Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 6 Fusion Monsters

An example fusion monster, Elemental HERO Flame Wingman. Attack and defense scores are in the lower right; card effects and the monsters needed as materials are noted in the card text.
An example fusion monster, Elemental HERO Flame Wingman. Attack and defense scores are in the lower right; card effects and the monsters needed as materials are noted in the card text. | Source

Fusion Summons

Welcome to our next card countdown! As a very quick review, players who duel in Yu-Gi-Oh attempt to reduce their opponent's 8000 "Life Points" to zero using a variety of monster, magic, and trap cards. Several types of monsters exist; "fusion" monsters are powerful creatures that can be called from a player's "Extra Deck", a side deck that is always available during a duel. Fusion monsters wait in the Extra Deck until a player gathers the needed monsters (which vary, depending on the fusion) in their hand or on their playing field, and then combines them together - which typically requires the use of the magic card "Polymerization". Play Polymerization, send the necessary "material" monsters to the Graveyard (discard pile), and you can call out your formidable monster. Which fusions are the best, you ask? We're about to find out, factoring in the creatures' attack, defense, and monster effects!

Frightfur Sheep
Frightfur Sheep | Source

6. Frightfur Sheep

Attack: 2000, Defense: 2000
Material monsters: Edge Imp Chain + any "Fluffal" monster.

First comes the creepy Frightfur Sheep. To fuse this monster, you'll need to send the monsters "Edge Imp Chain" and any of the "Fluffal" series of monsters to the Graveyard. It's nice that you get to choose any of the Fluffal creatures; you don't necessarily have to include them all in your deck if you want to use Frightfur Sheep. This monster has a somewhat low attack (for a fusion monster), but it makes up for it with a strong effect. If Frightfur Sheep is destroyed by battle, or if it's destroyed by a card effect (like a magic or trap card), you can revive Frightfur Sheep from the Graveyeard, and it gains an extra 800 attack. This makes Frightfur Sheep incredibly difficult to get rid of since neither battle nor effects can permanently destroy it. Definitely an amazing defensive effect, and the extra attack is great, but this eerie sheep can still be removed from play or returned to the Extra Deck, so don't drop your guard when using it.

First of the Dragons
First of the Dragons | Source

5. First of the Dragons

Attack: 2700, Defense: 2000
Material monsters: Any two normal monsters

Next up, we have the versatile First of the Dragons. One of the great things about this monster is that he'll take a wide variety of material monsters; simply grab a set of normal monsters (ones without monster effects) and you can summon him. Once fusion summoned, First of the Dragons has many helpful traits. First, he has strong attack and respectable defense. Second, he can't be destroyed by battle, unless he's attacked by a stronger normal monster (this is unlikely to occur). Third, he can't be destroyed by monster effects. This leaves him open to destruction through magic and trap cards, but an easily summoned monster with strong attack and two defensive effects is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir
Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir | Source

4. Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir

Attack: 1000, Defense: 2000
Material monsters: Any "Melodious Maestra" monster+ any "Melodious" monster

First, the bad traits about this card. She's got low attack and her summon requires the usage of specific monster groups. However, she allows you to choose any of the monsters in those groups for her summon, so it could be worse. And check out her awesome effects; Bloom Diva cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects (very helpful), and you won't take any damage from battles involving her. Plus, whenever Bloom Diva clashes with a "special summoned" monster, that monster will be destroyed, and your opponent will receive damage equal to the difference in attack between Bloom Diva and that monster. Special summoned monsters are very common; they encompass many types of summoning, including fusion, synchro, xyz, ritual, and pendulum. Because these summons are widely used, Bloom Diva should be able to activate her effect often, devastating your opponents!

Evil HERO Dark Gaia
Evil HERO Dark Gaia | Source

3. Evil HERO Dark Gaia

Attack: ?, Defense: 0
Material monsters: Any Fiend-type monster + any Rock-type monster

Get ready for some awesome HERO fusions! Our first HERO, Dark Gaia, can take any Fiend and any Rock monster, making him easier to summon than most fusions. The "?" in his attack stat is because it varies; Dark Gaia's attack will equal the combined attack of the monsters used for its fusion. This means Dark Gaia can easily exceed 4000 attack with the right materials. Plus, when he declares an attack, you're allowed to turn all opponent's monsters to attack position, ensuring they'll receive battle damage from the clash. Essentially, if your opponent doesn't have the right trap or magic ready, Dark Gaia will rapidly diminish their Life Points and earn you the win.

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
Elemental HERO Absolute Zero | Source

2. Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

Attack: 2500, Defense: 2000
Material monsters: Any "HERO" monster + any Water-attributed monster

Next up, we have a card from the elemental HERO set rather than the evil group. Why do these monsters always have "HERO" in all caps? I dunno, probably to annoy players across the world. What I do know is, this monster is very dangerous. He's lenient with his materials, accepting any HERO and any Water-attribute creature (each monster in the game has a type and attribute; you can review them here). Next, take a look at this guy's effects. He gains 500 attack for each Water-attribute monster that's on the field other than himself, meaning he works especially well if your deck favors the Water attribute. But even if it doesn't, his other effect destroys every monster your opponent controls when Absolute Zero is removed from the field. This includes being destroyed by battle or card effects, being removed from play, being sent back to the Extra Deck, etc. No matter how your opponent tries to get rid of Absolute Zero, it'll cost them all of their monsters. Absolute Zero is a formidable monster, but there's one more HERO who may be even stronger..

Masked HERO Divine Wind
Masked HERO Divine Wind | Source

1. Masked HERO Divine Wind

Attack: 2700, Defense: 1900
Material Monsters: Any Wind-element HERO monster

Masked HERO Divine Wind is unique in that he doesn't use Polymerization to be summoned. Instead, you only need to have a single Wind-attributed HERO monster on the field, then play the magic card "Mask Change", which will sacrifice your monster to bring out Divine Wind. This is nice because it only requires you to spend one monster card. Plus, Divine Wind is a mighty warrior. First, he's got an awesome 2700 attack. Next, he can't be destroyed in battle. Third, as long as he's out, your opponent can only attack you with a single monster each turn. And finally, whenever Divine Wind destroys a monster in battle, you're allowed to draw a card from your deck. In short, Divine Wind is easy to summon, powerful, restricts your opponent, and allows you to gain reinforcements from your deck much quicker, making him the ultimate fusion monster.

Your Favorite

Which Fusion monster do you prefer?

  • Masked HERO Divine Wind.
  • Elemental HERO Absolute Zero.
  • Evil HERO Dark Gaia.
  • Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir.
  • First of the Dragons.
  • Frightfur Sheep.
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Final Tips

Hopefully you've enjoyed examining some powerful fusion monsters! Remember, Polymerization is the bread-and-butter of most fusions, but many other cards exist to aid your fusion endeavors (Fusion Gate, Future Fusion, etc.). Experiment a bit, see if fusion summons work well for you, and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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