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Yu-Gi-Oh "Legend of the Crystal Beasts" Structure Deck Review: Should You Buy It?

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Legend of the Crystal Beasts Structure Deck YGO

Legend of the Crystal Beasts Structure Deck YGO

Crystal Beast Structure Deck Overview

Great news for old school duelists: Konami's Crystal Beasts structure deck reinvigorates the monster-to-spell archetype first used by Jesse Anderson way back in the GX anime.

The deck revitalizes its admittedly aged monsters with new spell/trap supports, powerful boss monsters, and hand traps—is it worth your time? Here are the ins and outs of the Legend of the Crystal Beasts structure deck!

Crystal Monsters

Sadly, the deck's core Crystal Beasts (minus Rainbow Dragon) are outdated monsters worth little on their own. Their effects vary, but share the ability of becoming continuous spells when destroyed from the field, which can then be used by the theme's support cards.

Luckily, the boss monsters are better. Rainbow Dragon, Rainbow Dark Dragon, and especially the new fusion monster Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive reward your efforts with powerful ATK and effects.

Finally, note that even if you have little interest in the archetype, you might be interested in the deck solely for its generic hand traps, Dimension Shifter (who banishes graveyards) and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring (who negates searches).

  • Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
  • Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
  • Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
  • Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
  • Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
  • Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
  • Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
  • Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon
  • Rainbow Dragon
  • Rainbow Dark Dragon
  • Crystal Master
  • Crystal Keeper
  • Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
  • Dimension Shifter
  • Contact "C"
  • Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
  • Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion
Rainbow Overdragon

Rainbow Overdragon

Crystal Extra Deck

The theme has some main deck boss monsters, but really the best are its fusions. Most wield massive 4000 ATK and board-wiping effects, and you don't even really need fusion spells; Overdragon can tribute a level 10 Ultimate Crystal monster for its summon, while Overdrive can banish materials from field or graveyard.

So while the main deck Crystal Beasts are admittedly outdated, your goal is to swarm your field and graveyard with them, assisted by the supports we're about to see, then swing with these game-breaking aces (who can reset the game state by shuffling all cards back into the deck if things head south).

  • Rainbow Overdragon
  • Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive

Crystal Spells

The Crystal Beasts aren't great on their own, but a wealth of spell support rewards their use. Field spell Rainbow Ruins offers several neat effects based on the number of crystals used as spells, but if you upgrade to the Advanced Beasts, you'll want their preferred field Advanced Dark (which is thankfully included).

Either way, you definitely want the swarming from Awakening, the search of Rainbow Bridge, the double draw of Rare Value, and the extra summons from Rainbow Bridge of the Heart.

  • Awakening of the Crystal Ultimates
  • Crystal Aegis
  • Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
  • Advanced Dark
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Crystal Beacon
  • Crystal Blessing
  • Crystal Abundance
  • Crystal Promise
  • Crystal Tree
  • Crystal Release
  • Rare Value
  • Rainbow Refraction
  • Rainbow Bridge of the Heart
  • The Melody of Awakening Dragon
  • Foolish Burial Goods
  • Cosmic Cyclone
  • Crystal Bond

Crystal Traps

The deck has surprisingly potent traps, many debuting for the first time; Grace resummons 2 crystals from your spell zone while gaining life points and offering a graveyard effect, Miracle negates any effect by destroying a Crystal monster, and Conclave continuously summons Crystals from deck when one is destroyed. All-in-all, much better than many trap sections of structure decks, especially since most can be searched by Rainbow Bridge.

  • Crystal Boon
  • Crystal Miracle
  • Crystal Brilliance
  • Crystal Pair
  • Crystal Conclave
  • Ultimate Crystal Magic
  • Counter Gem
  • Ferret Flames
  • Metaverse

Crystal Beast Structure Deck Final Review

Overall, I enjoy and see the value in this deck. While it lacks the new Advanced Crystal Beasts, its included fusion monsters, spell/trap supports, and generic hand traps compensate. Throw in the standard SD bonuses of tokens and a paper playmat and you've more than justified the $12–15 price.

Of course, to upgrade, you'd want to pick up 2–3 copies so you can double up on the best cards, and even then, there's the Advanced Beasts to add. Time will tell if the theme has received enough support to become meta relevant, but until then I'll see you at our next structure deck review!

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