Top 10 Aftermath Split Spells in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on October 3, 2019
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What Are Split Spells With Aftermath in Magic?

Like regular split spells, today's units combine two separate halves in a single card. However, rather than pick which portion you'd like to cast, one half activates from your hand while the other (which has "aftermath") triggers from your graveyard.

Thus, you can eventually access both sides of the card, ultimately granting two spells for the price of one. The halves often carry different color requirements, rewarding multifaceted decks, but with dozens of melded spells available, which cards reign supreme? These are the 10 best aftermath split spells in Magic: The Gathering!

Rags/Riches mtg
Rags/Riches mtg

10. Rags // Riches

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 4/6

Rags offers a mass-debuff, weakening all creatures by -2/-2 for the turn. Use this in decks with few or no creatures to avoid the blast while your opponent pays in full.

Like other aftermath cards, you cast Riches from your graveyard into exile. It needs a hefty fee of seven mana, but forces all opponents to surrender one of their creatures to you, a permanent steal that works especially well in multiplayer.

Commit/Memory mtg
Commit/Memory mtg

9. Commit // Memory

CMC: 4/6

Unlike most split spells, this entry only needs one mana type, fitting snugly even in a mono-blue deck. Commit operates at instant speed, placing either a spell or non-land permanent into its owner's library second from the top. Thus, it basically counters a spell or bounces an already-present permanent while killing a future draw.

Memory requires six mana but causes all players to shuffle their hands into their decks, then draw seven cards. Use this when your hand depletes in the late-game to rearm yourself for future rounds.

Driven/Despair mtg
Driven/Despair mtg

8. Driven // Despair

CMC: 2/2

Both halves of this green/black duo are accessible early in your match. Driven grants your entire army trample for the turn, letting them pierce through blockers, and lets you draw whenever one inflicts combat damage on your opponent (which trample should assist with).

Then, Despair activates from the graveyard to bestow your creatures with menace (letting only two or more creatures block them) and make your opponents discard whenever one scores combat damage. Two similar boosts that buff your hand while depleting your opponents' make this a great support for aggressive strategies.

Prepare/Fight mtg
Prepare/Fight mtg

7. Prepare // Fight

CMC: 2/4

Prepare is the treat here, needing just two mana and resolving at instant speed. It untaps a creature and gives it +2/+2 and lifelink for the turn, three excellent boons at once.

Fight isn't as impressive, needing four mana to initiate a fight between a self-owned and opposing creature. Still, it's a nice add-on to a spell worthy of standing on its own, helping you force weaker utility units into unwanted combat.

Reduce/Rubble mtg
Reduce/Rubble mtg

6. Reduce // Rubble

CMC: 3/3

Instant-speed Reduce offers a slightly-less effective "Counterspell", negating a play unless an opponent spends an additional three mana—which they'll rarely have.

Then, you can cast Rubble from your graveyard as a sorcery to force up to three lands to remain tapped during their controller's next untap step, a handy stall tactic that drastically hinders your opponent's next turn.

Appeal/Authority mtg
Appeal/Authority mtg

5. Appeal // Authority

CMC: 1/2

These twin sorceries are perfect for decks that swarm tokens. For a single mana, Appeal grants a unit trample and +X/+X for the turn, where X is the number of creatures you control. This can be devastating once you've gathered your army, but it's still a fair boon with just a single unit.

Authority costs slightly more but taps up to two opposing creatures while giving your entire battalion vigilance for the turn, letting them attack without tapping. Two prime boosts to accentuate some of the most creature-focused factions.

Consign/Oblivion mtg
Consign/Oblivion mtg

4. Consign // Oblivion

CMC: 2/5

Consign is this two-sided card's ace, activating at instant speed to bounce any non-land permanent back to its owner's hand (similar to the base effect of the infamous "Cyclonic Rift").

Then, casting Oblivion from your graveyard forces an opponent to discard twice. Five is an expensive price for this effect, but when considered a bonus to the already-formidable Consign, this spell's a perfect fit for any blue/black deck.

Insult/Injury mtg
Insult/Injury mtg

3. Insult // Injury

CMC: 3/3

Here's a rare mono-colored split spell; in fact, both halves share the same mana price and sorcery speed. Insult disallows damage from being prevented that turn while doubling the damage your sources (even non-red ones) deal, a temporary yet daunting boon that scales well in the late-game.

Then, Injury deals two damage to both a creature and player, a nice way to kill a weak monster while nicking your opponent. Of course, if you cast it the same turn you used Insult, the damage will double to four, a far more lethal blow.

Claim/Fame mtg
Claim/Fame mtg

2. Claim // Fame

CMC: 1/2

Claim offers an excellent graveyard revival, needing just one mana to return a creature with CMC two or less from your discard pile to the battlefield. Fame is no slouch either, siphoning two mana to grant a unit +2/+0 and haste for the turn, letting them act immediately.

With just three resources, you can cast both halves in a single turn, resurrecting a troop and letting them attack that turn with boosted power. And remember that aftermath spells are great for forced mills or discards (something black specializes in), filling your graveyard with cards you can still access.

Reason/Believe mtg
Reason/Believe mtg

1. Reason // Believe

CMC: 1/5

This amazing spell offers two great sorceries. Reason only needs one mana and scrys three, letting you look at the top three cards of your deck and rearrange them, moving any to the bottom if you wish. This provides a great first turn play or outlet for leftover resources, ensuring your next few draws are what you need.

For five, Believe reveals the top card of your deck; if it's not a creature, you add it to your hand, but if it is, you place it onto the field for free! If you cast Reason recently, you'll know when to time Believe for a free behemoth, but even if it's much later in the match, you've got either an extra draw or free monster.

An excellent duo for perhaps my favorite commander color pairing, this ace is surprisingly affordable, costing well under a single dollar!

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Fused Spells in Magic

For more fun with divided cards, take a look at Magic's best split spells and fused cards. Fused cards function identically to split spells but give you the option of casting both halves from your hand if you can afford it, making them even more versatile.

Whether in their aftermath or standard forms, split spells offer diverse effects that adapt to your current situation, and I look forward to seeing their ranks expand. But for now, as we eagerly await Wizards of the Coast's next set of split-sided spells, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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