Top 10 Characters in Star Wars: Destiny

Updated on July 16, 2020
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Building a Team in Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny is a dice/card game where players seek to reduce opposing characters' life points to zero using their own. Your team can include either heroes or villains but not both (neutral can go into either), and must have a point value of less than 30; some characters are stronger than others, but drain more points. The color(s) of your squad also determine what cards your deck can include.

Characters have many different strategies, some focusing on fast aggression, others on a long-term control win—which reign supreme? These are the ten best characters in Star Wars: Destiny!

Thrawn - Master Strategist
Thrawn - Master Strategist

10. Thrawn - Master Strategist

Alignment: Villain
Faction: Red (Command)

Thrawn has a beefy 12 health, though he takes up a fair chunk of points (14, or 17 if you use his elite version for two dice). His special ability lets you choose a number after activating him, then look at your opponent's hand and discard a card costing that many resources.

Not only does this weaken your opponent's hand, it lets you peek at what else they have in store, giving you tactical knowledge to outplay their upcoming moves.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Wise Protector/Obi-Wan's Spirit
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Wise Protector/Obi-Wan's Spirit

9. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Wise Protector/Obi-Wan's Spirit

Alignment: Hero
Faction: Blue (Force)

Obi-Wan here can flip into a support, but first things first, he offers a 10-life unit with the guardian ability for as few as nine points! More than that, he flips and readies himself when defeated, so he doesn't mind taking damage. Most opponents are smart enough not to target Ben, but he can use an action to spot another blue character, remove a damage die, and defeat himself. Plus, if he's elite, you can also remove up to three other dice!

Either way, this flips Obi-Wan into his support form, which has amazing die faces (and no blanks!) and can spend a power action to give a blue character a shield and reroll any of its die (including upgrades).

Obi-Wan's really more a support than a character since he lacks die until he flips and will probably have to kill himself, but boy is he a worthy ally once ghosted.

Kylo Ren - Tormented One
Kylo Ren - Tormented One

8. Kylo Ren - Tormented One

Alignment: Villain
Faction: Blue

Kylo here is still the reason many decks won't run single-colors, as his effect makes it far too easy to pile damage onto them. Though he costs several points, he's sturdy at 12 life, and once activated, lets you choose a color and reveal a random card from an opponent's hand, dealing any character two damage if the color matches.

Even if you guess wrong, you're still gaining a tactical advantage by glimpsing an opposing card. Kylo may not be as feared as he once was, as most decks now run at least two colors, but it's telling that the mere possibility of facing him scares single-color builds.

Palpatine - Unlimited Power
Palpatine - Unlimited Power

7. Palpatine - Unlimited Power

Alignment: Villain
Faction: Blue (Force)

Palpatine here eats up a big chunk of deck-building points, and only starts at a mediocre 10 health considering, but he works great with ability upgrades. Not only does Palpatine get +1 health for each ability upgrade on him, they don't count towards the usual three-upgrade limit, meaning you can stack as many as you like on him.

Palpatine also has impressive die faces, and as a power action, he can roll a die from one of his abilities into your pool. Strange as the pairing might sound, many achieve success pairing him with "Watto - Elite Gambler" for a blue/yellow build.

Yoda - Wizened Master
Yoda - Wizened Master

6. Yoda - Wizened Master

Alignment: Hero
Faction: Blue (Force)

Yoda is surprisingly cheap point-wise, bearing a fair 10 health and a unique die that has no blank space, though it does suffer a noticeable lack of attack options.

However, it also has two special ability faces, and rolling one triggers a versatile effect, letting you perform any two of these options: gain a resource, give a character a shield, turn one of your die to any side, or mill one card from a deck.

So while not aggressive, Yoda's great for control decks, and the last of his four ability choices makes him a formidable deck-out character.

