Top 6 White Commanders in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on March 1, 2018
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Commanders in Magic

Commander format provides an exciting alternative playstyle for Magic The Gathering fantatics.. In it, players pick one legendary creature (some Planeswalkers work as well) to serve as their Commander, a card available throughout the match. Additionally, decks consists of a whopping 100 cards, with only one copy of each card (besides basic lands) allowed per deck, and players can only harness the colors of their Commander.

Commander's one-per-deck condition diversifies matches, ensuring there's always something new with each draw. Today we'll examine six awesome mono-white Commanders for anyone looking to harness the powers of steadfast armies!

6. Brimaz, King of Oreskos

Starting things off, Brimaz enters the fray for only 3 mana, an excellent bargain for his 3 Power and 4 Toughness. He also has Vigilance, allowing him to attack and still be able to block the next turn.

Even better, whenever he attacks or blocks, you'll obtain a 1/1 Cat token with Vigilance, allowing you to overwhelm your opponents with sheer numbers. Give the King of Oreskos and try and see if his powers work for you.

Heliod, God of the Sun
Heliod, God of the Sun

5. Heliod, God of the Sun

Heliod costs 4 mana, another great deal considering he's a 5/6. Even better, he's indestructible, making him irritatingly difficult to remove from the battle. As if that weren't enough, Heliod grants other creatures you control Vigilance, and lets you spend 4 mana to put a 2/1 token on the field.

Heliod provides several boons for his low price, but keep in mind that he doesn't count as a creature until your devotion to White is at least 5 (you have 5 or more white symbols in the mana costs of permanents you control). Until then, he won't be able to attack or block.

Iona, Shield of Emeria
Iona, Shield of Emeria

4. Iona, Shield of Emeria

Iona's a risky venture. She requires a staggering 9 mana to play, and she isn't indestructible (saving some cards to regenerate her would be wise). Still, she wields a monumental ability: playing her lets you choose a color of spell that your opponent can't cast.

This absolutely decimates mono-colored decks, and still greatly hampers multi-colored ones. Plus, she's a 7/7 and has Flying (this prevents non-Flyers from blocking her). Iona is an amazing force.. if you can play and protect her.

Nahiri, the Lithomancer
Nahiri, the Lithomancer

3. Nahiri, the Lithomancer

Nahiri's one of few Planeswalkers who can serve as your Commander. For 5 mana, she enters with 3 loyalty. Adding 2 loyalty lets her place a 1/1 token on the field and attach an equipment you control to it for free. Subtracting 2 loyalty allows you to place an equipment from your hand or graveyard on the field.

But take a look at her last ability. Subtracting 10 loyalty creates an amazing, indestructible equipment token that gives the creature it's attached to +5/+5 and Double Strike (basically, they inflict double damage). In short, Nahiri works excellently for equipment decks and is a blast to play.

2. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Elesh burns through a substanial 7 mana to cast, but has some impressive traits. First, it's pretty tough at 4/7, and has Vigilance, enabling many attacks and blocks. Then, it has two simple yet potent effects: one boosts your other creatures by 2/2, and the other weakens your foes by 2/2.

This means any monsters your opponents controls are weakened (and outright eliminated if the Toughness decrease makes it hit zero) and have to contend with your bolstered forces. Do your best to keep this pricey and formidable Commander alive.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Avacyn, Angel of Hope

1. Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Another expensive leader, Avacyn demands 8 mana to play. But get her out, and watch as your opponents anger. Avacyn is an 8/8 with Flying, Vigilance, and an Indestructible effect. That's great; however, she also makes all your other permanents indestructible. Lands, creatures, enchantments, artifacts, everything.

Your opponent better have something to remove Avacyn from the game fast (and the mana to cast it), or they'll soon face defeat at the hands of an invincible army.

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We've examined many awesome White commanders today; White possesses a plethora of stupendous mono-colored leaders, and presented a challenge narrowing the list to just six. Feel free to vote for your favorite of today's assortment, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

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