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Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 6 Fusion Monsters

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Jaden's famous Elemental HERO Flame Wingman

Jaden's famous Elemental HERO Flame Wingman

Fusion Summons in Yu-Gi-Oh

Fusion monsters are powerful creatures that can be called from a player's "extra deck", a side deck that is always available during a duel. They wait in the extra deck until a player gathers the needed monsters (which vary, depending on the fusion) in their hand or their playing field, and then combines them together—which typically requires the use of the spell Polymerization or a variant of it.

Play Polymerization, send the necessary "material" monsters to the Graveyard, and you can call out your formidable beast. Which fusions are best? Read on to discover the top six synthesized juggernauts!

Frightfur Sheep

Frightfur Sheep

6. Frightfur Sheep

ATK: 2000
DEF: 2000
Material monsters: Edge Imp Chain + any Fluffal

  • Edge Imp must be used, but accepts any Fluffal as material
  • Mediocre battle stats, but equally competent in Attack and Defense Position
  • If destroyed, can be revived from the graveyard with an extra 800 ATK

This makes Frightfur Sheep annoyingly difficult to get rid of since neither battle nor effects can permanently destroy it. Definitely an amazing defensive effect; just remember this eerie sheep can still be banished or returned to the extra deck, so don't drop your guard.

First of the Dragons

First of the Dragons

5. First of the Dragons

ATK: 2700
DEF: 2000
Material monsters: Any two normal monsters

One of the great things about First of the Dragons is that he'll take a wide variety of material monsters; simply grab a set of normal monsters (ones without monster effects) and you can summon him.

  • Strong ATK and DEF
  • Immune to battle destruction, except with normal monsters
  • Immune to monster effect destruction
  • Accepts any two normal monsters as material

This card's defenses negate several removal options for opponents. If they don't have access to a spell or trap to remove it, they're essentially sunk.

Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir

Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir

4. Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir

ATK: 1000
DEF: 2000
Material monsters: Any Melodious Maestra + any Melodious

First, the negative traits of this card. Bloom wields low ATK and her summon requires the usage of specific monster groups. However, she does allow you to choose any of the monsters in those sets, and check out her awesome effects:

  • Immune to battle and effect destruction
  • You won't receive battle damage from attacks involving her
  • When battling a special summoned foe, destroys that monster and inflicts damage equal to the difference in ATK between the two

Definitely a great card simply by virtue of its immunity to all forms of destruction. Plus, because of the widespread use of special summons (synchro, xyz, Pendulum, etc.), Bloom Diva should be able to activate her effect often, devastating both your opponent's monsters and their life points!

Evil HERO Dark Gaia

Evil HERO Dark Gaia

3. Evil HERO Dark Gaia

ATK: ?
DEF: 0
Material monsters: Any fiend-type + any tock-type

Get ready for some formidable HERO fusions, kicking things off with Evil HERO Dark Gaia:

  • Accepts any fiend and any tock monster as material
  • ATK becomes the combined ATK of the material monsters
  • Can shift opposing monsters to Attack Position upon attacking

With the right materials, Dark Gaia can easily exceed 4000 ATK. And with his effect, he guarantees battle damage through defeating Attack Position monsters, rapidly depleting your opponent's life if they don't have a removal handy.

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

2. Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

ATK: 2500
DEF: 2000
Material monsters: Any HERO + any water-attribute

Absolute Zero's lenient with his materials, accepting any HERO and water-attribute creature. Take a look at his amazing effects.

  • Accepts any HERO and any water-attributed monsters as material
  • Gain 500 ATK for each water-attributed monster on the field other than himself
  • Destroys every monster your opponent controls upon leaving the field

Zero strengthens as players (including your opponent) summon water creatures to the field, but his real draw is destroying all opposing monster when he's removed from the field. This ability works great thanks to its versatility; the effect triggers whenever Zero is destroyed, returned to the extra deck, or banished.

Masked HERO Divine Wind

Masked HERO Divine Wind

1. Masked HERO Divine Wind

ATK: 2700
DEF: 1900
Material Monsters: Any wind-element HERO

Masked HERO Divine Wind offers several impressive abilities:

  • Doesn't need a normal fusion spell; instead requires a wind-attributed HERO monster and the spell Mask Change
  • Strong ATK
  • Immune to battle destruction
  • Opponent can only attack with one monster each battle phase
  • Lets you draw a card whenever Divine Wind destroys a monster in battle

With all these effects, Divine Wind is easy to summon, powerful, restricts your opponent, and allows you to rapidly gain card advantage, making him a truly intimidating fusion card.

Your Favorite

Various Fusion Methods

Remember, Polymerization is the bread-and-butter of most fusions, but many other cards exist to aid your fusion endeavors (Fusion Gate, Future Fusion, etc.). Experiment and see what works for you to construct the ultimate fusion deck, and I'll see you at our next card countdown!

Update: As time goes on, several powerful Fusions have been added. Keep an eye out for new impressive beasts, like Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, as well as reviews to cover these imposing creatures!

Questions & Answers

Question: What do you think about Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

Answer: In modern dueling, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is pretty bad, needing three specific materials and arriving with absolutely no monster effects.

Luckily, Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon helps alleviate the problem; you can examine him and other evolutions at this Blue-Eyes deck-building guide:

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Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on July 09, 2018:


Way ahead of you, my friend. Click the link below for a more recent countdown of YGO's 10 best fusion monsters.

Sakamoto on July 09, 2018:

This list needs updating. No mention about ABC which is meta, Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, Crimson Nova Trinity which can end the game the moment they hit the field, or even Dark Law which is basically a Macro Cosmo on legs.

john on June 17, 2017:

predaplant chlamydosundew + lv 8 dark monsin hand = dark fusion . ec

Gavyn albert on May 08, 2017:

All of these fusion monsters are awesome but I believe a fusion monster called imperion magnum the superconductive battlebot should be in this top 6. Why well once on any turn imperion can stop any spell trap or monster effect and trash it like it is nothing. also 4000 atk points make this magnet powerful enough to go up against just about anything. And every duel I did with this magnet I was able to summon him in less than 3 turns. If you use jar of avarice on the magna warriors and dies to a card effect I can bring back my materials.

TechRomancer on March 14, 2017:

No five-god Dragon? Sacrilege.