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Yu-Gi-Oh: 6 More Awesome Traps for Any Deck

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Trap Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh

In Yu-Gi-Oh, Traps must be set before being played (you can't activate them the turn you set them), but they can be used on either player's turn. They typically harass your opponent in a variety of ways, often destroying opposing monsters, but some might surprise you with their potent defensive abilities.

Today, we'll review another array of Traps that fit well in almost any card configuration! Consider them for some fresh ideas when assembling your next deck.

Call of the Haunted

Call of the Haunted

6. Call Of The Haunted

Early fans may remember the awesome Spell card, Monster Reborn, which allowed for an instant revival of any monster from either Graveyard. Though Reborn has long been banned, Call of the Haunted works almost as well. It allows you to revive a monster from your Graveyard, and attaches itself to that monster. If either card is destroyed, the other falls as well.

Though this adds another way for your monster to perish, it's still a great way to easily re-summon your best titan, and unlike Monster Reborn, you can play it on your opponent's turn.

Compulsory Evacuation Device

Compulsory Evacuation Device

5. Compulsory Evacuation Device

Next, let's look at a Trap with multiple uses. Compulsory Evacuation Device can return any monster on the field to its owner's hand. This can force your opponent to have to re-summon their strongest titan, and is particularly potent when used against a Synchro, Fusion, or XYZ monster, as they'll return to the Extra Deck rather than the hand.

You can also use the effect on your own monster that's about to be vanquished, to safely return it to your own hand. You'd have to re-summon it, but at least it won't be destroyed. Or, try comboing this effect with "Flip" monster effects to allow yourself to activate them multiple times with a single monster. All in all, Compulsory Evacuation Device adjusts itself to fit the situation at hand, making it a formidable and versatile card.

Solemn Wishes

Solemn Wishes

4. Solemn Wishes

Solemn Wishes simply grants 500 Life Points each time you draw a card; meaning you'll typically gain 500 each turn. That's a nice defensive effect, but you'll understand its real potential when combining it with cards like Supply Squad. That card lets you draw once per turn when one of your monsters is destroyed, allowing to rapidly replenish your precious LP if Solemn Wishes is also in effect.

One weakness of the card is that the life gain isn't optional; in the rare situations where you don't want to regenerate health (like with Bad Reaction To Simochi), you don't have the choice to decline the effect. Be careful when using it, and you'll have an awesome way to keep yourself in the duel.

Metal Reflect Slime

Metal Reflect Slime

3. Metal Reflect Slime

Metal Reflect Slime morphs into a monster with zero attack but a whopping 3000 defense! Few monsters can topple that wall, allowing this card to effectively stall opponents. Also, because MRS changes into a Level-10 monster, it stacks well with cards requiring high-level monsters. For example, Field Spell Mound of the Bound Creator prevents Level-10 or higher monsters from being destroyed by card effects.

In short, Metal Reflect Slime fortifies any deck in need of an easy-to-summon barrier and works well with summoning Rank-10 Xyz creatures.

Bottomless Trap Hole

Bottomless Trap Hole

2. Bottomless Trap Hole

My favorite of the "Trap Hole" series of Traps, Bottomless Trap Hole can only be activated when your opponent summons a monster, and only if the beast has at least 1500 Attack. It destroys the monster and removes it from play. This not only kills it but prevents it from going to the Graveyard, where it could potentially be re-summoned with the right cards. Banished cards are much more difficult to get back; save this potent surprise for your opponent's strongest behemoths.

As a bonus, Bottomless Trap Hole can work on multiple monsters if they're summoned at the same time. For example, when facing an opponent who relies on Pendulum Summoning, throw a BTH at them to remove from play multiple opposing monsters in one fell swoop. Definitely a dangerous card.

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

1. Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

I can't help it—I've cherished this card ever since its arrival. Scrap-Iron Scarecrow simply negates one attack. It doesn't even destroy the monster it's used on, so why bother with it?

Because, unlike nearly every other card in the game, it's reusable. Scrap-Iron can activate once per turn, then automatically resets itself to be used in the future. Watch your opponents rampage as their strongest monsters' attacks are consecutively blocked again and again.

Scrap-Iron proves sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Just be wary of cards like Dark Simorgh, which can prevent Spells and Traps from being set. If you activated Scrap-Iron while your opponent has Simorgh, the effect will activate, but it won't be able to reset itself.

Your Vote

Hopefully you've learned some of the best uses for today's Traps. Feel free to vote for your favorite, and stay on the lookout for future reviews—we've got plenty more cards to cover!

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