Yu-Gi-Oh's Top 6 Ritual Monsters

Magician of Black Chaos
Magician of Black Chaos | Source

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I've enjoyed this card game for years. Duel Monsters has so many strategies and monsters to explore, making it far more than just a children's game. If you're willing to learn the admittedly complex rules, you'll be rewarded with a deep and fun experience.

Ritual Monsters

The Yu-Gi-Oh card game (also called Duel Monsters) has entertained us for generations. Players use monster, magic, and trap cards to reduce their opponent's Life Points to zero. Many different types of monsters exist; today we'll be examining and ranking the "ritual" creatures. What is a ritual monster? Well, it's a special type that can only be summoned by activating a magic card to call it, then discarding monsters whose total levels equal the level of the ritual monster. Take the example card to the right, Magician of Black Chaos. We can tell its level (8) by counting the stars in the upper right of the card. To summon it, you'd need to play a magic card that can call forth a ritual monster, and discard monsters whose total levels are at least eight. Since summoning ritual monsters drastically reduces a player's hand, not many duelists tend to use them. Still, some have amazing monster effects or impressive attack stats. And they all come with an awesome blue background for the card. If that's not a reason to do a countdown, I don't know what is. Without further ado, this is Yu-Gi-Oh's top six ritual monsters!

Garlandolf, King of Destruction
Garlandolf, King of Destruction | Source

6. Garlandolf, King of Destruction

Attack: 2500, Defense: 1400

First, we have the mighty Garlandolf. As a level 7 ritual creature, you'll need to discard card(s) whose total levels are at least 7 to summon him. When he emerges, his powerful effect activates: all monsters with a defense lower than his attack (including your own) are destroyed; Garlandolf then gains 100 attack for each. Thus, a card with higher attack than the King's may be vanquished by him simply by lacking an equally strong defense. Just be careful not to wipe out your own monsters with the effect (unless it's worth giving him an extra 100 attack for each).

Paladin of White Dragon
Paladin of White Dragon | Source

5. Paladin of White Dragon

Attack: 1900, Defense:1200

Next, we have the unique Paladin of White Dragon. This card is lower level than most ritual monsters; fittingly, its attack is also reduced. However, 1900 isn't bad, especially for a level 4 monster. Plus, the low rank means ritual summoning Paladin should only requires a single card to be discarded. And don't overlook Paladin's monster effects. First, if it attacks a face-down monster, that monster is instantly destroyed without being flipped over. This rips through some monsters who have nasty "flip" effects. Second, you can sacrifice Paladin to call a Blue-Eyes White Dragon (with 3000 attack) from your hand or deck. Paladin may seemingly lack strength, but his abilities more than make up for it.

Lord of the Red
Lord of the Red | Source

4. Lord of the Red

Attack: 2400, Defense: 2100

Fourth place goes to the formidable Lord of the Red. In addition to sacrificing monsters from your hand or field, he can be ritual summoned by "removing from play" Red-Eyes monsters in your "Graveyard" (discard pile). Basically, he tends to be a bit easier to summon than most ritual monsters. Once he's out, your opponent finds themselves in a tricky situation. Once per turn, Lord of the Red can, when a card is activated, destroy a monster and destroy a spell or trap card. Not only does this nullify many tactics your opponent could try, you can use the effect during both players' turns, unlike most monsters. Lord of the Red's good attack and destructive, ongoing effect often rapidly obliterates your adversary's plan.

Evigishki Levianima
Evigishki Levianima | Source

3. Evigishki Levianima

Attack: 2700, Defense: 1500

Next, we have a monster with an incredibly powerful effect: if you say this guy's name five times fast without screwing up, you win the duel. Okay, not really, but his actual effect is pretty strong, too. Whenever you use him to attack, you draw a card. If that card happens to be one of the "Gishki" monsters, you can reveal it to see a card in your opponent's hand. The chance to peek at your rival's card is nice, but the simple act of gaining an extra card each turn is what really boosts this card's usability. And with its high attack score, declaring attacks should usually be safe. Few other cards boast both strong attack and the ability to gain card advantage over your opponent. Definitely fit this oddly-named monster into a ritual deck.

Saffira, Queen of Dragons
Saffira, Queen of Dragons | Source

2. Saffira, Queen of Dragons

Attack: 2500, Defense: 2400

As a level 6, our second place monster requires less tributes than many ritual creatures. Saffira's attack score is strong, and she has an effect which activates the turn the card is summoned, plus any additional turns when a light-attributed monster is sent to the Graveyard. Basically, Saffira's effect can fairly easily be reused as long as it survives. Whenever you can activate the ability, you get to select one of three choices:

1. Draw 2 cards, then discard 1 card.
2. Your opponent discards a random card.
3. Add one light-attributed monster from your Graveyard to your hand.

All of these selections are helpful. You can use the first or third effect to add a card to your hand, or the second to reduce your opponent's hand. For its adaptive and re-usable ability, plus a strong attack, Saffira is definitely one of the strongest ritual monsters.

Honorable Mentions

Attack/ Defense
0/ 0
This card equips to an opposing monster, who receives equal damage whenever it inflicts battle damage to you.
Paladin of Photon Dragon
1900/ 1800
Draw a card whenever this card destroys a monster. Can tribute this card to summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.
Evigishki Gustkraken
2400/ 1000
Look at 2 cards in your opponent's hand; select one and shuffle it into their deck.
A few additional recommended ritual monsters.
Nekroz of Trishula
Nekroz of Trishula | Source

1. Nekroz of Trishula

Attack: 2700 Defense: 2000

First place goes to the imposing Nekroz of Trishula. Trishula's downside is that, as a level 9, you're going to need to discard at least two cards to summon it. However, once it comes out, it activates a devastating ability: You select one card from your opponent's field and Graveyard, and a random one from their hand; remove the three cards from the game. This effect reduces your opponent's hand, eliminates a card on their field, and extinguishes a discarded card (useful because some effects can still be activated from within the Graveyard). Nekroz's strong attack also helps to tear apart opposing monsters. Plus, it has a second effect that can be activated while it's still in your hand; you can discard it to negate an effect targeting any "Nekroz" monster you control. This means Nekroz of Trishula can either ravage enemies when summoned, or defend against them while still in your hand. Highly recommended.

Your Favorite

Which monster do you favor?

  • Nekroz of Trishula.
  • Saffira, Queen of Dragons.
  • Evigishki Levianima
  • Lord of the Red.
  • Garlandolf, King of Destruction.
  • Paladin of White Dragon.
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Final Tips

This concludes our countdown of the mystical ritual monsters. They may not be as common as other types, but they can still fit into the many decks. If you like ritual monsters, consider playing several of the "Djinn of Rituals" effect monsters; each has an ability that allows it to be used as fodder for a ritual summon while in the Graveyard, and grants the monster it's used to summon an additional ability. Experiment, find what works for you, and see if you can build an unstoppable ritual deck!

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I think it is cool how you did not spam the page with Necroz, lol. Right now people are in a trance over those creatures and neglect some of the ones you have mentioned here. Great read!

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Jeremy Gill 18 months ago from Louisiana Author

Agreed, Nekroz monsters are strong, but there some other great ritual creatures, too. Thanks for the support!

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