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Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 6 Dragons Who Aren't Dragons

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Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Dragon Types

Ever since the Yu-Gi-Oh card game (also called Duel Monsters) began, players have used a variety of monsters, spells, and traps to reduce their opponent's Life Points to zero. Monsters remain a central focus of the game, and dragons have always been some of the most popular.

Check out what is probably the best known of the bunch, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. You may think he's classified as a dragon because he looks like one and even has the word in his name. Actually, it's because his monster "type," found in the lower left of the card, says "Dragon" in brackets.

We're about to review many monsters that, unlike Blue-Eyes, look like dragons and are named like dragons but technically aren't classified as such. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Without further ado, let's countdown the top six "dragons" in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Evil Dragon Ananta

Evil Dragon Ananta

6. Evil Dragon Ananta

Attack: ?

Defense: ?

The question marks are there because this card's attack and defense change based on how many cards were used to summon it. Regardless, this guy could have been an awesome-looking, multiple headed dragon . . . but he's a reptile instead. I mean, yeah, I imagine if dragons were real they'd be classified as reptiles, seeing as they bear resemblances to lizards, but the word dragon is right there in the name. As is the word "evil."

You know this guy must be vicious if, in a game full of monsters classified as "fiends" and given attributes such as "dark," they go out of the way the point out he's evil. Regardless, "dragon" seems more fitting to this menacing monster.

If you'd like to know his effect, his controller must destroy one card on the field at the end of each of his turns. That can help eliminate some of your opponent's cards.. but if your rival has nothing out, you'll have to destroy one of your own instead. Use with caution.

Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon

5. Cyber Dragon

Attack: 2100

Defense: 1600

If you watched the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime, you might remember Zane Truesdale using this monster. Cyber Dragon somewhat resembles both a snake and a dragon. So, is he a reptile-type? Nope. A dragon? Afraid not. Instead, he's classified as a "machine" monster.

I'll admit his body appears to be made with some sort of metal, but he still resembles a dragon. Plus, consider that the card Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, who has the word metal in its name, gets to be a dragon type, but not Cyber Dragon. How bizarre.

Regardless of the unusual typing, this card goes well in any deck; its effect allows you to special summon it (allowing you to use your "normal" summon for your turn on another monster) when your opponent controls a monster, and you do not. Highly recommended.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

4. Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Attack: 2300

Defense: 1400

Funny how often this card ranks fourth place. Brionac is a special kind of monster called a synchro monster (indicated by the white background); it has to be called forth with a "tuner" creature. Anyway, there's absolutely no doubt that Brionac is a dragon, right? He has the word in his name. He has the menacing face, claws, and wings. Unfortunately, for some reason, he's a sea serpent type.

Does he live in the ocean? That'd be weird, considering he has wings. And in his pose, he appears to be flying or resting on a surface, not swimming. Thus, it's a mystery why this creature isn't included with the dragons.

Still, his monster effect is helpful, allowing you to discard cards to make your opponent return the same number of cards on the field to their hand. Brionac's no dragon, but keep him in mind if you construct a synchro deck.

Beserk Dragon

Beserk Dragon

3. Berserk Dragon

Attack: 3500

Defense: 0

Alright, so what's this fella's type? If Berserk Dragon isn't labeled as a dragon, could he be of the beast or winged beast type? Reptile? No, he's actually categorized as a zombie. Interesting; he certainly looks like a dragon to me. The face of this monster does seem somewhat zombie-like, but the rest of his appearance looks like a fairly normal dragon's body. Most curious. And is that hair sticking out of his head? Beserk Dragon just gets weirder and weirder.

Like many zombie monsters, he's got terrible defense, but great attack. He can be tough to summon; you must play a particular magic card, and that card may only be used on a turn where you have a level-8 or higher monster be destroyed. But when Berserk Zombie, er, Dragon, comes out, he'll inflict devastating carnage.

Cloudian - Storm Dragon

Cloudian - Storm Dragon

2. Cloudian - Storm Dragon

Attack: 1000

Defense: 0

This monster truly baffles me. I mean, Yu-Gi-Oh creators, if you want to make a monster with "dragon" in its title but have it be a different type, that's weird, but sure, why not. But have that other type make some darn sense. Storm Dragon isn't a dragon or a reptile type, despite his name. He's not zombie, either, despite the zero defense. He should be thunder type (duh, thundercloud), but apparently, the creators love messing with us, because he's a dang fairy type. Yea, I don't get it either.

If you browse through Yu-Gi-Oh's fairy monsters, you'll find they tend to be more colorful and gentler-looking than other creatures. Not like this guy. Why Cloudian - Storm Dragon is neither thunder nor dragon is completely beyond me. And don't place him in your deck unless you're going to use the Cloudian series; he can't be summoned without the rest of the gang. And yes, none of the other Cloudians are thunder monsters either, despite looking like storming clouds. What an odd family.

1. The Winged Dragon of Ra and Slifer the Sky Dragon

Attack: ?

Defense: ?

Tied for first place are two of the three legendary Egyptian God cards. Even if you never dabbled into Yu-Gi-Oh, you may have heard the names of these famous monsters. They both have variable attack and defense, and both must be summoned by sacrificing three other monsters. Their effects differ, but I had to give them both the number one spot because of how brilliantly they dodged the dragon type.

Despite Ra and Slifer's appearance and names, they aren't dragons. They aren't any of the other types, either. In their cocky minds, Ra and Slifer are apparently so far above dragons that they created their own new type, called "Divine-Beast." Similarly, they rejected all existing attributes (fire, dark, etc.) to take the brand new attribute, Divine.

If you hate the thought of being a dragon, then you invent a new species and fit yourself into it. Well, I guess you win. Ra and Slifer, despite the oddness of you lacking the dragon type, I've got to respect your guts.

If you're wondering about the third Egyptian God card, Obelisk the Tormentor, he's also a Divine-Beast type but resembles a fiendish warrior instead of a dragon.

Final Considerations

As dumbfounded as I am by these monsters' types, I'm grateful to the card game for introducing loads of awesome and powerful creatures. Keep making a few oddballs, Yu-Gi-Oh. It'll just give us more reasons to continue playing. Let me know which non-dragon most perplexes you, and I hope to see you at our next countdown!

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Rakkis on May 11, 2018:

What about Leviair the Sea Dragon?

BEWARE DANGER on November 05, 2017:

Which means berserk dragon should have the least amount of votes.

Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on May 25, 2015:

Agreed, he's certainly an odd-looking dragon.

Anon on May 09, 2015:

The hair on Berserk Dragon looks kinda like really long feathers. It makes me think of a mutant rooster zombie.