Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Review: Destiny HERO Monsters

Updated on October 8, 2019
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Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager.

Diamond Dude. Today's card images courtesy of yugioh.wikia.com
Diamond Dude. Today's card images courtesy of yugioh.wikia.com

What Are Destiny HERO Monsters?

Welcome to our next Yu-Gi-Oh monster card review! Today, we're going to look at the Destiny HEROs, who are so powerful that half of their name is capitalized. Huh. Anyway, the Destiny HEROs are a bunch of Warrior-type, Dark-attributed cards whose effects tend to activate in the future (several turns after you play them). Hence, "destiny." To determine the effectiveness of these fellas, we'll now examine the monsters, spells, and traps from the Destiny HERO theme!

Note: If you tell the clerks at your local card shop that you're searching for "destiny," you may be banned for life.

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Destiny HERO—Fear MongerDestiny HERO—Dogma. A mighty creature who requires three tributes.Destiny HERO—Plasma. Another three-tribute card who can gain attack from an opponent's monster.
Destiny HERO—Fear Monger
Destiny HERO—Fear Monger
Destiny HERO—Dogma. A mighty creature who requires three tributes.
Destiny HERO—Dogma. A mighty creature who requires three tributes.
Destiny HERO—Plasma. Another three-tribute card who can gain attack from an opponent's monster.
Destiny HERO—Plasma. Another three-tribute card who can gain attack from an opponent's monster.

1. Monsters

Includes: Diamond Dude, Fear Monger, Dread Servant, Malicious, etc. See the full list here.

Our monsters today are all Dark-attributed, Warrior-type creatures. Unlike the Elemental HERO cards, Destiny HEROs have effects that tend to activate a few turns after you play them. For example, Diamond Dude lets you reveal the top card of your deck, and if it's a spell, you can send it to your Graveyard (discard pile) and activate it during your next turn. And consider Fear Monger, who (after being destroyed in battle) can revive any Destiny HERO monster at the beginning of your next turn.

Most of these monsters have powerful effects, but their low-end attack and defense scores can get them destroyed easily. Thus, most Destiny users stall for time with defensive cards to gather three monsters on their side of the field. Once the trio of monsters is in place, they can be sacrificed to bring out one of two formidable monsters—Destiny HERO Dogma or Plasma. Let's quickly cover the strengths of these two gargantuans!

  • Dogma possesses 3400 attack; you probably won't have to worry about him being beaten in battle. Additionally, on the next of your turns after you summon him, Dogma halves your opponent's Life Points. Combine this effect with his tremendous attack, and your adversary shouldn't be able to last long.
  • Plasma's a bit trickier. He only comes with 1900 attack; not bad, but not excellent. However, his effect allows you to steal one of your opponent's monsters and equip it to Plasma, who will gain half the attack of the equipped card. Thus, Plasma works well when your opponent has a powerful monster out—take control of it and use its own strength against your opponent!

In short, the Destiny monsters work great for duelists who favor preparation and resource-gathering over immediate offense. They use their effects to stall and harass opponents while preparing to summon Dogma or Plasma.

Clock Tower Prison, a Field Spell that (eventually) prevents battle damage to you.
Clock Tower Prison, a Field Spell that (eventually) prevents battle damage to you.
Dark City, which can boost the attack of Destiny monsters.
Dark City, which can boost the attack of Destiny monsters.

2. Spells

Includes: Clock Tower Prison, Cyclone Blade, D—Formation, Dark City, D—Spirit, Destiny Draw, Over Destiny.

Alright, on to the magic cards designed for the Destiny series! Interestingly, Destiny HERO duelists can select from two Field Spell cards: Clock Tower Prison and Dark City.

  • Clock Tower Prison can fit into any deck; four turns after you play it, you become immune to battle damage. Also, if it's destroyed after four turns have passed, you can summon the monster Destiny HERO - Dreadmaster from your hand or deck.
  • Contrastingly, Dark City adds 1000 attack points to attacking Destiny monsters if their attack is lower than their target's. Remember that in Yu-Gi-Oh, only a single Field Spell can be active at once, so choose wisely.

Aside from the Field Spells, the two most interesting cards are Cyclone Blade and Destiny Draw.

  • Cyclone Blade is an equip card to a Destiny Monster that destroys a magic or trap card after the monster attacks. Make sure there are enough enemy cards out, so you don't have to destroy one of your own!
  • Destiny Draw simply makes you discard one Destiny HERO monster, then draw two cards. This is great, especially since some Destiny monsters have effects that activate in the Graveyard; set up the effect and refill your hand in one move!


3. Traps

Includes: D—Chain, D—Counter, D—Fortune, D—Shield, D—Time, Destiny Mirage, Destiny Signal, Destiny Fate. (Okay, okay, I made "Destiny Fate" up, but you could totally see Yu-Gi-Oh doing it, couldn't you?)

If ruining peoples' day is your thing, look no farther than trap cards, of which the Destiny series has plenty. The two best of these are likely D—Chain and D—Shield.

  • D—Chain equips to a Destiny monster, gives it an extra 500 attack, and inflicts 500 damage to your opponent when the equipped card destroys a monster in battle.
  • D—Shield targets an attack-position Destiny card, switches it to defense-position, and makes it incapable of being destroyed in battle.

Both are recommended!

In addition to the Destiny-specific traps, don't forget the powerful Mirror Force, which can destroy all attack-position monsters your opponent controls, and Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, which can negate one attack each turn—useful for protecting your Destiny monsters.

Finally, remember that all Destiny HEROs are Dark-attributed and Warrior-typed. Thus, the traps "Gozen Match" and "Rivalry of Warlords" work well. The former restricts each player to only using one attribute at a time, the latter does the same with types.


Rating: 2½ out of 5 stars

I applaud the concept of Destiny HEROs—a set of monsters whose effects control the future. But in practice, they have a few issues. They're mostly weak and have no tuners to Synchro Summon with. However, a wide assortment of effects, spells, traps, and Field Spells helps balance the risks of using them. Consider using them in a dual Elemental HERO/Destiny HERO deck, or in an all-Warrior type deck. In such cases, their effectiveness can combine with monsters who have better battle stats to create a truly formidable deck.

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Aster Phoenix alongside Destiny HERO—Plasma
Aster Phoenix alongside Destiny HERO—Plasma

Anime Appearance

(Spoiler alert) The second anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, contained a character named Aster Phoenix who wielded Destiny HEROs to great effect. Phoenix, though only a young man, was a successful and wealthy "professional duelist" with many fans, an awesome win record, deceased parents, and a tendency to hunt criminals at night as a vigilante. Basically, he's Yu-Gi-Oh Batman and offered many entertaining duels throughout the series.

Future Reviews

Hopefully, you've had fun examining the Destiny HEROs! Let me know what you think of these creatures, and remember to drop by for future reviews!

Always remember that (despite what Aster thinks) it's probably not worth stalking criminals at night to obtain information about card games.


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