Top 10 Xyz Monster Support Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh

Updated on October 14, 2019
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Xyz Summoning in Yu-Gi-Oh

Players have greatly savored the black-backgrounded xyz cards since their Yu-Gi-Oh debut. Bearing ranks rather than levels, these monsters brandish powerful effects by spending the xyz materials used to summon them and have maintained a surprisingly high presence within the game even after the introduction of newer pendulum and link summons.

So, how can you best bolster and strengthen your sleek monsters? Here are the top ten xyz support cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Cat Shark
  2. Stoic Challenge
  3. Xyz Territory
  4. Shining Hope Road
  5. Dreamland
  6. Xyz Revenge
  7. Tachyon Chaos Hole
  8. Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force
  9. Message in a Bottle
  10. Xyz Reborn

Cat Shark
Cat Shark

10. Cat Shark

Type: Monster

A monster designed to buff its xyz brethren, Cat Shark here accepts any two level 2 monsters as material. That said, the card works best if at least one of the materials is water-attributed, granting Shark immunity to battle destruction!

Either way, Shark wields an impressive effect: by using one of its materials, it can double the ATK and DEF of a rank 4 or lower xyz monster until the end of the turn. This can activate on either turn, making your opponent think twice before assaulting your team, and letting you overwhelm them with your rank 4 monsters bearing 4000 or more ATK!

Stoic Challenge
Stoic Challenge

9. Stoic Challenge

Type: Spell

Stoic Challenges offers incredible power—for a price. The downsides are that the xyz monster it equips to cannot activate its effect, and will be destroyed when Stoic leaves the field, which it automatically does (sending itself to the graveyard) at the end of your opponent's next turn.

However, Stoic raises your monster's ATK by 600 for each material attached to any of your xyz monsters! Not only that, your opponent takes double battle damage when their monster battles the card Stoic affects. In short, Stoic will soon destroy its recipient, but there's a strong chance you'll have won the duel by then.

Xyz Territory
Xyz Territory

8. Xyz Territory

Type: Spell

A field spell, Xyz Territory lets xyz monsters gain 200 ATK and DEF times their rank when they battle other monsters. Your rank 4 cards gain an impressive 800, your rank 10s gain an unholy 2000, and so on. Additionally, Territory can prevent its own destruction by detaching a material from an xyz monster you control, making it annoyingly difficult to remove.

The card's biggest downside is that its effects apply to your opponent as well as yourself; hopefully, their build relies less on xyz summoning than yours.

Shining Hope Road
Shining Hope Road

7. Shining Hope Road

Type: Spell

To play this card, your extra deck must contain at least one Utopia xyz monster; luckily, several potent options are available. Shining Hope Road revives three monsters from your graveyard, then immediately merges them in a Utopia or Utopic xyz summon. Note that you cannot special summon other monsters the turn you play it.

That's a small price to pay for getting an xyz monster with three materials (most start with only two) in just one card. Utopia monsters fit into just about any deck; see one for yourself in my xyz monster countdown!


6. Dreamland

Type: Spell

A continuous spell that applies different effects depending on the types of monsters anywhere on the field, Dreamland offers a particularly tantalizing effect with xyz monsters out: at the end of your turn, the monster with the highest level is destroyed. Since xyz monsters have ranks in the place of levels, they'll automatically be spared, letting Dreamland consistently strike your opponent's high-level creatures!

Add in the sweet effects for fusion and synchro monsters, and Dreamland tempts many a duelist.

Xyz Revenge
Xyz Revenge

5. Xyz Revenge

Type: Spell

The gamble you take with this card is that your opponent employs at least one xyz monster in their deck. Luckily, most do, and Revenge lets you revive an xyz monster from your graveyard, stealing a material from an opposing xyz monster to attach to it.

A simultaneous monster summon and opposing-debuff, Xyz Revenge rewards players willing to take a chance on their adversary's build.

Tachyon Chaos Hole
Tachyon Chaos Hole

4. Tachyon Chaos Hole

Type: Trap

I typically avoid archetype-specific cards in countdowns because they can only benefit certain monsters, but this one offers too much power to ignore. When a Galaxy xyz monster you control is destroyed by either battle or an opponent's card effect, you may activate the insane ability of Tachyon Chaos Hole: destroy all faceup opposing cards, then banish them!

This removes continuous spells, continuous traps, and monsters, banishing them to add insult to injury (which nullifies the chance of graveyard recovery). As if this weren't enough, Tachyon wields a second effect when it's in the graveyard, letting you sacrifice your draw for the turn to banish Tachyon and special summon a Galaxy xyz monster from your graveyard.

Overall, a stupendous, if series-specific, card.

Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force
Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force

3. Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force

Type: Spell

One of several impressive Rank-Up magic cards, Astral Force lets you target your xyz monster bearing the highest rank (your choice in a tie) and special summon an xyz monster with the same type and attribute, but two ranks higher, using the first monster as material. Xyz materials on the first monster also attach to the second.

Watered down, this means you can use a lower rank monster to call out a harder-to-summon but stronger xyz juggernaut and provide it with copious materials.

Additionally, Astral Force can add itself to your hand from the graveyard in place of your draw for the turn; doing so limits your special summoning for the turn to only that of Astral Force, so plan accordingly.

Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle

2. Message in a Bottle

Type: Spell

A high-risk high-reward card, Message in a Bottle first demands you have three monsters with different levels in your graveyard. Upon activation, you get to special summon all three with their effects negated and their ATK values as zero. That's right, three (albeit weakened) monsters in one card! Note that you also cannot special summon in other manners for the turn.

However, if you do not xyz summon in the turn this card is used, you forfeit a whopping 4000 life points. Luckily, with three different monsters now on your field, it shouldn't be hard to normal summon one more to match one of their levels and xyz summon. You'll have gained a fresh xyz monster alongside two wall monsters, ready to either take hits or be tributed.

Xyz Reborn
Xyz Reborn

1. Xyz Reborn

Type: Trap

A card bearing elegant simplicity, Xyz Reborn simply targets an xyz monster in your graveyard, revives it, then attaches to the monster as material. This avoids the no-material issue commonly encountered with xyz recovery, can be used on any series of monsters, and (due to its trap status) can be activated during your opponent's turn.

What else can I say? If you want a quick, easy, and versatile way backup plan in case your xyz monsters fall, look no farther than Xyz Reborn.

Your Vote

Xyz introduced a lasting card type more versatile than fusion and synchro cards, allowing many more builds to enjoy extra deck support. They've aged well, and should not be overlooked in both modern competition and casual play.

For more xyz fun, feel free to check out the best material monsters in the game, vote for your favorite of today's entries, and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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