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Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 6 Equip Spell Cards

Updated on January 13, 2017
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Dragon Treasure
Dragon Treasure

Equip Spells

You likely already know that Yu-Gi-Oh is played with a combination of monster, Spell, and Trap cards. Well, today we'll take a look at a special type of Spell - the Equip Spell.

These target a face-up monster on the field and add special properties to them. Some simply add to the monster's attack and defense scores, like Dragon's Treasure, but others have more diverse effects.

Not all Equip cards are created equal, however, so let's get to it and examine the six best Equip Spells!

Autonomous Action Unit
Autonomous Action Unit

6. Autonomous Action Unit

Our first card is probably the most luck-based in this list. Autonomous Action Unit demands 1500 Life Points to activate - quite a chunk from your starting 8000. Once you've paid, you select a monster in your opponent's Graveyard nd summon it to your field, and its yours to use!

While on the field, Action Unit remains equipped to the monster, and if the spell leaves the field, the monster will be destroyed. Hopefully your opponent won't have any magic-destroying cards ready when you play it.

In short, Autonomous Action Unit requires a moderate price, relies on your opponent having strong monsters in their Graveyard, and adds an extra way to destroy the monster, but it's a fast way to summon a strong monster and turn your adversary's cards back at them.

Mage Power
Mage Power

5. Mage Power

Next, we have a more-conventional card, Mage Power. This Spell equips adds 500 attack and defense to a monster for every Magic or Trap card you control.

Mage Power's effect includes itself, so at minimum you have a boost of 500, and at maximum 4000 (five Spell/Trap spaces, your Field Spell slot, and your two Pendulum spaces).

The ability to add thousands of attack and defense with a single card enables a weak monster to overpower even the strongest foe. Also, Mage Power has no restriction or cost - you can equip it to whichever monster you like.

If your deck brandishes a plethora of Spells and Traps, consider using this powerful card.

United We Stand
United We Stand

4. United We Stand

Similarly to Mage Power, our next card easily strengthens a monster's attack and defense. United We Stand adds 800 attack and defense for each face-up monster you control (including the monster you equip it to).

At minimum, you'll have an 800 boost; at max, 4000. There aren't many better ways to quickly empower a creature than this potent spell. No cost, no restriction - United We Stand fits well in any deck.

Butterfly Dagger - Elma
Butterfly Dagger - Elma

3. Butterfly Dagger - Elma

Third place goes to a trickier card. Butterfly Dagger - Elma equips to any monster you wish, who gains 300 attack. Plus, when this card is destroyed while equipped, it returns to your hand, ready to use again.

Consider the stupendously broken combos you can do with this card. For example, take the monster Gearfried the Iron Knight and the Spell Spell Absorption. Gearfried has an effect that destroys any equip card placed upon it, and Absorption gives you 500 Life Points whenever a magic card is played. Thus, activate Absorption, summon Gearfried, and infinitely equip Elma to it, gaining 500 Life as many times as you want.

For its incredible potential, Elma has long been forbidden in tournament play.

Premature Burial
Premature Burial

2. Premature Burial

No, silly, Premature Burial isn't an 80's horror flick. It demands you forfeit 800 Life Points. Then, you target a monster in your Graveyard, summon it the field, and are free to use it. Premature Burial equips to it, and if this spell is destroyed, the monster will be, too. T

hus, Burial is similar to Autonomous Action unit, but the Life Point cost is much less. Also, you're more able to predict the monster you can summon, since it'll be one of your cards rather than your opponent's.

Premature Burial is a great way to resurrect one of your strongest monsters with almost no cost - this single card can easily turn the tide of a duel.

Honorable Mentions

Ekibyo Drakmord
Equip it to an opponent's monster, who is destroyed two of their turns later. Then, this card is returned to your hand.
Mist Body
The monster you equip this card to cannot be destroyed by battle.
Axe of Despair
The equipped monster gains 1000 attack. When this card is destroyed, you can tribute one monster to return it to the top of your deck.
Three more impressive Equip Spells.
Snatch Steal
Snatch Steal

1. Snatch Steal

The best Equip Spell of all time.. equips to an opponent's monster? That's right, Snatch Seals targets an opponent's monster, and basically steals it for you to use. The catch is that (while this card is still on the field) your opponent will gain 1000 Life at the beginning of their turns.

However, that minor setback hardly diminishes the potential of this Equip Spell. Your opponent just used their resources to summon a supreme creature? Too bad, it's yours now (unless they manage to destroy the Spell, in which case they reclaim it).

With just a single card, you simultaneously eliminate an opponent's monster and gain one of your own. Snatch Steal was banned for over a decade, but has recently been made legal in tournament play! Use it wisely to turn the tide of a duel in one fell swoop.

Your Favorite

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Final Tips

These six Spells work in almost any deck, but experiment, find what works for you, and let these cards guide you to victory!

Let me know which of today's Spells you favor, and I'll see you at our next card countdown!


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      ryandika 8 months ago

      Megamorph not in list

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      7531yo 5 months ago

      I would not include banned cards on the list. Personally united we stand should be #1

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