Kylo Ren Bound by the Force/Rey Bound by the Force
Kylo Ren Bound by the Force/Rey Bound by the Force

5. Kylo Ren and Rey Bound by the Force

Alignment: Hero/Villain
Faction: Blue

Technically these are different characters, but they're really desiged to be used together, which you can do (despite their different alignments) with the plot "Temporary Truce". You can squeeze both their elite forms in for exactly 30 points, both have a respectable 11 health, and their effects work well together.

As a power action, Kylo can move a shield from himself to another character, and if they were a hero (aka Rey), he can then deal one damage to another character; Rey can reroll any character die or turn a villain die to a zero-face. As a special ability, Kylo can deal two damage to any character, and if any is blocked (by shields), you get to reroll his die instead of removing it; Rey can give two shields to a character, re-rolling her die if they then have at least three shields.

Kylo's easy two damage makes him the bigger threat, so try upgrading Rey as Kylo attacks, making foes pick between gunning for your big threat or upgraded character.

FN - 2199 - Loyal Trooper
FN - 2199 - Loyal Trooper

4. FN - 2199 - Loyal Trooper

Alignment: Villain
Faction: Red

FN's effectiveness really depends on which rules you're using—as printed, he's a steal for either 10 or 13 points, but he was later altered up to 12/15, which really cuts down on his partner options. Either way, he's got a good amount of 11 health plus the ability to immediately roll weapon die played on him, leading to a mid-range weapon assault strategy.

And even when playing with his point nerf, FN works well in rainbow decks alongside "Bala-Tik Gang Leader" for yellow and "Nightsister" or "Royal Guard" for blue, giving you a versatile blend that's ready for anything.

Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter
Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter

3. Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter

Alignment: Villain
Faction: Yellow (Rogue)

You can snag Aphra's base form for just 11 points, offering a solid 10 life and surprisingly strong die faces. More than that, Aphra's an excellent droid supporter, reducing the cost of the first one you play each turn by one, and she also lets you draw a card if you deal indirect damage to yourself.

Both are nice abilities, and the droid reduction is especially relevant considering powerful robots like...

C-3PO - Perfect Gentleman/R2-D2 - Loyal Companion
C-3PO - Perfect Gentleman/R2-D2 - Loyal Companion

2. C-3PO - Perfect Gentleman/R2-D2 - Loyal Companion

Alignment: Hero
Faction: Blue (Force)/Red

Here's another pair designed to work together, and since they have two different colors and only expend 16 points (in their base forms), they still leave room for another partner (use Aphra or ""Han Solo - Old Swindler" to access all three colors). While the droids only have 8 life each and weak die, their activations boost each other; R2 lets you turn a die to any side if you spot C-3PO, who lets you resolve a die and increase its value by one when you spot Artoo.

They also have their own plot, "Fateful Companions", if you have two points to spare, which lets you spot either or spend a resource to trigger their after ability an extra time. Just note that an errata prevents inclusion of both Threepio and the field "Military Camp" in the same deck, but that's a small price for the pair's inexpensive synergies.

Snoke - Supreme Leader
Snoke - Supreme Leader

1. Snoke - Supreme Leader

Alignment: Villain
Faction: Blue (Force)

Snoke's simply a strong character for a low price, bearing strong life and die faces. More than this, his power ability lets him deal one damage to another of your characters to resolve its die, increasing its value by two!

That's just an insane amount of value, especially considering Snoke is usually your weaker character in a two-man squad; try allying him with Kylo, Captain Phasma, or FN - 2199.

Which character do you prefer?

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Legacy of Star Wars Destiny

Sadly, Fantasy Flight Games cancelled future expansions for Destiny, so unless it's restarted, no new cards will release. Still, that leaves us several years of cards and characters to explore, and the company has released pseudo-expansions in the form of printable cards, so, as Luke says, nothing's ever really gone.

Whether the game will continue to evolve remains to be seen, but for now, vote for your favorite character and I'll see you at our next Star Wars countdown!

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