Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 6 Monsters for Any Deck

Dark Magician
Dark Magician

Yu-Gi-Oh Overview

Here we go with another Yu-Gi-Oh countdown! We've previously explored several types of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters; today, we'll focus on monsters who fit well in pretty much any deck. If you're not a huge player, but are looking for some casual fun, try playing a few of these creatures to reap their powerful and varied effects. As a quick refresher, Yu-Gi-Oh (also called Duel Monsters) involves you using monster, magic, and trap cards to reduce an opponent's Life Points to zero. Remember that your discard pile is called your "Graveyard", you begin the game with five cards, and Yugi Moto's hair looks stupid. As for monsters, each will have an attack stat, a defense stat, a level (counted by the stars in the upper right of the card), an attribute (fire, water, dark, etc.), a type (fiend, dragon, spellcaster, etc.), and many have a unique monster effect. Our example card to the right, Dark Magician, has 2500 attack, 2100 defense, is level 7, dark-attributed, spellcaster-typed, and has no monster effect. We know the drill by now, so let's get to it and rank some of the most well-rounded monster cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Cyber Dragon
Cyber Dragon

6. Cyber Dragon

Attack: 2100 Defense: 1600

Our first monster was made popular by the character Zane Truesdale in the show Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Cyber Dragon is a level 5 - meaning that it requires one monster to be sacrificed to summon it (level 4's and below can be summoned for free). However, its monster effect allows you to "special" summon it if your opponent has a monster out and you do not. This makes it pretty easy to call out, and gives your one "normal" summon for that turn to another monster. Considering how easy it is to play, Cyber Dragon's 2100 attack is quite powerful, and should make mincemeat of most monsters. Consider giving this mighty and accessible "dragon" a try!

Alector, Sovereign of Birds
Alector, Sovereign of Birds

5. Alector, Sovereign of Birds

Attack: 2400, Defense: 2000

We'll grant fifth place to the formidable Alector, Sovereign of Birds. This guy is almost like an upgraded version of Cyber Dragon. He has stronger attack, better defense, and a slightly different summoning effect: You can special summon Alector when your opponent controls at least two monsters of the same attribute. It's great to call Alector for free when your rival is using multiple creatures of the same attribute; alternatively, you can always normal summon Alector by sacrificing one monster.

Plus, this birdbrain gets a bonus effect: you can target a face-up card, once per turn, and negate its effect for that turn. This rips through many defensive barriers your opponent may concoct. For his strong attack, easy summoning, and extra effect, I highly recommend this wind-attributed monster.

Spirit Reaper
Spirit Reaper

4. Spirit Reaper

Attack: 300 Defense: 200

Next, we have the dark-attributed Spirit Reaper. This eerie monster works great because of a strong offensive and defensive effect. As a level 3 card, you don't need any tributes when summoning Spirit Reaper. You'll notice its battle stats are fairly pathetic - but consider that the card's effect allows it to be invulnerable in battle. Enemy monsters can't destroy the card by attacking it; you could keep it in defense position to craft a powerful barrier. Once you see an opening, change your monster to attack position and hit your opponent; thanks to Reaper's second effect, your opponent must discard a card when Reaper succeeds with a direct attack. Reaper offers both a strong defense and a way to reduce your opponent's hand, so it'll work well in almost any deck.

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

3. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

Attack: 900 Defense: 300

Third place goes to a monster used by the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Jaden Yuki. This mole is a member of the "Neo-Spacian" monster series, but works quite well even on its own. Its battle stats aren't great, but this guy's effect allows you to return it and any monster it battles to their respective owner's hand. Imagine how annoying fighting this guy must be. Your opponent works hard to call out a level 8 monster (which requires two sacrifices), but then you send Grand Mole to battle it. Both monsters are returned to the hand; your opponent will now have to re-sacrifice new monsters to call forth the level 8, while you can summon your measly level 3 Grand Mole for free. Thus, Grand Mole essentially can't be destroyed in battle, and is great at eliminating powerful monsters. Give it a shot and watch your rival seethe as you foil their plans.


2. Marshmallon

Attack: 300 Defense: 500

Second place goes to the reliable Marshmallon. Similarly to Spirit Reaper, Marshmallon can't be destroyed in battle - summon it in defense position to guard your Life Points from enemy monsters. Additionally, when Marshmallon is first flipped face-up (monsters placed into defense position are face-down until they're attacked), your opponent receives 1000 damage. This is a significant chunk of the 8000 points each player begins with, and definitely helps end the duel more quickly. Marshmallon provides a strong defense and damages your adversary - all while staying in its comfortable defense position. Certainly a powerful card, but one monster seems more adaptable to almost any deck..

Honorable Mentions

Attack/ Defense/ Level
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2700/ 2500/ 8
Special summon when you take damage while you have no cards on the field.
Treeborn Frog
100/ 100/ 1
Special summon from Graveyard when you have no magic or trap cards on the field.
Nimble Momonga
1000/ 100/ 2
Gain 1000 Life Points when destroyed by battle. Then, you can summon up to 2 more Nimble Momonga from your deck.
A few more monsters whose effects can aid almost any deck.
Golden Ladybug
Golden Ladybug

1. Golden Ladybug

Attack: 0, Defense: 0

The number one monster for just about any set of cards .. has just zero attack? Yep, today's first place goes to the dependable Golden Ladybug. Unlike almost any monster in the game, you're pretty much never going to want to summon this creature to the field. She's got no attack or defense, and no effect to help her in battle. What she does have is an easy to way to gather Life Points. Once during each of your turns, you can reveal her in your hand, and gain 500 life. Many duels can take several turns to conclude; 500 points each turn will really add up. Plus, since the effect activates from the hand, not the field, it's difficult for opponents to destroy this insect. If you're looking for a great support monster, consider Golden Ladybug - she's one of the best ways to consistently regain your health.

Your Favorite

Which card do you prefer?

  • Golden Ladybug.
  • Marshmallon.
  • Neo-Spacian Grand Mole.
  • Spirit Reaper.
  • Alector, Sovereign of Birds.
  • Cyber Dragon.
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Final Tips

If you're unsure of which monsters to place into your deck, look into some support cards that fit well with just about anything. And remember to have fun - there's not much point to playing if it's not an enjoyable experience. Feel free to ask me any questions about decks or monsters, and I hope to see you at our next countdown!

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Big Eye 2 months ago

Where are you playing? Clearly not in any type of competition. Cyber Dragon is the only card on your list that I would consider, but that's only to suck up opposing machines, and even then, System Down is better.

Toga 2 weeks ago

I have to agree with big eye although Alector, Sovereign of Birds is good durning the pendulum age as swarming the field has always be a thing even back in 2008 and most archtypes are 1 atribute and negating your floodgates on your turn is always good although you would have to activate vantities afterwords

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