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Yu-Gi-Oh "Albaz Strike" Structure Deck Review: Should You Buy It?

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Albaz Strike Structure Deck YGO

Albaz Strike Structure Deck YGO

Structure Deck: Albaz Strike

Konami's Albaz Strike structure deck emphasizes fusion summoning via the monster effect of Fallen of Albaz, who can potentially use opposing monsters as material (not unlike the infamous Super Polymerization).

The deck provides some nice fusion monsters to summon via Albaz and surprisingly strong spells—is it worth your time? Here are the ins and outs of the Albaz Strike structure deck!

Fallen of Albaz

Fallen of Albaz

Albion the Branded Dragon

Albion the Branded Dragon


Dragon-type Albaz is the star here, fusion summoning from either field on normal/special summon, and the theme is surprisingly generous with the extra deck, providing six different potential fusion monsters. I especially like Albion the Branded Dragon, who can fusion summon another monster on entry.

Konami didn't skimp with dragon supports, providing useful tribal cards like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal, Starliege Seyfurt, and the duo of Black Dragon Collapserpent with White Dragon Wyverburster.

You've also got some nice generic monsters, from the hand traps Effect Veiler and Ghost Ogre to the light and dark Kaiju (which gives you dark and light material for Chaos summons).

Main Deck

  • Tri-Brigade Mercourier
  • Springans Kitt
  • The Golden Swordsoul
  • Fallen of Albaz
  • Albion the Shrouded Dragon
  • Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
  • Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju
  • Chaos Dragon Levianeer
  • Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju
  • Artifact Scythe
  • White Dragon Wyverburster
  • Black Dragon Collapserpent
  • Starliege Seyfert
  • Keeper of Dragon Magic
  • Summoner Monk
  • Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
  • Effect Veiler
  • Omni Dragon Brotaur

Extra Deck

  • Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon
  • Lubellion the Searing Dragon
  • Titaniklad the Ash Dragon
  • Brigrand the Glory Dragon
  • Sprind the Irondash Dragon
  • Albion the Branded Dragon
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Branded Bond

Branded Bond


Again, I'm genuinely impressed with the generosity of this deck's spells. Not only do you get on-archetype fusion supports like Branded Bond and Branded in White, you've got meta cards that fit in any deck like Dark Ruler No More and Pot of Extravagance.

I'd cut some of the generic fusion supports like Fusion Recycling Plant and Fusion Substitute, but as a whole, you're definitely getting your money's worth here.

Spell List

  • Branded Fusion
  • Branded in White
  • Branded Bond
  • Fusion Gate
  • Fusion Recycling Plant
  • Fusion Substitute
  • Gold Sarcophagus
  • Pot of Extravagance
  • Called by the Grave
  • Dark Ruler No More
Branded Retribution

Branded Retribution


While the trap section of the deck is definitely the weakest, and you'll definitely want to cut cards like Waking the Dragon, it does have some decent on-archetype Branded traps. I'd recommend moving Dimensional Barrier and There Can Only Be One to your sideboard, as they're strong lockdowns but admittedly situational.

Trap List

  • Branded Sword
  • Branded Retribution
  • Screams of the Branded
  • Judgment of the Branded
  • Necro Fusion
  • Back to the Front
  • Warning Point
  • There Can Be Only One
  • Dimensional Barrier
  • Waking the Dragon
Albaz Strike playmat

Albaz Strike playmat

Albaz Strike Final Review

For around the $15 price tag it's sold for, Albaz Strike more than delivers. With generous monsters, including a fleshed-out extra deck and useful hand traps, it's one of the best structure decks right out of the box, and like all structures, it gets better if you buy 2-3 and mix the best cards. The spell section alone justifies the investment thanks to competitive spells like Extravagance and Dark Ruler, and while the trap section isn't as powerful, it's not the worst either.

Throw in a serviceable paper playmat and some tokens and you've got a great start to a powerful theme. My one issue is the lack of Despia cards that blend with the Branded archetype, but honestly, with this much value in the box, I don't much mind—nab your own for less than $20!

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