the famous legendary creatures, especially considering they qualify as commanders in commander format.

To remedy this, today we'll tackle the 10 best non-legendary green creatures in Magic!

Carnage Tyrant
Carnage Tyrant

10. Carnage Tyrant

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 6

For a fair chunk of mana, Tyrant arrives with seven power, six toughness (7/6), and three great abilities:

  • Cannot be countered (a sweet defense against blue)
  • Trample (deals excess damage to opponent if blocked)
  • Hexproof (cannot be targeted by opponents for effects)

Combining battle strength with useful abilities (not to mention amusing flavor text), Carnage Tyrant easily rends through most foes. Plus, thanks to the Ixalan set, dinosaur-type creatures have received many new support options.

Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise

9. Birds of Paradise

CMC: 1

Undoubtedly one of the best ramp machines in the entire game, BoP only requires a single mana pop to cast. After its initial summoning sickness wears off, it can tap each turn to provide any color of mana!

Even if you're going mono-green, Birds still harbors an advantage over other rampers: it has flying (a rare trait for green), letting it block an aerial attack. Birds of Paradise may be simple, but its almost non-existent cost and versatile effects make it a no-brainer for any green deck.

Moldgraf Monstrosity
Moldgraf Monstrosity

8. Moldgraf Monstrosity

CMC: 7

A prime example of green's formidable creatures is the monstrosity that is, well, Moldgraf Monstrosity. Though it demands a hefty seven mana, Moldgraf arrives as an 8/8 juggernaut with trample and a superb ability: when it dies, you exile Moldgraf and randomly return two creatures from your graveyard to the field!

Moldgraf's effect means even when it's gone, it keeps you in the game by supplying you with two other minions.

Tip: Don't overlook the availability of cards like Norwood Priestess and Defense of the Heart to help gimmick expensive creatures such as Moldgraf onto the field.

Oracle of Mul Daya
Oracle of Mul Daya

7. Oracle of Mul Daya

CMC: 4

Like many green cards, Mul Daya bears the elf subtype, a useful trait to stack with elf-based effects. However, its fantastic abilities stand on their own. First, you're able to play an additional land each turn, potentially doubling your mana acceleration. Then, you play with the top card of your deck revealed, and can use it without drawing if it's a land!

Mul Daya not only helps you place your valuable lands onto the field faster, it saves you the burden of having to draw them at all. Just be careful to keep its puny 2/2 self out of combat.

Karametra's Acolyte
Karametra's Acolyte

6. Karametra's Acolyte

CMC: 4

If you're mono-green, you want this amazing ramp card. Like Mul Daya, you'll spend four mana on it, and Acolyte thankfully arrives with a bit more toughness. She's not an elf, but is a druid, still qualifying for several subtype-specific effects.

Still, the main benefit Acolyte offers is tapping to add mana equal to your devotion to green. Devotion means the numbers of green symbols in the mana costs of cards you control; at the very minimum, you'll be gaining one from Acolyte herself, and you can often acquire figures of ten or more!

A stupendous ramper, consider combining Acolyte with cards like Lightning Greaves to provide her with haste, letting her tap the turn she arrives.

Kalonian Hydra
Kalonian Hydra

5. Kalonian Hydra

CMC: 5

Kalonian here showcases one of several potent hydra cards green commands. For five mana, it arrives as . . . a 0/0? Well, not really, because it immediately gains four +1/+1 counters upon arrival, essentially serving as a 4/4.

Alongside the ever-useful trample trait, Kalonian's terrific ability doubles the amount of +1/+1 counters on your creatures when it attacks! In addition to boosting your other allies, you'll soon see Kalonian hit terrifying heights of 32/32 and more.

Stonehoof Chieftain
Stonehoof Chieftain

4. Stonehoof Chieftain

CMC: 8

A costly beast, Stonehoof demands a fair chunk of resources to cast; definitely consider those creature-gimmicks. Luckily, his expense pays off with three fantastic powers:

  • Trample
  • Indestructible (is not destroyed by damage!)
  • Whenever your other creatures attack, they gain trample and indestructible until end of turn

An absolute nightmare to face, Stonehoof's own 8/8 invincible form already makes opponents sweat, and he passes on his abilities to your other monsters when they strike, ensuring your army survives their assault.

Primordial Hydra
Primordial Hydra

3. Primordial Hydra

CMC: 2

For Primordial Hydra, you spend two mana plus an additional value equal to X, a number of your choosing. The higher the better, as Primordial enters the field with +1/+1 counters equal to X.

However, Primordial automatically doubles its counters at the start of your turns, and gains trample once it hits ten! Whether you cast it with one or ten counters, it'll soon multiply its own strength to unholy amounts.

In short, this hydra's a potent ally that adapts to suit your current mana production.

Sylvan Primordial
Sylvan Primordial

2. Sylvan Primordial

CMC: 7

A card powerful enough to be banned in commander format, Sylvan Primordial needs seven mana, but easily justifies its price. It arrives as a mighty 6/8, has reach (letting it block flying attackers), and wields a great ability: When it enters the field, for each opponent, you destroy a non-creature card they control. Then, for each card destroyed, search your deck for a forest and place it tapped onto the field.

Primordial not only serves as non-creature removal, it buffs your future mana by placing forests into your domain. The card functions better in multiplayer matches, but warrants its cost even in one-on-one games.

Primeval Titan
Primeval Titan

1. Primeval Titan

CMC: 6

Another card banned in commander, Primeval Titan enters as a powerful 6/6 with awesome traits. It brandishes trample and places two tapped basic lands from your deck onto the battlefield both when it enters and whenever it attacks! Even if Titan is destroyed with an instant, you'll still have searched for and prepared two lands. If it survives long enough to attack a few times, you'll soon gather the required mana to apply game-winning cards like Omnath, Locus of Mana or the Eldrazi series.

Besides its awe-inspiring land abilities, gotta love Titan's hilarious flavor text: "When nature calls, run."

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As impressive as legendary creatures are, you can only control one of each at a time. These monsters bear no such restrictions while possessing the strength you'd expect from their legendary counterparts.

Speaking of which, check out the best legendary green creatures! But first, vote for your favorite entry, and I'll see you at our next card countdown!

Questions & Answers

  • What do you think of Worldspine Wurmn from Magic: The Gathering? Its 15/15 stats, trample, and split into three 5/5 units when destroyed are pretty powerful.

    It is definitely a strong card; however, remember that Wurm costs eleven total mana. Plus, even if you gimmick it to the field with free creature effects, opponents can circumvent its exit ability by bouncing or exiling it, both of which avoid the token creatures.

    Not that Worldspine isn't great; it's certainly a green powerhouse, but its high cost and preventable tokens put some chinks in its armor.

  • Why not have Tireless Tracker on this list? At 3 cmc it is easily one of the most powerful low cost green cards in all but tribal decks. It has proven itself a truly dangerous card for any given format, and is a threat at every tier of commander. I don’t find Moldgraf Monstrosity to hold the same weight as it. It pairs well with every card on this list, and can swing games in your favor if left unchecked.

    You're right, Tiresless Tracker is a potent card. But with only ten slots and thousands of creatures, some gems inevitably get left behind. If it helps, you might Tracker if I ever do a follow-up countdown!

© 2018 Jeremy Gill


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    • AlexisG profile image


      2 years ago

      One of my decks had a Sylvan Primordial in it. It was a fun one to play with.


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